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  1. caflashbob

    Cracked Header! HT or FMF?

    Ht pipe for sure. Trust me
  2. caflashbob

    520 exc electric start issue?

    Your screw adjusters are worn and cupped giving false adjustment measurements. Try using 1/6 turn from tight as that is .005
  3. caflashbob

    2005 RFS rebuild

    The compression ratio at zero deck height installed is 11.5. Nice job. Replace the intake valves while apart now with two better flowing kibble whites. Readily available. All you will need is the two intake seats cut. Straight drop in. Five minute job with a Neway seat cutter. Literally. I have the valves on my bench and the seat cutter. A flat rate box both ways to 92675 is cheap and the valves installed are less than $100. Caflashbob@cox.net
  4. There is a percentage chance of cylinder wall failure on overbored 95's. I have personally had several. Roll the dice. 90% work. Notice how light the overbored cylinder feels in your hand? Thin liner left is why. Low compression you are using will help with this issue. The hotcam and low compression will take away a lot of low and mid power. Only at full revs will it help. You won't like it I feel.
  5. caflashbob

    540 big bore anyone dyno ed it?

    A fully done 565cc is 60hp. 532 is 53-55hp. Normal 565 with hot cam and stock head and U4 is 58hp
  6. caflashbob

    My, New to Me, 400 EXC

    In the soft desert in higher gear you had to scream it. Absolutely required the 453 kit and a 5521 450/525 cam. Fixed. Less revs, longer range less gyro effects......
  7. caflashbob

    My, New to Me, 400 EXC

    Save a lot of time and money and buy a set of 05-07 forks and clamps. Or better yet a set of sxf closed chambers. The 43's air chamber is too small. Air locks unless oil level is at 160 or so. Or external air cells. OCEMN needle 4th clip, 48 pilot, 162 main. Repack stock muffler. They work best btw on 400/453/483 cc in these bikes with the twin pipes. Check the stator bolts to the cover. Wife's were not loktited. And your stator is partially shorted. Measure the blue female connector coming up from the ignition. Should be 14-15 ohms. Yours will be 12.8 to 13 and partially shorted. Run a leak down test. You need a ring and intakes. Ring wears and I intakes are soft. Most riders do what you have done versus Check the motor first. Is the case vent line attached to the carb? Bob
  8. caflashbob

    78mm cranks

    What if anything are you trying to do?
  9. caflashbob

    Looking at 2000 Ktm 520 Exc

    Lots of improvements necessary versus find an 05 and do very little. I would not be a player. Trust me.... Bob
  10. Kicker still works. Ring, replate cylinder to go with rings. intake valves. Screw adjusters in head. Rejet carb. Excellent bike. Good frame and suspension. A keeper. If more power is needed can go from 450 to 565cc's with bolt on top end only. No black wheels or forks or frame. Looks better old. Bob
  11. Bill atvht racing does reprogram the FI to match his 400 kit. According to him it's necessary. He does it for free along with the kit btw. Bob
  12. caflashbob

    ktm 520 needing a clutch

    The 01's notch the center hub. Email me at caflashbob@cox.net I have both 01's in stock and the better 02 clutch that will fit right on. Steel pins in the 02 center hub design Bob
  13. caflashbob

    2012 KTM 500 XC-W Dual Sport

    I thought the rally used to be for the big boys
  14. Poor compression makes the engine very hard to jet. Intakes wear badly. Is the intake tract dark? Run a leak down test please or compression test. 115 psi with throttle open.
  15. caflashbob

    2002 KTM 400 EXC jetting?

    42 pilot, 162 main, 5 th clip from top. Change the start jet to 60 or so from kehein as choke is too rich