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  1. I always thought the absolute best 2 stroke oil available was Castrol a747 but it is no longer available. Tdub
  2. Alot of very good info here, but then there is also alot of crap, falacies, and just plain poor information. I have been away from here for awhile as I have been involved with GP roadracing. The team I have been working with has won the 125GP National championship the last 2 years. With these bikes every bit of performance with reliabilty is an advantage. These bikes get a new topend 2-4 times a race weekend, so longevity isnt really an issue. These bikes also make between 40 and 50 rwhp. Jetting is checked and changed constantly thruout the day due to temp and humidity variations. Oil and ratio of choice in the paddock? Castor at 20/25-1 You guys need to pay more attention to guys like Harris and greyracer. These guys are sharp and can back up their claims with real world experience. JMO Tdub
  3. FFRacing79

    thumpers road racing

    Yes that is an Moriwaki MD250 powered by Honda. Our 4 RS125s put out right at 42 rwhp and that is without "kit" parts. Tdub
  4. FFRacing79

    How long until the bottom end needs replaced?

    I thought I did?
  5. FFRacing79

    How long until the bottom end needs replaced?

    That is probably the absolute worst advise I have seen in my years on TT. You are joking right? Your advise here is not only irresponsible, but could be down right dangerous to one's health. Tdub
  6. FFRacing79

    RHC does it again

    Wish I had one as this is the sweetest sounding 250 ever!!! It is loud, but has an awsome throaty sound that is very distinct. Tdub
  7. FFRacing79

    RHC does it again

    Fast Forward Performance/ RHC rider Jake Lewis not only rode his Moriwaki MD250 HotRod(CRF250R powered)Roadracer to a 125Gp class win at Palm Beach International this last weekend, he wrapped up the National Champoionship as well. To top it off he also set a PBIR 125GP lap record of 1:22.67 Thanks Ron for all your help and support! Tdub and Jake!!!
  8. FFRacing79

    thumpers road racing

    Hey kelstr, we were running 17/34. The pipe was a RHC design available soon at your local five and dime! It is setup to either run an open GP style open meg or it has a small 5" can that can be bolted up, though it doesn't quiet it down much. We will be trying the setup at the USGPRU Finale in Palm Beach this weekend, where we will need every bit of that 130+mph. Tdub
  9. FFRacing79

    Piston and Cylinder Heads (Pics)

    Should I disqualify myself on this one:p PS...only been roadracing for 3 years...My history lies mostly in MX and DT. Talk to you guys in a few weeks. Heading to Michigan in a few hours to hit the dyno, then off to Palm Beach for our series Finale where my rider is in a tight battle for 2 National championships...Tdub
  10. FFRacing79

    Piston and Cylinder Heads (Pics)

    When your jetting is optimum and your bike runs at it's best, the piston will reflect it. Tdub
  11. When running some of the race fuels, I have added a small amount of Marvel Mystery Oil. JMO Tdub
  12. Yeh right! That's flat out hogwash. Tdub
  13. FFRacing79

    250 top speed

    Although I was not able to get to the back straight(2700')with the radar gun, the Aprillia 125 that we were battling with data logger showed they were at 135mph!!!! Like Ron said, this motor was assembled just a few days before the event and we did not have a chance to dial it in. We planned on just using the practice to shake the bike down, but after riding it, my rider wanted nothing to do with his RS125s, prefering to ride the "hotrod" 250! After 3 days we never lost .001" of valve clearance. We were running a 17/34 gearing with 17" wheels. Next week Ron and I will get it on the pump and get her dialed in with jetting and exhaust. In 2 weeks we head to Palm Beach Florida where the back straight is 3150' long!!!! I have ordered a 18 tooth C/S sprocket. Tdub
  14. FFRacing79

    topend pics after 20 hours of hard mx & Yamalube!!!

    WWAAYY Rich on the jetting!!! Just wondering...have you ever removed your head studs? JMO Tdub
  15. FFRacing79

    how to keep spokes tight?

    Lock tight will not solve your problem as it is not the nipples coming loose but rather the spokes are stretching. JMO Tdub