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  1. RickyPanecatyl

    Making a YZ125 more like a KTM200 EXC

    Thanks Yo daddy!
  2. RickyPanecatyl

    Let's see the 2-stroke WR's!!

    Do you have a write up on your build anywhere YoDaddy? What were the main issues when it came to putting the 200 engine in the YZ frame?
  3. RickyPanecatyl

    Lighting Coil/Stator for a 2007 YZ250

    Do you have a link to the Hodgkins system? Just to make sure I understand, to get dc power to the lights you need: Hodgkin's coil BD or other AC to DC conversion Battery (are you using Shorai or other LiIon? - Best mounting spot?) and of course the wires to hook it all up
  4. RickyPanecatyl

    Making a YZ125 more like a KTM200 EXC

    Absolutely right! I'd love to hear more about your bike! North of the border in Thailand they have tons of Honda CRM250's as well as CR250's. That certainly is the cool bike to have up there - a CR250 with a CRM250 engine - I've seen them with 100K KM on the engines!! But here - we had the DT200s. (As well as the older Suzuki TS200 - which I think is a pretty cool looking retro bike when they fix them up!)
  5. RickyPanecatyl

    Making a YZ125 more like a KTM200 EXC

    In the jungle there really are no rules - the issue is getting there. I know this sounds crazy, but I also really like riding in the city during traffic - nothing is faster than an MX bike. (Currently I have a KLX 250 with 351cc Big Bore/pumper/pipe and KX 250 suspension set to my weight; a very HEAVY MX bike!) It's nothing like America or even Central America or even Thailand here in Malaysia. I ride my bike up and down stairs, cross the freeway on pedestrian crossovers, jump curves, can even cross those 30" high concrete barriers when I find one out of line. Never got a ticket for doing that - even right in front of the police. I'm extremely conservative though in the sense of not climbing stairs when pedestrians are on them or I might frighten someone in any way. Lots of smiles, llow revs etc. The only thing the police DO care about is did I pay my "road tax" and get the sticker. They are super vigilant on that and even have these "guns" that point at the stickers in traffic when you pass that can see if one is expired. So my YZ friends really try to avoid those - but again it is easier for most of them as they live closer. I don't think that they would care if I was using a DT sticker on a mostly YZ bike as its the money they want and I'm happy to pay. A DT200 sticker would go a long ways!
  6. RickyPanecatyl

    Making a YZ125 more like a KTM200 EXC

    I'd also be excited about the DT200; it would actually have some pluses over the KTMEXC motor. I just looked on Mudah (our "craigslist") and I can get a '90 DT200 for a little under $3,000 USD which is great. If I went that route this is probably what I would do: Put the DT200 engine in the YZ and vice versa. Put as many of the DT200 plastics on the YZ as possible. The goal would be to pass the YZ off as a the DT200 which is street legal with papers here. Most of my friends with the YZ125's live right on the edge of the jungle and probably only ride 1/2 mile on the road to get there without passing any police stands. I've got about 8 miles to get to the good riding. It's much more lax here than in America but there is a bit of stress in riding the street sections to get to the jungle. Having a license plate would rock. I think I could pass the YZ with DT engine off as a DT. (That of course would leave me with an "extra" DT200 with YZ125 engine and no road papers - worth something... not sure what! ) Questions on that conversions... How does the engine compare? I was guessing similar peak power but with more torque, and longer lasting? Realistic? How hard is the conversion? Thanks a ton you guys! This is super helpful!
  7. RickyPanecatyl

    Making a YZ125 more like a KTM200 EXC

    Strange! I can see everyone's replies but my own! I'll try again.... Thanks a ton for the replies - I'm excited about all the ideas. 1. That one with the KTM200 - that looks awesome! Any more info on the build? How hard is it to do? Any guesses how much I could get a used 200 EXC engine for in the States? I'm thinking I could fly one back in an ice cooler checked in?
  8. RickyPanecatyl

    Making a YZ125 more like a KTM200 EXC

    Thanks Maniac - I was wondering what the biggest Big Bore kit would be! Any thoughts on adding a Rekluse? I just went to their site and it was a bit confusing. The Rekluse for all the other YZ's was $629 but for the YZ125 it was a "Add on kit" for $59? I couldn't determine if they actually make one for the YZ125...
  9. Guys I know my question is coming from a very unique perspective! I am an American living in the jungles of Malaysia. We have amazing riding here BUT an incredible lack of bike choices as well as crazy prices. I presently have a Kawasaki KLX250 with 351cc kit and KX250 suspension I use for practically everything. I average 20,000 + miles a year on it. Commuting every single day, long distance motorcycle vacations and playing in the jungle on the weekends. I love playing in the jungle with it BUT it is really heavy for that at about 290 lbs full of fuel. My guess is the KTM EXC 200 would probably be the best bike for me in the jungle. I'm about 210 lbs with gear and besides light weight, need lots of torque in the jungle. The reason I'm considering the YZ125 is price and availability. Over here I can get a 6 year old, YZ125 for $3,000 US dollars. It's the most common "REAL" dirt bike for jungle play. A 6 year old KTM EXC200 would cost me $12,000 US dollars!! And parts availability would be really tough to get. A YZ250 is virtually non existent here. So I'm thinking I'll get a 2008 YZ125 and see what I can do to make it - more powerful and yet more tame - better equipped to handle the extremely hot, humid, slow going jungle riding I know nothing of this bike? Any thoughts? What's out there? I commonly travel back to the US and even more often have friends from there come and visit me. Most anything I purchase, I would buy in the USA and then bring it over with me. I know it wouldn't make sense in America, but to me it's worth it to put a few thousand into the bike to make it more like what I want.
  10. RickyPanecatyl

    KLX140L Lifespan

    I just bought a used KLX150 for my wife. It has the same transmission and engine as the 140 - just that it's a street legal DS here. From the standpoint of motorcycles they seem really good - I've often seen them with 20k + KM on the odometer (though often the odometer breaks before the engine). I just saw one advertised with 40K KM (and the crazy owner wanted 2/3 the price of new!) on it. In Asia, the KLX is a fun dirt play bike, but it also is a bread and butter commuter bike meaning lots of people rely on it to get them to work/school everyday.
  11. RickyPanecatyl

    KLX 250 on Malaysian Trail....

    Thanks for the warning CK! I probably had 10 lbs in it during that ride. Tokwan - I go motorcycle camping all the time in the US. Just rode all dirt roads across colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. I haven't done much camping here but I'd like to. It's funny but the reason I don't/haven't in Malaysia is the tempature I've often camped at 10 deg below 0 in the USA but I'm intimidated to camp in 80 deg nights . I know some great trail riding around Selangor. I'd love to find some longer dirt rides that follow the mountains ie genting,fraser, cameron,maxel areas...
  12. RickyPanecatyl

    KLX 250 on Malaysian Trail....

    I just got me a KLX in KL - thought I'd post some pics of my jungle ride yesterday...
  13. RickyPanecatyl

    ktm 690 vs bmw f800 gs

    mortaygo - where did you get that countershaft sprocket cover? Looks pretty solid! With the safari tank do you need to refuel both tanks or does the safari tank drain into the stock tank while you are filling?
  14. RickyPanecatyl

    gearing change 690E

    Anyone try going up 2 sizes (ie 13-15) on the CS sprockets to see if you can do it without changing the chain but just by flipping the blocks? It be interesting if it did. You could set it up a bit lower than stock for the trails and then before going on a long freeway haul you could put a 2 tooth bigger CS sprocket on and cruise at relatively lower rpm's.