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  1. RedRyder22

    Doug Henry rides again.

    With the ammount of times he has messed up his back now, I am really surprised that he would get back on a bike. He's definitely one of my heros
  2. RedRyder22

    Yoshimura rs-4?

    That's going on the top of my list to Santa.
  3. RedRyder22

    New Excel front rim, can I use stock spokes?

    Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that you have to use Excell spokes and nipples with their rims regular rims. Not the A60's.... Stay away from Pro Wheels. IMHO they are weak. I have a set on my rmz250 and both rims are messed up.
  4. RedRyder22

    What did you pay for your 08/09 450?

    Bought the bike on labor day weekend. $5,400 for a left over 09 with the rebate minus an extra $150. Plus Tax. Love the bike, worst dealer I have ever dealt with before. Wish I could have found one in PA for the same price so I wouldnt have to pay tax...
  5. RedRyder22

    Best aftermarket motor parts/gaskets

    Athena/cometic/OEM is fine for gaskets. What kind of "motor parts" are we talking? piston? clutch? crank? cams? Need to be a little more specific. If your not racing and just having fun on the bike, I would go with OEM. Bike Bandit, Motosport and TT store have the best prices for OEM IMO...
  6. RedRyder22

    yoshimura vs pro circuit

    True. I forgot about that muffler that yamaha designed. Good way to boost sales for aftermarket pipes.
  7. http://www.racerxonline.com/video/zero-electric-motorcycle-intro.aspx some pretty good stuff
  8. RedRyder22


    R50 and VP race gas...
  9. RedRyder22

    yoshimura vs pro circuit

    not much at all. Only reason I'm doing an exhaust at all on my 450 is cause it doesnt pull far enough on the top. Honestly, most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a full system and a slip on... or a stock vs aftermarket system for that matter. Other than sound, and bling factor, its hard to notice a difference.
  10. RedRyder22

    Stock 08 fork springs.

    Tom is at FC now? That guy gets around...
  11. RedRyder22

    Who does the pro's?

    Google "motocross jersey printing"... theres a TON of companies that do it now. I gaurantee you'll find something that looks good. I personally use MGXunlimited.com.... good stuff
  12. RedRyder22

    yoshimura vs pro circuit

    The teams arent getting the same exhaust that you are, So don't go by that. The sound inserts will hurt performance. Yoshi's quality is top notch, We've been seeing several cracking and splitting problems with the FMF's. I can run whatever exhaust I want, I have chose Yoshimura for the last 2 systems I have bought. I'll definitely be buying a Yosh Slip on for my 450.
  13. I would suggest getting a job at a local dealer, learn the in's and out's of the business before trying to do it on your own. Being your ages, there is a ton I can guarantee you havent thought about yet. Take Lumpy's advice. Running a business can be extremely difficult. But it can be very rewarding as well. When my father and I opened our business, we started with over 100K and wish we would have had that much for just advertising for the first 2 years. Goodluck
  14. RedRyder22

    Suomy Spectre helmet thoughts?

    I had a sponsorship through them a couple of years ago. Excellent helmets. I just didn't like the way it fit my head. Paint jobs are very nice on them
  15. In my opinion... Big Gun is run by a bunch of chimpanzees... I take that back. Chimpanzees could do a better job. but thats just my opinion.