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  1. I will admit my bike could benefit from suspension work. The newer bike was just superior in so many ways. I could spend thousands on suspension and set up but I just don’t see it putting down the power the way the RMZ did. I am not bad mouthing my bike. The KX has been a great bike. Still is. There is things I could do to find more power. Suspension can be improved. Point of the post though was I am a bit jealous and am very impressed with the newer bikes.
  2. I agree fast rider will be fast on what ever he rides. That being said I can’t replace the rider for my bike. I can only tell you I was faster on the new bike in the first 5 minutes than I was on the bike I have a lot of seat time with. Plus this was not a couple year jump. It was a 14 year jump in technology.
  3. This thread is not asking anything and just my impression of jumping on a newer ride. A friend of mine wanted to ride his bike and I live in an area you can ride near my house. I grabbed my trusty 2002 KX250 and dusted it off as he unloaded his new to him and extremely clean 2016 RMZ450. We took off and I showed him some trails and after an hour or so he asked I wante to try his bike. I figured why not. I used to own a 06 WR450 with mods so I am not new to 4 strokes. I threw my leg over it kicked and it it stated and ran smooth. It has a pipe and silencer , new tires, suspension set up for 200 lb rider. I am 190 with gear on. My first impression was that the seat was too stiff and the forks and rear shock felt stiff. After that holy crap it was fast. And controllable. I leaned into some turns and it tracked through the turns better than anything I have ridden. Went over a natural wool section and it stayed strait and smooth. Suspension felt great at higher speeds. Long story short. I didn’t want to get back on my bike. After about 30 min I reluctantly gave it back and got back on my old bike. Still love my bike but i am starting to think there is something to all this modern technology. Who’d a thunk it?
  4. i do know the history. The bike did run before parked and carb gummed up. I am assuming the suspension will need freshening. The plate is the main reason I am interested
  5. I am thinking about purchasing a 99 WR 400 with a plate. The bike is pretty rough but the engine is internally good. Plastics will have to be replaced and needs a new tank. I don’t have pictures yet but a round about number so I can offer him money. It will need carb gone through, new gas tank, new plastics, new tires, and will need to work on the lighting. Anyway thanks for the advice
  6. condor74

    Problems and value with a 1999 WR400.

    The Owner of the bike removed and cleaned the carb. How well he did it I do not know. I removed the bowl of the carb and cleared some plugged up jets and removed and cleaned the needle and seat. I am planning to completely remove the carb and clean all of the ports. Because of the leaking accelerator pump, I will need to buy some parts for it. Was looking for tips as to what other things to look for. The tip on cleaning the passage above the pilot is the kind of things I was looking for. Thank you for that.
  7. I am doing some work on a 1999 WR400 for a friend of mine. It has been sitting a year and the carburetor is completely gummed up. He wants it running primarily to sell it so he can pay some expenses that have come up. He has removed the carburetor and cleaned it but was unable to start it afterwards. I reremoved it and found a plugged up pilot jet. I cleared the jet and attempted to start it. I have had start briefly 4 or 5 times but never runs longer than a second. I am probably going to completely remove the carburetor again and this time completely re-clean everything. Any ideas on what to look for? I will probably need to get a kit for the carburetor as accelerator pump is now leaking too. Any electrical problems that could cause this also? I have to say I have never owned a 4 stroke of this vintage. Back in 1999 I was still riding 2 strokes as most of us were. I didnt switch to a 4 stroke until 2005 (Honda). I am not real familiar with operating a compression release. Right now my procedure is pull the compression release and rotate the engine around 2 short kicks. Let go of the release lever and give it one solid kick. Half the time compression stops my kick right in its tracks. I am wearing boots when I do this as starting with tennis shoes on is not an option. During my hour long right leg work out this morning, my knee bumped against the gas tank and hole broke in the side of the tank about the size of my fist. The tank says clark on it but it does not appear to be larger than stock. I stuck my old tank from 2006 WR450 on it to continue trying to start it. No plastics and cant bolt it on but it sits ok in position. Finally my final question. Is once it is all running and cleaned up what is the value realistically for this bike. It is California Plated street legal with current registration. We would like to get around 3000 . I am not sure if that is realistic or not. Thanks ahead of time.
  8. The ability to ride for more than 70 miles is nice. Your ride may be much less than 70 miles. Most of my typical rides fall into the less than 50 mile range. If there is an emergency or a side excursion or something else unforeseen then the extra fuel is nice. You typically do not ride your bike until it is completely empty. I like to keep 1/2 to 1/4 of a tank. I like to ride a 50 mile ride and have fuel to spare. Another thing, fuel consumption changes a lot with terrain you are riding on. I am sure I could easily get over 100 miles on my bike if I was riding on the street with light throttle but if I am in 1st or 2nd gear for long periods of time wrestling it up tight mountain single track then my fuel mileage will be substantially worse. Another good feature of the large tank is I have the ability to give a little fuel to others if they are out and can get back to the truck. I also have a motocross bike with a stock tank and I have taken it on long rides. I have also been a little horrified to find there was not enough fuel to start it the next morning after I got back to camp. The desert tank gives you a margin of safety.
  9. If I am that low on fuel I am not riding at full speed anyway and I am looking for a place to quickly refuel. I have had the tank on my bike for over a year and It has worked fine for me. I have ridden hard desert rides that have taken more than 80 miles. On my bike, it has been a non issue. I would recommend it to others. Almost all the fires that I have read about have been a failure of the smog pump block off kit. The OP has the FMF header which may be an issue. With the stock pipe and header wrap, the tank works fine.
  10. I have an IMS tank on my 2006 WR450 and have no issue with it. I wrap my header with heat shielding material. I am running a stock header though. I bought my tank used and it had 2 fittings at the bottom of the tank that connected the 2 saddles of the tank. I removed them as the newer IMS tanks no longer have them. When the tank is full the fuel in tank cools the tank and prevents the exhaust from melting the plastic. By leaving the saddle of the tank full I still get fuel splashing to the other side and I dont run the risk of burning the bike to the ground. I have never ran out of fuel with the bike but if I did, I would just have to lean the bike over to get the fuel to the left side and restart it. I am riding conservatively at that point anyway looking for fuel. It has been a non issue for me. I have also read where one of the major problems people have had is a failure of the air pump block off when removing the air pump from the bike. When this fails it blows hot exhaust directly at the tank. I still have my air pump hooked up so not a worry.
  11. I understand that it would seem a minor expense when compared to a dirt bike hobby. I, have not spent more than 300 dollars at one point on anything on my bikes in the last 5 years. The newest bike I own is a 2006 and I traded a Jeep project for it because I couldn't afford to spend money on the jeep. I figure that even if we got out of your office for less than 500 dollars we would have around 500 to 1000 dollars in other expenses to get there. All that being said it does sound affordable and when we can save the money to make , we may try and come and see you there in Houston. Thanks for the replies.
  12. If money was no object, I would be on a plane to Texas but unfortunately it is not in the cards. So until we get the diagnosis we are at there mercy. What health plan do you recommend. These are health plans that are offered through our employers. Where do you get a better health plan with out changing jobs? I understand what you are saying Dr.Mark but we dont have much of a choice.
  13. Thank you. Just a little update. We are kind of bound by what our health insurance will cover and test. She was referred to a "Pain Management Specialist" . We learned how our health system works at this point. Apparently the Doctor does not directly review the MRI. The radiologist reviews the MRI and informs the Doctor of the results. In our case Kern Radiology said there is nothing wrong with the knee. The Pain management specialist reviewed the case for 5 minutes and said the Kern Radiology is wrong. He then referred us to an Upright MRI place. Today we got a letter in the mail from our insurance that says we do not condone the use of upright MRI but we this is not a denial letter. Not sure what it really means. Either way we are getting the run around. He did authorize a new real knee brace. As of now we are going on short hikes with her knee wrapped up. Some days it hurts to the point of being debilitating and others it is tolerable .
  14. My son shows some interest in riding dirt bikes but not much motivation to go out and do it. He does ride occasionally I try not to push him too hard. Thinking back to when I was first learning to ride dirt bikes, I remember learning alone. A friend had an old Kawasaki KE250 2 stroke with a low seat height. He took me out to learn to ride. He went one way, I went the other. I wanted to learn to ride and learn the basics by myself. It is hard to try and learn when other people are around. We got back to the truck and he asked where I went. I told him I went to learn to ride lol. A week later I went out and bought my my 1986 RM125 and the rest was history. I guess my point is maybe taking them out to a riding area and told them to be careful and have fun with out watching them is the best idea. It sounds like that is what has happened anyway.
  15. Pain is not radiating from spine. pain is localized to the inside and outside of the knee. Sometimes it hurts down the middle in front of her shin.