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  1. Brett01


    I go 2-3 times a year for the past 12 years and have never experienced any of that. When it gets really wet they do close some of the single track to save it longer. it is a great place. You should give it another chance. We also like Highand Park a lot.
  2. Brett01

    NewJersey WR450 tagging in NJ

    Any chance of getting a tag on a WR450 in NJ
  3. Brett01

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I'm going. Be there fri and sat. I'll pm my cell
  4. Brett01

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I think we're doing highland park this fall mark.
  5. Brett01

    Unadilla Info

    Thanks all. Appreciate the info.
  6. Brett01

    Unadilla Info

    come on my northern friends. don't leave me hangin here...
  7. Brett01

    NewYork Unadilla Info

    I'm heading up from Florida to Unadilla national mx. Any info for me? Stuff to bring? Best viewing spot? Can you bring coolers and chairs? Is it worth getting pit passes? this is our first national. I've taken the kids to many SX's but nationals don't get too far south. Any advice would be great. We are staying in Utica Friday and Sat night.
  8. Brett01

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Oh man. Somebody friend me
  9. Brett01

    Need a ridding partner

    It would be better to give a location
  10. Brett01

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Oh boy. Wonder what's up
  11. Brett01

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Great to see you and the family Mark G. Thanks for the ride Sunday. Hope to see u guys again soon
  12. Brett01

    "The Compound" Brevard County

  13. Brett01

    Riding Partners

    Not sure I'm going tomorrow. Will be a last minute call
  14. Brett01

    Riding Partners

    I think I'll b riding Sunday Afternoon. I'll pm u
  15. Brett01

    Riding Partners

    He still exists. Been trading Pm's with mark. Says he needs to ride. We'll see if he is serious.