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  1. So according to you he shouldnt be able to ride there because ONE hiker doesnt like it, even though cops and other hikers dont mind?
  2. cr screams. The yz has a tiny bit more bottom but not near the overrevv.... atleast the 05 cr vs the 03yz
  3. not really. Its nikasil plated. Replating runs 200+ I was quoted 280 from LA sleeve to get a iron sleeve installed. Hopefully it just needs to be honed which your local shop might even do for free... they did mine for free.
  4. you should do it yourself. You will save a lot of money and learn how to do a topend
  5. hope the cylinders okay. I bought a seized up 90 cr250 and had to sped 220 on the cylinder alone
  6. did you put the right oil in the right side? Tranny fill plug is on the right but it drains out the left. Engine oil fill/dipstick is on teh left and drains out the bottom.
  7. yea i got my sk torque wrenches from them through amazon... theyre cheap too
  8. sears. I wouldnt go with a craftsman torque wrench though. I got my SK on amazon and it works great.... like it a lo more than my old harbor freight
  9. could be timing, crank bearings, cam chain, or loose valve(s)
  10. Well im 16 and split the cases myself with the the service manual. Its really not that hard as long as you follow everything exactly as teh manual says.
  11. so did he cash your check? If he did id get out the file.... If not id call teh police station and ask em if your vin comes up as stolen. If he got your money and it was a stolen bike you could end up getting screwed..
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