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  1. MotorBoatin


    It’s shameful that you have to say “our” best rider American motocross is 2nd tier
  2. The point I was making is that the RMZ chassis works for pros. Some don’t like the Yamaha and some hate the Honda but everyone likes the yellow bike
  3. The current RMZ is a winning machine. How many different people have won titles on that bike? Its probably the most versatile platform for pros. Everyone seems to adjust to it
  4. When the economy tanked KTM started developing their bikes at a pace the Japs haven't done since the 80s. All the shit you said you'd never need is now standard on Jap bikes. KTM made the big four take notice LOL You're a fool
  5. With innovation The last 10 years
  6. MotorBoatin

    Pastrana's MXDN RM250

  7. Like it or not KTM reinvented the dirt bike market Now it's time for the big four to catch up and the customers will benefit
  8. My mistake. I took "loosen the slack angle, loosen the frame" as trying to make the frame more stable
  9. Every RM that has been designed since the 80’s has been a corner carver with no regard for stability. I doubt Suzuki could even design the chassis you are asking for
  10. MotorBoatin

    Izzi fully gone

    Poor people include "drunkards". The Bible talks about those "of too much wine." I think It's safe to say that addicts fall in that list of poor people too... unless of course you are an elite religious, controlling, power-seeking dictator like the Pharisees. LOL I know of a few rich "drunkards" Thank you and same to you
  11. MotorBoatin

    Izzi fully gone

    A famous guy once said something about your character being revealed by how you treat the least among us. They weren't talking about drug addicts. They were talking about poor people High society has always frowned upon the less fortunate
  12. MotorBoatin

    List of Rookies every year since 2000

    I'll give you that Ivan has won on the 450....twice....and has one more regional SX title. If Ivan moved up to the big boy class after winning his 250 SX series like Travis did he wouldn't have anything on Travis. They each have one national title but Travis earned his at 17 while Ivan was 24 Travis was more successful IMO
  13. MotorBoatin

    Izzi fully gone

    At every professional AMA and MXGP 250 race you see lots of kids that are riding in the same boots that Izzi rode in. The VAST majority of them will turn out to be great adults leading productive lives I choose to congratulate those kids for doing a fine job. I have no interest in the small percentage of kids that turn rotten. That's what police are for
  14. MotorBoatin

    Izzi fully gone

    Seems like a lot of 17 year old kids are on the track. It also seems like the vast majority of those kids grow up without much dificulty.........Am I wrong Some people come out broken and they can't be fixed
  15. MotorBoatin

    Paris Supercross

    No not SX