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  1. jagger_snitt

    Lets see those 200

    Here's a pic of my 2001 with 01 SX seat and tank on it,I swap this out for the bigger stock tank on the longer rides.
  2. jagger_snitt


    Great Capture,thanks for sharing!
  3. jagger_snitt

    08 XC300 vs 08 CRF 450: what to buy?

    Any 300 will do, do yourself a favor and get a 300,I have a riding buddy who has a CRF450,it's a really nice bike,great to be exact,but it isn't a 300. The 300 is lighter and easier to maintain. Everyone has a CRF450....But if they knew everyone would want a 300!
  4. jagger_snitt

    1999 ktm 200 exc, what to look for?

    This may not be the answer your looking for but,I would recommend buying a 00+ or better yet 04+ they have the larger forks(Inverted of course) and updated plastic. They are cheap $1,500-2000 and you will be getting more bang for your buck,don't be afraid of buying an Ex-race bike,generally they are better maintained then "jim-bos" weekend ride.Remember,the racer has to maintain his bike to be able to be competitve and be able to finish. The main things that ex-race bikes need is cosmetics and tires! Hope this helps!
  5. jagger_snitt

    A few pics of my 10 year old

    Nice lookin bike! I assume you replaced the rear subframe as well,to be able to mount up the one piece rear fender and shround combo??
  6. jagger_snitt

    Pretty stoaked

    As far as the clutch, make sure it has been bled properly (Generally, this is best done by using a syringe tool, back bleeding from the bottom to top) Once this is done, if the clutch still sucks, buy the $40ish clutch kit with heavy duty springs from www.rockymountainatvmc.com I’ve put the same kit in 2 different bikes ,03 450SX & 01 200EXC.I’m very,very, hard on the cluth and it hasn’t failed or caused any problems,this is riding &racing. By the way, most parts for the 200 and 125 are interchangeable. Now concerning the seat,I recommend purchasing the tall version of the soft seats,the reason being,the soft foam compresses and can sill end up hartin' ya bum,the tall version compresses some but not enough to cause pain. You probably know all of the above but I just thought, just in case… The 00-Up Ktm 2-strokes are just plain great bikes. I spent less money purchasing and maintaining two KTM 2 strokes as opposed to my 03 4Stroke.. Hope this helps and congrats!
  7. jagger_snitt

    Abandoned Skeeters MX Park Ride

    The Pop up advertisement on the video said "Lawyer Locator" hehehe. Looked fun.
  8. I had perfect results on three bikes,01Ktm 200 & 300EXCs ,and 03KTM450SX,All parts worked as needed and installed flawless.I ride tight singletrack,and race harescrambles in Tn,and Ga,they have never let me down,I've used HD springs and regular.I perfer the HD for the 200 or 125s. Hope this helps.
  9. jagger_snitt

    The Perfect Trail Bike Does Not Exist

    No Bike is perfect from the show room(They don't come with Bark busters! Hehehe) Seriously though,your going to have to "develop" the bike to suit you. I have to say the guys that spoke up about the Ktm 300 and 200 are right. The 300 is one of the nicest things I have owned and it's a 01.In fact both my 200 an 300 are 01's. I went from an 200 XR 250 which I loved to an 03 KTM450sx,to the 01 200 and 300. I like racing the 200(Light),but I've raced both They are two different monsters but can be easily picked up for $1,000-1800.... Don't get caught in some project,by a cheap bike,mod to suit,and ride the hell out of it. You will be much happier.... Since I switch from the 4 Stroke to two stroke maint has been cut I'd say 75%. The Ktm 300exc is the smoothest 2 stroke I've ever rode and can be tuned to deliver power like a 4 stroke(Believe me I wouldn't own one if they diddn't~!!!!!!) Hope this helps.
  10. jagger_snitt

    Took kit list

    Yeah,that is always an alternative,leaves do exactly that,they Leave material behind!
  11. jagger_snitt

    Tagging DRZ250 in TN

    You should just be able to walk in and apply for registration.If any questions are asked just explain that all required equipment is installed and explain that it is legal. TN is typically easier than most states. The fact that your title doesn't have a Offroad only on it gets you an upper hand. If you have any problems there is a chance that you can register it as a "custom" vehicle,similar to a kit car.
  12. jagger_snitt

    Took kit list

    This is for Eastern Woods riding and Hare scrambles. After this weekend The master link has got to go back in the pack! For Trails in Bumble Master Link 13 & 10 Wrenches(Chain Adjustment etc..)<This Could be changed to your bikes specific needs/sizes 10,13,8 Sockets with 1/8 socket wrench and extension<This Could be changed to your bikes specific needs/sizes Zip Ties at least 5 Duck tape or Gorilla Tape Vise Locks Tusk Racing Axle/Plug Multi-wrench 0ne extra Spark Plug Tow Strap Multi tool Lighter(You never know,may get stuck) Safety wire(More than you think you'll use(You wont be sorry) A little bit of Toilet Paper Race Pack(The Key is Minimum) You could put less but my goal has always been to make it back to the truck.If I brake something major it's tow time anyways.... 13 & 10 Wrenches(Chain Adjustment etc..)<This Could be changed to your bikes specific needs/sizes 10,13,8 Sockets with 1/8 socket wrench and extension<This Could be changed to your bikes specific needs/sizes Zip Ties at least 5 Duck tape or Gorilla Tape Tusk Racing Axle/Plug Multi-wrench Multi Tool 0ne extra Spark Plug (Hey maybe you've never had to cut your underwear off for TP!) That would covers bare needs.....
  13. jagger_snitt

    2000 200exc jetting

    I've got an 01 200 EXC. I would try jumping one or two down on your main. This should fix your problem. Make sure you wrte down what your settings are now and the write down what you switched it too.After you get the jetting dialed in,you can switch to your "Summer" setting or your "Winter" setting without all the testing and pulling of the carb.
  14. jagger_snitt

    Best video off the shelf

    Time To Ride(all Time Favorite)
  15. jagger_snitt

    Single track in East Tennessee

    The Single track at Coal Creek is pretty ate up... Never been to brimestone. I rode Monday on Mt. Etna near Chattanooga,Tn. These were some of the best singletrack trails I've ever been on. If your in the area that is where I'd go!