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  1. motomanmike26

    can you sharpen foot pegs?

    Yes, i sharpen mine when i feel they need it. Its easy.
  2. motomanmike26

    How to limit front wheel lifting out of corners

    Are you cornering correctly? IE: Break first before the corner then rolling on the gas as you go around the corner
  3. motomanmike26

    Changing front sprocket

    Normal threads, i leave the chain on and stand on the foot pegs of my bike an step on the rear brake an use a tourque wrench to get the nut on an loosen it. I don't like putting it in gear so the countershaft wont spin. Impact is the easiest though.
  4. motomanmike26

    Shift marks on boots?

    Soft scrubb it or tooth paste with a tooth brush works good on white plastic with black marks that wont come off with simple green an things like that.
  5. motomanmike26

    Want to get a pit bike but have no idea what to get

    I got one to play around on with my buddies, i didnt want a pitster or anything, i got a crf100. I was sitting between a KLX125 and a crf 100. im 200lbs an 6ft so a little 110 wouldnt cut it. Both of those bikes are good bikes, my buddy has a klx 125 an that thing is a turd, so slow! They both have a clutch, linkage, everything, not saying the others don't, im not familiar with them at all. If you wanna race i'd go with a pitster or a 110 if you like building bikes up. Like stated before, it all depends on what your going to be doing, your size, an how much your willing to pay. I got my bike with a 120 big bore, black bbr wheels and a pipe for 700 bucks, my buddy got his bone stock klx for 700 as well. Just remember, get something with a cheap price tag, don't have the mind set that your gonna be making money even if your bike is the cleanest thing on the planet.
  6. motomanmike26

    oil fill cap threads

    Take a Q tip an clean the threads. If your oil fill cap is vibrating off, you do not have it tight. Make sure you take the OEM rubber seal off the stock cap an put it onto the billet cap. Make it wrist tight with 1 hand an you'll be good to go.
  7. motomanmike26

    Seat Bounce... Dangerous?

    You need to sit back farther, not on the rear fender but a good ways back then the general sitting position. Sometimes depending on the jump i like to be steadily rolling the throttle on and then on the face of the jump just a blip. Sort of like your hitting a freestyle kicker. Seat bouncing is easy, nothing to be afraid of, just start small an work your way up. I would just find a small bump or small hillside or something before a table top an try seat bouncing that first, then go to a small table top an progress from there. Start small, grip the bike with your legs, and sit farther back. Another thing, i think you should be comfortable with brake tapping and i think you should have it master to know when to brake tap before you try an master seat bouncing. Most of the times i seat bounce jumps i brake tap as well. Just a thought though.
  8. motomanmike26

    CRF 100 clutch cover removal

    2004 CRF 100, BBR 120 kit, BBR exhaust, folding shift lever, stiffer springs, BBR wheels. Im having trouble removing the cover to replace my clutch. I removed all the 8 mm bolts that go into the engine, but im not sure if there is something else that i didnt see thats still holding the cover onto the engine. It didnt budge when i tapped it with a rubber mallet, im guessing the cover has never been taken off because its solid on there. Also, there is a little thing with a nut sticking out of the side of the cover, i played with it an it has something to do with the engagement of the clutch i believe, but does that have anything to do with why i cant get the cover off? Should i know anything about that thing when i go to put everything back together? Im pretty expierenced with bikes, this is my pit bike. I feel like there is something else connecting it. Advice?
  9. motomanmike26

    Folding levers vs rotating perches

    I bought the WC lever an perch and i like it better then my ASV's. Dont get my wrong ASV is top notch, but I've broken a few springs with ASV levers. Knock on wood i dont break this lever, but the rotating sleeve has done its job numerous times.
  10. motomanmike26

    Drum brakes squeeky

    Anyone know how to get rid of the squeekiness? I just bought a pit bike an the rear brake is a little squeeky and im not familiar at all with drum brakes as ive always had big bikes and nothing with drum brakes. Any tips or advice would be great!
  11. motomanmike26

    Budds Creek Pics?

    The big gulp is pictured in picture 7, its the uphill on the left. you come down that hill into the right an go up the hill. Its pretty rounded for the AM stuff but its still do able on 250 an 450. The landing is not the top of the hill after the face either.
  12. motomanmike26

    Graffix installation

    Its not rocket science. I never use the wet method. i was always afraid of the graphic not sticking so i always did it dry. I make sure all the old glue is off the plastic, hit it with windex, wipe the windex off and heat up the graphic with a heat gun. Then i stick the graphic on completely dry. Line everything up the best i can an apply pressure to the middle to the top then to the bottom. When i get creases i hit it with some heat an push them out until i get to the edge an everything is perfect without any creases. Then i apply heat and pressure over the entire graphic and if you grip the bike with your legs, i apply a lot more heat to the rubbing areas. If i get any bubbles i use a seringe.
  13. motomanmike26

    most annoying SX rider ever!

    I love it. I love the rev limiter an seeing him hang it out.
  14. motomanmike26

    Shoei VFX-W owners

    If you only wore it once then thats why its bothering you most likely. You'll get used to it after a couple rides.
  15. motomanmike26

    Shoei VFX-W owners

    Mine works just fine with a leatt, how long have you been wearing a leatt? When I started wearing a leatt i had the same problem, but not it doesn't bother me. Also, you may need to adjust your leatt with the adjustments it came with.