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  1. danketchpel

    Beta air filter choices

    I have been running TwinAir filters, they are pretty good overall. I recently picked up a Funnelweb and am trying that out. I like the increased surface area of the pyramid design and the seal foam seems pretty good. I will see how it goes. I tried No-Toil but when that stuff started to melt my latex gloves I quit using it. I use the Maxima filter oil and water based cleaner. It seems to work good and doesn't melt anything, but I will say the fumes from the cleaner are more than I would like. I don't know why I can't find a filter cleaner that's not friggen obnoxious. Maybe that Oxi-clean? Maxima Filter oil and cleaner.
  2. danketchpel

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    I personally disagree. Pressure is what keeps water based coolant from boiling up to the point of the cap release pressure nothing more. My personal experience with the XF2 is that it does not boil over, or build crazy pressure, and that coolant temps are very very close to water based coolant ran in the same bikes prior to switching over. I have run this coolant in 4 bikes now with the same results. It friggen works without the headaches of water based coolant. You can quote physics all you want (ya I understand that also) but my personal real world experience tells me it works. YMMV......
  3. danketchpel

    How to remove stock plastic water pump impeller?

    I'm planning to do this upgrade next.
  4. danketchpel

    Cheap, but good, radiator. Where- or what to buy?

    I'd have also recommended Myler's. They did a great job on my old DRZ radiator that looked like a banana after a tip over in a rock garden. I ran it for more than 10 yrs after that and my buddy is still riding it no issues at all. If mine were really munched I'd consider upgrading to a Myler's super cool or maybe the GPI, something with a bit more cooling capacity. For reference, I just checked and the Myler's SuperCool runs ~$150/side for the Betas or $290 for both sides.
  5. danketchpel

    Speaking of AIR boxes!

    Mine is all cracked, only about 1 yrs old. I need to either find a better O-ring material or a different strap. Honestly I find it a PITA to put that O-ring on given where the hooks for it are located.
  6. I rode a '14 500 EXC before buying my 500 RR-S and it vibrated A LOT MORE than my Beta. Honest, I have yet to ride a smooth KTM of any type, though the 690 Duke or Husky 701 with the extra counter balancer in the head might be pretty smooth. Even their V-twins are kinda rough compared to others. I recently test rode a '18 KTM 690 enduro and couldn't own that bike it vibrated so bad at all rpm levels, ya it's still a paint shaker. I'd like to ride the 1090 to see how smooth it is. I have found my 500 vibrates about the same as my old DRZ400-S which was a pretty smooth running thumper. The Beta might be just a tad smoother than the DRZ but they are comparable.
  7. danketchpel

    4t stabilizer question

    Just to clarify, my underbar mount has all the holes for the 3 positions but the bar to adjuster knob clearance is the issue in the position closest to the rider. I think if you use the smaller type knobs it might work. I have the larger "4 wing" knob and it hits. I didn't need to use that position myself but when I designed the mount I made it to work with all 3 hole positions. This is also limited if you get the 28mm lowest configuration as the bars start to hit the stabilizer itself. In the higher versions it will clear. You can see the concern in this photo of it mounted on my bike. The bars are in the middle position and this is 32mm high.
  8. danketchpel

    Beta forum user question: Split this forum?

    I'd vote keep it as is for now. Watching this forum I don't see enough active users/threads to warrant separating them. Besides there is a fair bit of overlap between the bikes and some of us have interest in both.
  9. danketchpel

    2017 390 cam chain tensioner

    For a hydraulic tensioner the oil pressure is what actually exerts the force once the engine is running.
  10. danketchpel

    2018 Beta RRs LED flasher relay question

    This is the one I used from Amazon. It was a drop-in, no adjustment needed (but is adjustable) to flash normally withe Sicass LED blinkers I installed on both ends. I don't know if this black one is the same as the orange one or not. All I know is this one works well on my bike w/o any flash speed adjustment.
  11. danketchpel

    New Beta 4.0 Gallon Tank from IMS

    Pretty SWEET! What gearing do you run with that setup? I've kicked around doing a supermoto setup for my 500 but haven't wanted to spend the $$$ for the wheels as I have other bikes to ride on the street. But it looks wicked fun and that might be the problem, LOL.
  12. danketchpel

    My custom under bar Steering Stabilizer Mount

    Yes, but currently on an as ordered basis. I charge $75 for bare aluminum plus whatever UPS charges me to ship it to your location. I can do the hard black anodized for $25 extra but I'd need to get a batch together to meet their minimum. I can make them for the 4T and 2T bikes (the hole spacing is different between the 4T and 2T) in 28, 30, 32mm height options. So far it looks like 28mm is about as low as you can go and still have clearance between the lower part of the bar clamp and the stabilizer. I'm trying to see if I can fix the photos in the original post as I got hosed by Photobucket and it seems TT doesn't allow you to edit older posts. So here's a few photos. This is on my bike and is 32mm high.
  13. Nice! Maybe I could deal with winter if I ever move out of Kommiefornia. Does the track add a lot of mechanical drag?
  14. danketchpel

    To Beta or not to Beta

    Grrr.... you don't know how jealous I am of you lucky guys that live in realistic States that will plate a 2-stroke. If I could get a plated 300RR I would for sure to go along side my 500. Maybe one day I can figure out to get one plated or they'll figure out a EFI version that comes stock with a plate ..... in my dreams. That being said I went for a 2017 500RR-S mostly because I do a wide range of riding including dual sport and light ADV so I wanted the bigger engine. If I were mostly trail riding single track etc. I'd get the 390. I made the same comparisons when I was shopping KTM/Husky/Beta and the Beta won out on most things when compared. I will say the KTM dealership network is larger as is the aftermarket support. I own a Husky TR650, I like Huskys, but am tired of the company being kicked around like a football and ending up with Bastard Child bikes. I really don't know what KTM will do with Husky for the long term, I mostly see a clone bike with a few minor variations. KTM killed off Husaberg which was a huge shame. Key factors for me, and this was after riding a KTM 500 EXC; The Beta engine is much smoother about like a DRZ400 which is pretty dang smooth for a thumper I really like that the engine and trans oil are separate and the oil filter is about 2x larger than the KTM one 2X longer service intervals, which I believe is in part to the larger oil filter and separate oil chambers. Very few reports of failed engines etc. All brands will have failures, but the frequency of failure reports was very low for the Beta. The EFI bone stock is just about perfect, though I do wish it got slightly better mpg. Ergos and seat height were better for me. Stock seat sux but then so does the KTM/Husky seats, but maybe the Beta a bit more so. I like the smooth powerband, it's very manageable down low but then comes on strong and keeps on pulling all the way up. The stock exhaust is reasonable. No silly screens etc The Voyager dash is pretty sweet compared to anything else Things that are not so good; The stock 2 gal fuel tank is a joke, can be fixed The kick stand is more like a pool cue and needs a real foot badly, but at least it doesn't fold up automatically like some, can be fixed The plastic oil pump gears are silly, but they can be replaced with steel ones easily The accessory wiring (pretty much everything but the EFI/Ignition/Charging) uses cheap Molex connectors like '70s bikes. They need to dump those ASAP. The stock headlight is dangerously dim, almost useless. Can be fixed Stock flag style hand guards are also silly and useless, can be fixed As mentioned, be careful seating the air filter The stock chain grinds on the frame a bit, that's kinda stupid In closing, I'd buy another one in heart beat, but get a 2018 for the better clutch and gear shift mechanism. The delete of the kick started is a non-issue cuz it's a biotch to kick start anyway, the gearing is all wrong. It's like 2-stroke kick starter gearing but that doesn't work on a big 4-stroke. But it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to look at it, LOL.
  15. danketchpel

    What beta to buy

    The lack of a plate is the only thing keeping me from buying a 300RR to go with my 500RR-S. In Kommiefornia you really need that plate.