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  1. I was really interested in this project too. I've lost interest in it though due to another mod. I found some old footpegs from a Pitster Pro X4 in my attic. After eyeballing them, I found that not only were they wider than the KLX footpegs, they would also be slightly lower when mounted. All I had to do to mount them was drill them out to fit my KLX mounting pins. I have some old seat foam laying around and my decide to attempt to make my own tall seat. If I do, I'll be sure to post the outcome if I tackle this project.
  2. Wandell

    2008 klx140L

    Your only choice is OEM from the Monster Edition. You can use a UFO or Acerbies front fender from a KX85 which will save you a couple of bucks and also look much better than the OEM duckbill fender. It's a shame that the aftermarket plastic companies don't make more plastic for play bikes.
  3. Wandell

    Front fender - ‘18 KLX 140

    I flipped the rear linkage upside down and used a slightly shorter dogbone from a KLX125's linkage to raise the rear. KLX-linkage2 by Wandell Asbell, on Flickr
  4. Wandell

    Rejeting KLX 140

    I'd think that would put you in the ballpark. But like you said, take it easy and get a plug reading to start with.
  5. Wandell

    KLX140 Keihin pe24 carb

    Awesome! You don't happen to have any pics do you?
  6. Wandell

    Rejeting KLX 140

    Most all play bikes come with a very lean pilot jet, which makes for more difficult starting. Especially in cold weather.
  7. Wandell

    KLX140 Keihin pe24 carb

    Awesome! How much improvement did the carb make. Did it bolt right up and fit easily?
  8. Wandell

    Rejeting KLX 140

    The bike runs better and pulls slightly harder but it's not earth shattering. The biggest thing is better throttle response and easier starting.
  9. Wandell

    Rejeting KLX 140

    I replaced the stock main jet with a 105 and the pilot with a 42. I don't have an aftermarket pipe but I removed the OEM exhaust's baffle/spark arrester. I modified the airbox lid by drilling five 1 inch holes into it and installed Uni airbox vents in them.
  10. Wandell

    KLX 140 suspension upgrade

    This pretty much covers it.
  11. Wandell

    Front fender - ‘18 KLX 140

    The KX fender looks much better IMO. I think it matches the lines of the OEM KLX plastic much better than the stock fender. +klx1402 by Wandell Asbell, on Flickr klx1405 by Wandell Asbell, on Flickr
  12. Wandell

    Anybody put new handlebars on a KLX 140?

    The risers/adaptors I have came with the OEM KX85/100 triple clamps I purchased when I did the KX fork conversion. They look like these though. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/982/3154/Tusk-Universal-Big-Bar-Clamp-Kit
  13. Wandell

    Shorty lever recommendations

    If you find some that fit, let me know. When I did the KX fork conversion, I used a KX master cylinder and lever. But my son crashed and broke the master cylinder itself. I just went ahead and mounted the KLX master cylinder to the KX brake line instead of buying another KX piece. I then realized that I liked the bend of the KX85 brake lever much better than the KLX lever.
  14. Wandell

    Anybody put new handlebars on a KLX 140?

    I installed a set of bar risers/adapters and a set of Carmichael bend fat bars on mine and had plenty of room.
  15. Wandell

    2019 KLX140L

    Nice! You can replace the front fender with one from a new KX85. It looks much better than the OEM "duckbill" fender and actually matches the OEM plastic style better IMO.