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  1. Moto_Ty

    Top of Left Radiator Heating Up Fast, Why?

    Makes sense Thanks for the peace of mind
  2. Washed my bike before putting it away for the winter, then started it up to get it warm (dry). Let it idle for a minute or so then rode it to the garage about 100 yards away and parked it. I noticed some steam coming off the left radiator, so I started to investigate. The top of the left radiator (when sitting on the bike) was hotter than everything else on the bike. Almost too hot to touch but bearable. The bottom of the same radiator was almost cold, as well as everything around it. The bike runs a bit rich at 60 degrees and it's only 40 here now so its not that much leaner. The cylinder and pipe didn't seem abnormally hot either Anybody have any insight into this? 05 YZ 250 full rebuild with 4.8 hours on it. Bugs me out that it got hot so quickly. Atleast I have all winter to tear into it haha
  3. Moto_Ty

    Problems need help asap yz 250

    What year is your bike? I can't see the frame...I just fixed a broken kickstarter
  4. Moto_Ty

    05 YZ 250 Build

    Installed that 175 main, cleaned the air filter, drained and replaced the tranny fluid, installed a new shift lever, then went to the local track Pagoda MX. There's a pro race tomorrow there so they held practice today. I just went out with C riders and it was a blast. Bike ran great! Definitely cleaner at higher throttle with this 175 main. I have a 48 pilot coming in Monday I am going to give a try. As far as the track....been riding my whole life, but I haven't been on a real track ever (just backyard turn tracks and woods) and rode maybe 4 times in the last 5 years haha. Needless to say, I had pretty bad arm pump lol. Onlycrash was in the last moto when I high sided in some ruts. Was pretty stoked though, I hit all the jumps except the triples. A couple big step ups and a decent double in the back. Almost ate it a few times, but over all a great day! Feels great to have the bike in one piece and running right. Funny story....first lap it was bogging like crazy. Could barely get around the track. Get back to the pits...left the choke on...DOH! hahaha Here's a crappy phone pic...was raining so I didn't have the nice camera out.
  5. Moto_Ty

    06 yz 250 Build

    Siiiick build! I just rebuilt an 05. Looking good man
  6. Moto_Ty

    05 YZ 250 Build

    Read around the jetting threads a bunch and it seems like it is. Got a 48 to test
  7. Moto_Ty

    05 YZ 250 Build

    Got the 175 and some packing. Repacked the silencer tonight and boy was it gummed up! Going to stop by the local shop this week and get a 172 as well as a 48 pilot. I plan on going to the track this weekend so I want to have the ability to make more tweaks if need be. Next is to deal with the suspension.
  8. Moto_Ty

    The start of a long Restoration ... YZ 250

    This thing is going to be sweet. Subscribed
  9. Moto_Ty

    05 YZ 250 Build

    What makes you say that? Its not over 2 turns out and has great clean power in the low-mid end
  10. Moto_Ty

    Videos, and editing

    So true. Just look at that buttery films kid out in cali. He shoots mostly with an iPhone for Instagram and has like 100K following and goes all over to film now. He had good content with a real camera too but there's a ton of people out there with similar content. I make them for me and want them to be as good as they possibly can because why not haha. Plus anyone will invite the camera guy to ride at their private track hahah
  11. Moto_Ty

    Maico 660 Build

    Awesome video, nice work
  12. Moto_Ty


    I wheel it right down the concrete steps and wrench here for bigger projects and when it's hot or cold. Tough job for one man...usually need help haha. Totally worth it
  13. Moto_Ty

    Videos, and editing

    I shoot with a D7100 and a shoulder rig for smooth pans. I've been shooting fly fishing for a while but just now getting into MX stuff. Man, is it fun! When you start dealing with 60fps+ footage needed to get smooth slow mo, it can gum up the computer . That's what does mine in atleast. There are always ways around it though. I resized all of them to lower the quality, make my edits, then replace all the clips with the high quality. It's a pain to keep it all organized but after a video or two it gets easier. My computer isn't exactly the best...4GB of ram and i5 processor. I use Adobe Premiere Pro. There's so much to this topic, we could talk all day. Here's my first and second try on a moto video...not the best IMO but I learned a lot and next season it'll be much better. First one was WITHOUT the shoulder rig. You can see it's much shakier. Second one was with the rig. Rig cost me 70 bucks on amazon plus some custom counterweights...I will post a picture later.
  14. Moto_Ty

    05 YZ 250 Build

    Read this when researching jetting some more last night. I'm thinking I have a rich main and 175 is going to be my next move. As the bike heated up, it definitely got worse. Also, I was riding coal and that dirtied up the filter. It's not a bog, it's not falling on it's face...gurgley is the best way to describe it. C. Motor will rev through the mid range then becomes gurgley (technical term) at full throttle and power is sluggish. This is a text book example of a rich main jet. This problem often occurs when an air filter becomes clogged and gets worse as the motor heats up. Choose a main jet with a smaller number and lean out the air fuel mixture one step at a time. If the problem still persists even though it’s improved a little, reinstall your original main jet and lean out the needle one position. Now fine tune the main jet with plug checks. That will put me here. I need to repack the silencer too Main Jet: 175 Pilot jet: 50 Power jet: 50 Needle: N3EJ stock Clip position: 2nd down from top Air screw: 1-1/2 turns out Elevation: 500-1500 mostly Temperature: 50-70 F Timing: 0.007 (Stock) Add ons: DEP Pipe And Silencer, VForce 3
  15. Moto_Ty

    05 YZ 250 Build

    Thanks for the info...interesting. Definitely going to check that out