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  1. In Addition To Motox125, If You Are Replacing Your Own Fork Seals There Is A Recessed Area In The Fork Tube That Houses The Inner Slider, If You Are Installing Your New Fork Seal W/out That Slider In Place ,that Lip Can Be Quite Sharp And Tear The Seal .use A Piece Of 6mil Plastic Or Sandwich Bag Doubled Up To Jump The Gap.
  2. DCIA

    re-spring question?

    It would help if we knew what bike you were talking about, myself as well as others that dable in suspension ,might have a stock take off set or a used aftermarket set for a lot less, depending on the model of bike and how much you weigh.
  3. DCIA

    DRZ400 pure MX suspension posible?

    About two weeks ago I did a complete suspension set up on a 2004 drz-400 and it basically has a cartridge fork in a conventional configuration.
  4. DCIA

    Leaky Fork Seal and Scratch on Fork, How To Fix

    I would'nt recommend anything more abrassive than 2500 grit wet/dry w/supension fluid as a buffer, Granted this may take a little more time but your less likley to damage the overall finish.
  5. don't push him , let him have fun!
  6. DCIA

    inner rotor kits

    If the inner rotor kit(button mag) is something your seriously considering you need to consider a manual clutch as well , w/the button mag you motor revs faster but you lose lowend power created buy spinning mass , thats where the manual clutch comes into play , kind of the same principal as a 125 2-stroke. DCIA
  7. YZ Abuser if you are serious about a seriously competitive fourstroke bike, with my connections we could build you something xr 50 based for between 3500 and 4000, including the price of the bike of course.And just so that everyone Knows I am not trying to promote any business or particular part , In my opinion in the next few years we will see even these smaller two strokes being phased out and the fourstrokes start to dominate , right now the xr 50 movement is creating a huge demand for high end parts,This all translates into the perfect bike to be modified and raced at a competitive level,w/ the benefit of less maintenance and increased durability. and if your son has an impressive enough resume the cost maybe alot less.DCIA
  8. DCIA

    XR70 forks question.

    Lumberjack, The xr 70 has no valving only small holes in the base of the very simple cartridge. Stock these forks probably come w/10wt oil in them . you can use 20wt oil but this will also slow down the rebound dampening as well. if your son only weighs 55lbs this is what I would do. go to your local hardware store or homedepot and purchase some tubing, steel or aluminum will be fine, It needs to be the same or slightly smaller diameter than the fork springs, cut two pieces about 3/4 of an inch long and debur, once you have made your preload bushings take of the fork caps while the bike is on a stand and gently force them into the forkleg w/the forkcap being careful not to crossthread the caps. this should balance the front spring preload w/the rear . after you try this mod and your still looking for more damping try the heavier oil, (In order to measure the proper volume of oil to put in the forks they must be completely disasembled to remove any trapped oil, or stand them upside down to drain at least overnight). DCIA
  9. DCIA

    xr50 front forks

    Thanks Huracane, For the props, Glad that your happy w/them ,I have been manufacturing them for a while now and they will be available to the general public soon through Sano Systems. If you would like a set sooner, PM me and i'll send you the details. Thank you , DCIA
  10. DCIA


    Ok maybe I was a little hasty to say that you were unimaginative, So would you like us to beleive that is a picture of your 50, maybe you should go to Elcajon on wednesday and ride w,the boys, cuz if my 50 was that clean I would definetly want to show it off.
  11. DCIA


    I happen to be personal friends with Ben Hunkins, Like so many others in the local so cal scene,I just want to let everyone know that the individual that posts under Hunkin, is not Ben himself , but someone not imaginative enough to create his own username. So my point is please don't confuse the opinion of this person to the one of Ben's, should you ever have the pleasure of meeting the real man behind the hunkin name. On Ben's behalf,Thank you for your time , DCIA
  12. DCIA

    XR50 Exaust

    If your running a stock 50 head, cam, ported whatever your still dealing w/a 16mm intake and an 11mm exhaust valves. the two brothers pipe in my opinion was built for the larger valve heads . In my experiance w/identically prepped 50s stock head ported/polished, tapered valves,takegawa 88cc kit I found that the pro circut t4 pipe,big gun,fmf standard and the fmf ti pipe all produced better all around performance due to the back pressure created buy the smaller header pipe. the two brothers pipe due to the reduced back pressure lost a little on the bottom but gained some on the top end . Now if your running a big valve the two brothers pipe is phenomenal due to the increased flow through the head .
  13. DCIA

    Bore Kit

    if you cant read japanese and your wondering which color ring goes on top , maybe I can answer one before the 50 Guru gets a chance,the sequence is as follows top to bottom, black(top) silver(middle) oilring assembly (bottom)note ,because the gold wavy ring in the oil assembly has a ridge on the back side that ring has to be installed first, then the thinner wiper rings can be installed on either side. Make sure that the ring gaps are approx 120degrees out from each other before you install the cylinder.DCIA
  14. DCIA


    Zipgargle, are you just rearanging the shims in a single stack formation or have you tried double or triple stack formations,In my experiance w/showa forks i have found that due to how small the shim diameter is this makes the forks very tempramental and tricky to valve succesfully. most of the guys i have done work for ride mx or freestyle and are having the most succses w an triple stage arrangement, this way you can have very the best of all worlds depending on the speed in which your forks are traveling, a soft initial stack banks on a secondary stiffer stack and in a triple stack configuration the third stack is the back up to hopefully avoid bottoming. Showas being so difficult to personalize, usually take me two trys to valve effectivley. if I can be any further assistance pm me . or if you would like me to take a shot at valving them I'll be happy to do it as long as you pay for shipping. good luck, DCIA