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  1. Would anybody be able to tell me the centre to centre length of the linkage arm on a 1994 CR125/250, from what I can find they are the same but differ from the other years, Ive been told 139.00mm or 138.00mm but havent been able to verify, my linkage is missing from a bike Im looking to build up and have decided to machine a replacement linkage to suit. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Hey all, Im about to start a build of my 1994 Honda CR125, I'm looking to put more modern suspension on it and have acquired an Ohlins shock off of a 2008 TM250F and I'm looking to make it work with the Honda. The problem I'm having is the top mount which connects the shock body to the reservoir is the wrong angle to work on the honda. As far as I have researched for this model shock ( S46PR1C2 series ) they use the same components although the top mounts differ to suit each application. What I'm looking to do is buy the correct one to suit the 125 and re-assemble the shock (possible the lower clevis too to achieve the correct length). Would anyone be able to assist in part numbers required with this conversion, it seems like Ohlins don't give out exploded views, diagrams and part numbers too freely. Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Ive done a bit of a search but can't find too much information about anyone getting a newer Standard showa CRF shock onto a steel framed CR. It looks like the CRF Showa is 20mm wide at the top mounting point opposed to the 19mm CR125 one, which I should be able to come up with something to make it fit, and the show will have to be shortened but by the looks of things the offset of the reservoir might come into contact with the Airbox on the steel framed CR. Has anyone had any experience with this in the past?
  4. It sounds like it could be a global thing, Ive ordered 2 here in australia and theyve both been back ordered. I'm hoping they make a new batch too, for now Ive gotten my original one replated which has been a nightmare, Im hoping to even find a trashed out one and have it replated to sit there in a box incase i ever need it as I can imagine finding one is only going to get harder.
  5. Theres some but nothing seems to be showing for the 05 - 07, I think people are hanging on to them tightly if theyve got them.
  6. yeah thats a bit of a different set up to the 05 - 07. thanks all the same though!
  7. Hey guys im search of a 2005 to 2007 CR250R cylinder if anyone would have a spare one about? Any condition considered, any where on the planet, as I plan on having it replated. It seems getting one from honda is more challenging than one would think. Tim
  8. Hey all, I recently got my cylinder replaced and in the meantime had the same company milled the base .030", I know that the 4 casting vent holes are slightly inconsistent from cylinder to cylinder but apon receiving my cylinder back it seems like there is still way too much depth to the holes compared to every other milled base I've seen, I was wondering if anyone had a cylinder milled or unmilled off a bike that could get an accurate top to bottom measurement of the cylinder so I can reference it to mine. cheers!
  9. Hey all, I've just purchased an 08 yz250 air striker for my 2005 CR250R, and it appears one of the wires for the TPS is broken off right at the base so I can't repair it, I'm wondering if anyone knows the most cost effective way to replace the TPS, and if potentially I could rewire an FCR sensor to work with the PWK on the CR. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey all, Ive got an xr600 bored out to 628cc and looking to run an fcr carburetor that I have spare which is a 37mm im looking to bore it to 40.5mm straight bore setup. Im having troubles finding any information on carburettor bore to venturi bore differential for a straight bored carb. I have access to a mill and am looking to complete this modification myself. if anyone has any experience with this and could shed some light on it for me it would be much appreciated Tim
  11. I have a honda crf50 fitted with set of fast 50 speed forks (basically an open cartridge style fork with shim stack on the bottom of the damper rod). I've rebuilt them several times but keep experiencing the same issue with fork seals flipping. As i gather this is happening from over pressurising, I've fitted fork bleeders and bleed them several times a ride but still have managed to flip the seals causing total lose of oil. The bike cops quite a bit of abuse and some rather large jumps, what my theory is is that sudden shock which the forks can't handle cause a spike in air pressure causing the blow out. Now my question is, could this be caused be lesser amount of oil or too much? (as I'm only to presume its an oil height problem be it too much air in the chamber or not enough).
  12. The needle taper and thickness is starting to make a bit more sense to me now in coralation with the main jet. If I purchase a JD jetting kit will it have everything I need to get me on the right track? also Ive looked into the ktm carb set up, it appears they run a 36mm on the 250sx and it sounds asthough they benefit from a 38mm air striker, has anyone had experience with this?
  13. So transitioning from low revs and high revs is a needle taper issue and not a pilot circuit issue? I'll get a couple of needles and have a play. I'm kind of new to jetting bikes myself and have only changed mains and pilots and felt their effects and what they do.
  14. Hey all, Ive got my 2012 KTM 250sx running pretty well all round with the exception of a stumble when I go from putting around and clearing the bike out again, (my main concern is hitting freestyle ramps where you cruise in give it a blip then cruise back to do it again) and when I'm coming back around to jump again I really have to blow the bike out or it feels asthough it will foul. It has the symptoms of a rich pilot circuit but Ive gone down as low as a 38 pilot, screwed the air screw in as far as 1.5 turns out and still seem to experience this issue. Has anyone else experienced this before or knows what could be the cause? 99% of my riding is at sea level or very close to. Cheers guys!
  15. Hey all, Im upto the stage of my trying to get my 1988 project xr600 running again, but I'm having difficulties getting it to spark. I've replaced my 3 wire stator (pink, white, black and red) with a Ricky stator which has 5 wires, black and red (which I know plugs into the wiring harness black and red) and 2 greens and 2 white (one of each has a double adapter) I'm unsure on where to connect these up. Cheers Tim
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