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  1. Does anyone have any experience with SRT wheels ? I've been looking for another wheel set and was originally going to go with Tusk, but these recently caught my eye.
  2. Jim813

    Adding a 6th gear to a 2013 450 XC-F

    Yes, from ny understanding those are the two gears needed for 6th. Typically you need ktmtalk access to view this link, so if it doesn't work you'll need to signup at their website. http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?483563-6th-gear-install-(2013-450-XC-F)&highlight=6th+gear
  3. Jim813

    Adding a 6th gear to a 2013 450 XC-F

    If you simply want 6th gear, there's are only a few parts needed : Main shaft gear, 78033006100 Counter shaft gear, 78033016000 Shift drum, 78034012000 Main shaft gear washer, 78033033000 Main shaft gear circlip, 0471250120 Main shaft gear bearing, 0405222613 I found this parts list on KTM talk, there is a post with details on the install as well. I just did the same install on my 2017 and it was well worth it!
  4. Jim813

    2017 450 XC-F Gearing

    From multiple sources, adding 6th gear from the exc is pretty simple once the cases are split. I don't know if swapping the while tranny from the exc is possible. I plan on doing the swap in a few weeks, I'll post on how it goes. Food for thought, Taylor Robert is running an exc motor in NHHA. Not sure if that is for the kickstarter or the wide ratio 6 speed? Would be nice to have a slightly lower 1st at times.
  5. Jim813

    2017 450 XC-F Gearing

    I run 14/48 when I've done faster races like NHHA with no issues. It makes first a little tall but it's worth the speed advantage on top. There were times I wish I had a little more top speed but I thought it was a good balance. I'll be adding a 6th gear soon to offset this.
  6. Jim813

    Mixing AV gas and Premium

    I have not seen any issues running AV gas. I've ran with no issues in four fuel injected stock four strokes including a 15 and 16 kx450.
  7. Jim813

    KX 450 suspension service

    I ran the stock stuff for a while before going with EVO suspension through AEO power sports in AZ. Their revalve made an incredible difference in small bump/rock compliance and big hit absorption, and they use the SKF inner seal kit that reduces stiction and made a very noticeable difference. He had done a lot of testing on this set up and it shows. I had a lot of confidence in this set up and it was very predictable which is imperative to me when racing. when I ran the stock stuff I moved clickers a lot as I can go from very technical rocky trail to fast desert to moto all in the same week. I ran 180 inner, 5-15 outer, and 195 balance. Keeping at least 10 lbs more pressure in the balance than the inner kept complaince in the small bumps better. I changed outer pressure to alter bottoming resistance as needed.
  8. Jim813

    FC450 Clutch Seal Fail, Fading clutch

    Husky will replace the complete slave under warranty. I had my slave go out at 35 hours and again at 70 hours on my 17 fx450. My dealer was able to have it fixed within a day with full coverage from husky. I havent figured out out the exact parts I need to switch to a brembo yet. Also debating running the rekluse slave cylinder if anyone has tried that?
  9. Jim813

    Rekluse for 17 kx450f?

    I would go with thto radius cx if I were choosing between the two. The core exp 3.0 tames a lot of the power and feels like it always is slipping some. The Torq drive manual hooks up very well and makes the bike feel like it had more power (even over the stock clutch) due to how little it slips. I've ridden quite a bit with both on a 16 kx450. The radius cx is designed to incorporate the hook up of the Torq drive with the anti stall of the exp 3.0. Keep in mind the auto clutch always slips some and creates more heat in the engine. Fyi the rekluse core exp 3.0 eliminated the "stalling" but my bike flamed out a lot more with the auto clutch installed. The flame out went away when I went back to the manual clutch. I can't explain exactly why this is but I've seen this happen with several 350-450 four strokes in my area.
  10. Jim813

    Will my 2013 mapping tool work on my 2017

    I tie dye to map my 16 with a tool from the 14 and it didn't work. Software was completely different per the dealer and Kawasaki was not selling anything to update the previous technology.
  11. Jim813

    How to tell clutch plates apart

    Thanks for the info. Even looking at them there appears to be no difference, except one is a slightly different color. On the edge of the plates there are a few part numbers. Four of the clutch plates have the same part number and the other four share their own same part number. Is anyone aware of the consiquenses of getting the plates mixed up?
  12. Jim813

    How to tell clutch plates apart

    I pulled the clutch out of my 16 KX450 to put in a rekluse and didn't keep track of the order of the fiber plates. I am putting the stock clutch and can't tell the fiber plates apart. It's my understanding that there are two different types of plates. Does anyone know how to tell them apart?
  13. Jim813

    2016 KX450F stock suspension valving

    The glide kit is worth the investment! It really allows the fork to stay more connected to the ground and gives it a more progressive feel.I'm on a EVO suspension set up and this is the best suspension setup I've ever ridden. I do have the SFF Air fork and I wound not trade it for a spring fork, with what I have there is no reason to. EVO was even able to make Destry Abbot happy, and yes he runs the glide kit in his forks.
  14. Jim813

    Clutch pull after Rekluse install

    My core exp 3.0 has no noticeable difference in clutch pull from stock in my 2016 kx450.unfortunately I really don't know enough about them to help trouble shoot but it sounds like they have you headed in the right direction.
  15. Thanks for the reply! The RTT stabilizer I have is built into the triple clamp, so it sounds like unless I were to have the correct bottom clamp and wheel spacers I am out of luck.