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  1. MotorBoatin

    My new bike bubble has burst

    Nice rack
  2. MotorBoatin


    Ok, I'll give you that 2018 was a major revamp...under Suzuki standards ...but it still turns the same, has the same straight line jitters, the same engine characteristics, has kick start, comes with sub par suspension, finishes last in all the shootouts and lets not forget that it weighs more than the bike it replaced Yep....new and improved bike
  3. MotorBoatin


    So you're the one that believes the marketing BULLSHIT Little tweaks nothing more. Suzuki has been giving you the same bike for more than a decade
  4. MotorBoatin

    Bubbas Alive!

    I'd like to see him sit in with Ralph and Emig for a few rounds of SX I have no desire to see him race but getting a little involved would be a good thing
  5. MotorBoatin

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    I'm not reading through three pages Anyone take your bet?
  6. MotorBoatin

    My new bike bubble has burst

    They are paying attention. China and India are the new growth markets and the Japanese manufactures are heavily invested there Dirt bikes are a drop in the bucket compared to what they are selling in those markets. KTM sees whats going on and they are capitalizing on it
  7. MotorBoatin

    My new bike bubble has burst

    I have to assume you found a left over new stock 1999 YZ400F somewhere and bought it a couple of years ago If you bought it in 99 then I have to call you on your bullshit. Lets be conservative here and assume you ride it 3 months a year at the 15 hours per week you posted 3 months = 13 weeks and at 15hrs per week you total 195 hours per year This is 2018 so if you bought it in 1999 the bike is 19 years old and at 195 hours per year you have approximately 3,705 hours on a 400 stroker with zero internal engine maintenance I'm thinking your post is
  8. MotorBoatin


    Pretty sad isn't it I think it's good for their race program but sales are in the shitter
  9. MotorBoatin


    He raced Stewie down to the last SX round missing the title by 4 points and won the outdoor title on essentially the same bike
  10. MotorBoatin

    My new bike bubble has burst

    LOL Rips on MOG and doesn't even know it
  11. MotorBoatin

    Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    Time travel is confusing
  12. MotorBoatin

    My new bike bubble has burst

    You must ride 2 hours per year
  13. MotorBoatin


    Tomac has the speed to beat all of them. He’d just have to make adjustments to bike setup and riding style Nothing major and he seems to be moving in that direction already. A few years ago he looked like he was beating the track into submission and now his style flows with the track more Herlings looks effortless on the bike. Like he’s just there for the ride through the rough stuff