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  1. YZ_RIDER_18

    So I think I got ripped off...

    Well, long story short I sold a pretty much brand new 250f so I could catch up on bills and decided to pick up a 2006 YZ125 as my new steed. It's a nice bike, or so I thought...I paid the seller 2200 for it, started up just fine, no issues. So I take it home and attempt to ride it down the street, and it wouldn't stay in the powerband and after another try or 2 it finally just bogs out, and refuses to start again. So I call the seller, and after a little bit of bickering he says he put the wrong head on it, but has the right one I just had to go get it. So I do that, get back home and switch everything out on it, and even changed the plug and put fresh gas in it. He says the motor was rebuilt and has only 5 hours on it, but the piston looked a bit dark on top when I took the head off (I'm not sure what 5 hours on a piston looks like). But after having it all back together, I try again and the same exact thing happened. It ran, but wouldn't run right at all in the powerband and after about a minute it bogs out and now refuses to start, after many tries. I have a bad feeling that there wasn't a new motor put in, but could this be because of old gas and a dirty carb? When I first started the bike it had old gas but I drained it and put fresh gas in before I rode it. That's what the seller thinks, but I don't know what to believe from him...
  2. YZ_RIDER_18

    Graduation Present- 2011 250f's

    Thanks for the info guys but I think I'm gonna end up with a 2010 YZ250F. With the money I save with that I could get the suspension done and a few motor mods done for my liking. Seems like the best route to me... Thanks!
  3. YZ_RIDER_18

    Graduation Present- 2011 250f's

    How did those 2 compare? I'm open to pretty much anything
  4. YZ_RIDER_18

    Graduation Present- 2011 250f's

    Yea I was pretty suprised when they agreed to do it. I've been paying for my own bikes since I was 14 lol, this will be the first NEW bike I've ever got. Oh, and now there's a 2010 YZ250F thrown into the mix. Any input on that? With the money I could save from that could mean a revalve and some other goodies...hmm....
  5. Well, within these next couple months my parents are taking me to get a new 2011 250f for graduation, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one. I'm mostly leaning toward the RMZ, but I'm really liking the Kawi too. Is there anybody that's ridden both or own one on here that can compare? Thanks
  6. YZ_RIDER_18

    re-styling of my 06 YZ125

    Looks good! But I would add a new rear tire to that list...
  7. YZ_RIDER_18

    Reed's Nac Nac over Larocco's Leap

    Damn...that would of made a really good desktop lol
  8. YZ_RIDER_18

    Chattanooga Motocross Park

    haha, I wanna see a picture of this bike. Good video!
  9. YZ_RIDER_18

    Whats my CR worth Now & Later

    Same here
  10. YZ_RIDER_18

    Here you go guys...

    lol thanks
  11. YZ_RIDER_18

    Here you go guys...

    They DO!!
  12. YZ_RIDER_18

    Here you go guys...

    Yeah, it was taken when I was on 85's a couple years back
  13. YZ_RIDER_18

    Here you go guys...

    lol..let us know what he says
  14. YZ_RIDER_18

    Here you go guys...

  15. YZ_RIDER_18