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  1. MrHix

    690 Enduro R Too Tall! Options?

    I'm 5'8" with a 32" inseam & had my '12 690 lowered 1.5" front & back by Superplush Suspension (along with correcting spring weight & valving for me). I don't think any shop would try and lower the bike more than about 2" because of the drastic geometry change. You can probably get an inch or so with a custom short seat, just be sure to make sure the front is narrow to help you touch the ground when stopping. Remember that your ground clearance will be about 7" UNLOADED with a 4" drop. I guess I am in the minority about wanting to be able to touch the ground straight up. Where I ride, if I need to let the bike lean over 10 - 15 degrees before I can dab, it is WAY too late. Good luck! MrHix
  2. MrHix

    2013 KTM 690 R Enduro question

    200 miles is no problem on my 2012. I did have to get a Seat Concepts seat because sitting on the KTM 2 x 4 for 200 miles was out of the question. I would say that 200 miles on the highway might be too buzzy for a lot of folks (me included). Cheers, MrHix
  3. MrHix

    LC4 640 Rekluse ?

    idahojoe, I have a '12 690 Enduro R and would be very interested in a LHRB if the rear MCs are the same or similar. Thanks, MrHix
  4. MrHix

    2013 KTM 690 R Enduro question

    "I noticed today that under the heading of warranty that only KTM dealer service centers can be used for services to maintain the warranty." That is not true in the US. Cheers, MrHix
  5. MrHix

    2013 KTM 690 R Enduro question

    I had my 12 690 ER lowered 1.5" and revalved/resprung to fit my 32" inseam and 160 lbs. I can touch the ground with the balls of both feet if I slide a little forward on my Seat Concepts seat. If you have money to spend on your steed, suspension is one of the best bang-for-the-buck mods you can do. Ended up just over $1000. Cheers, MrHix
  6. MrHix

    What's the point of the 350 sxf

    To win the MX1 world championship with Cairoli? Maybe some folks are too intimidated by the 450. Cheers, MrHix
  7. MrHix

    2013 KTM 690 R Enduro question

    From what I understand, the switch under the seat still works to modify the power output of the new mapping. 0 is for poor gas quality, 1 is for soft, 2 is for advanced, 3 - 9 is for standard. EVO 1 airbox lid: http://www.ktm-parts.com/76506102000.html#.Ugv6MW3px8E The Wings exhaust flows better than the stock and supposedly close to the Akrapovic. EVO 2: http://www.ktm-parts.com/76512945200-p-PPST690.html#.Ugv61G3px8E MrHix
  8. MrHix

    2013 KTM 690 R Enduro question

    There is a program called TuneECU (tuneecu.com) that will allow you to make mapping changes to the 690. Their site gives you a lot of info. There is a video here that might help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctNjC_7HtjE Good info here too: http://www.superduke.net/forum/index.php The maps are based on certain changes made to the bike. I have the Wings, SAS removed, and the Evo1 airbox lid & UNI filter. I am waiting on the OBD II cable and will try the remap then. Wish me luck! MrHix
  9. I have noticed that if I get real sloppy on a no-clutch upshift, the bike will find a false neutral in the upper gears. As long as I put enough lift on the lever prior to cutting the throttle, no problems. Hope this helps. Cheers, MrHix 2012 690ER
  10. Just got back from Rockhouse in Hatfield-McCoy and the 14/45 was pretty good there. As deepseaone said, a little clutch work and it is fine. Street performance is fine. If I was mostly offroad, I might look at 14/48, but I will stick with what I have for now. Cheers, MrHix
  11. I believe the 07 250 XCF-W uses a lot of 06 SX-F parts including the rads & hoses. Many things other bikes can use do not work on the 07. Cheers, MrHix
  12. I just used a computer fan and it lasted over a year and was still working when I sold my KTM/Thumper Racing 320 XCF-W. I had one boil over before the fan and none after. Radio shack has 12V fans for cheap prices. Cheers, MrHix
  13. MrHix

    2013 KTM 690 R Enduro question

    Hard cases, aluminum or HD plastic (Pelican cases). Mounts from Touratech, KTM, Rally Raid, and some others. Cheers, MrHix
  14. MrHix

    Service Manual?

    Try looking @ munnracing.com. Good prices, too. Cheers, MrHix
  15. I just switched my '12 from 15/45 to 14/45 for a ride down in AR. Better in the slow stuff, but I need to see how it does on the pavement. If it is still OK, I think I will try 14/48. Cheers, MrHix