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    Please help my dad

    Just be glad that he's out there riding with ya......... Enjoy what you have.........
  2. The following has been set up for Bryan on myspace (see below). http://www.myspace.com/forbryan For Bryan's Blurbs About me: Many of you have graciously asked "how can I help Bryan and his beautiful family through this very difficult transition"? We've set up a PayPal account for donations which would be a huge help right now. Another way you can help is if you have a MySpace page. Please Add Bryan and put him in your top friends to help others get to know Bryan and his family. Thank you so much for your love and compassion! On June 3, 2007, Bryan O'Neill was seriously injured in a dirt bike accident. His neck was broken causing complete paralysis. He's married to his beautiful wife (Amber), and together they have a precious son (Ezra) of 2 years. Many people are pouring forth their compassion and love for the O'Neill's and would like to know if there's anything they can do to help. We've setup a PayPal link in hopes to receive donations for the O'Neill family (see above). Bryan and his family recently bought a new home in Southern California. He is a craftsman by trade so he earned his keep with his hands. Since he's not able to use his hands like he did before, he is no longer able to earn a salary for his family. The O'Neill family could use help now more than ever. It would also be a HUGE blessing if you would pray for Bryan everyday. Make him and his family part of your prayer life and believe that a miracle can occur on his behalf. The God of the Bible (whom they believe in wholeheartedly) is infamous for making the seemingly impossible possible! Finally, THANK YOU each and every one of you who has stopped by to pour forth your love and thoughts upon Bryan and his beloved family. They would absolutely love to hear your thoughts, encouragements, scriptures and prayers by way of comments below. Please let them know you're out there thinking and praying for them! This would mean the world to them! Please help us get the word out and most of all keep the faith, hope and love alive... for Bryan. If you feel more comfortable sending a check by mail, you can endorse the check to "Amber O'Neill" and mail to: Amber O'Neill c/o: Ronda Correa 46 Racing Wind Irvine, 92614

    how loud is my stock 450 ( 06)

    my bad....stock exhaust will meet 98 db, not 96

    how loud is my stock 450 ( 06)

    96 db = stock exhaust

    New 07

    if it was 20 degrees temperture while trying to start it........... that is the problem thur.......... ht e stock oil is probally to thick.........the manual states that a lower oil viscosity is reguired while operating at these temps. Change oil to a 5-30 weight.

    forks revalved... feels like a sportster

    if 15 clicks helped......you might be a few more clicks away to perfect. Take a full day of practice and use exclusivly for susp testing. Run a few laps with the setting set at max, min, and netrual. Do this on forks and shocks, compression and rebound. This will teach you how suspenison reacts. After this session is complete, you'll know more than 95% of ALL RIDERs (that average is probally closer to 99% ) good luck. btw, been there, done that and I learned by using the method as I stated. You don't think the Pro's are asking what the other racers are using???? You must learn for yourself.

    forks revalved... feels like a sportster

    yes, still the same

    Help? Yamaha or Honda 450?

    whatever bike you purchase, you'll think it's the BEST bike EVER. THEY ARE ALL THAT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MX Jersey printing....

    ZLT.com socal-decal.com

    HELP! I'm out of ideas... '98 YZ400

    sounds like the slow jet is plugged. this can occur when you start a bike with a fresh oiled air filter installed. You should be able to see daylight thru the jets. Clean or replace all 5 jets. Good Luck

    RMZ killer or not?

    you have nothing to worry about as long as you use more than 1/2 throttle..... faster bikes, just means he'll be shutting off sooner for the corner.... btw, a faster rider will alway pre-vail, if he's a better rider, practice more

    Anyone have head pipes cracking?

    because he was sandbagging............

    06 YZ450F Oil change

    FYI, make sure you remove the dip stick (or the oil will not flow out, from back pressure)
  14. your not being paid to wear anyones gear...... mix it up and get differant color gear. I wear So-Cal - Grey, No-Fear - Blue/white & Red, White, Blue and MSR - Black & Yellow.