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  1. Eddie8v

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    1.5-2yrs ago maybe. Crf250r
  2. Eddie8v

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Mine has it... at least I think it does.
  3. Wow! Making $10 million a year is a blessing for you, indeed.
  4. Eddie8v

    New 2018 CRF on my radar...thoughts?

    The bike likely has more power than you'll need, great chassis. You'll be happy with it after you spring it for you, get the controls right and set fork oil height for your ability.
  5. I can't initiate a PM to anyone on any device for some reason, text me.
  6. Eddie8v

    Honda Crf250r Best Performance Parts

    My parts don't fit that older motor, sorry.
  7. Eddie8v

    Honda Crf250r Best Performance Parts

    I have some of Ron's engine components for the 2010-2017 CRF250R, new and used head/cams. 46hp+ and rock solid reliable. I have a few new pistons I think too.
  8. Eddie8v

    09 250R bench valve adjustment

    Push down on the cam gear when measuring clearances
  9. Eddie8v

    CRF250 road race mods

    Ron can help you with the motor, but I would be more worried about how to keep your front wheel out of your radiator during the entire suspension stroke...
  10. Eddie8v

    Clutch cover mod?

    If you're not a clutch abuser, you can use that cover with your stock clutch. I.e. if you rarely fan/feather the clutch with a WOT all day, don't worry about it. If you do it 10 times a lap and beat up and fade clutches all the time, I would match things up.
  11. Eddie8v

    CRF250R motor not starting

    The motor should have started just fine with those lapped-in Ti Intake valves, so whatever problem you had before will likely still be there. Wrong spark timing, bad cam timing, bad ring seal, etc. Lapped-in valves will seal great for a while, they just won't have any life to them.
  12. Eddie8v

    Clutch cover mod?

    My guess that a Hinson Clutch of some sort would work with that Hinson cover. If you know the part number of the cover, you could likely find out what complete clutch "kits" it comes with.
  13. Eddie8v

    CRF250R motor not starting

    Good candidate for a leakdown test.
  14. Eddie8v

    2012 CRF250R Rebuild

    I think I have everything you need from the 2014+ year motors, all new OEM stuff left over from bored/stroked motor builds. Crank, cylinder, piston/rings, complete head and camshaft. Bolts right on and will give a little more performance than the 2012 stuff. All he'll need is a timing chain and top-end gasket set.
  15. Eddie8v

    Clutch cover mod?

    With a stock clutch, using a large capacity cover that spaces the diverter away from the pressure plate doesn't do the clutch any good, likely more harm than good. The OEM spacing from the PP to that diverter is what it is for a reason: efficient and directed oil flow. Using the aftermarket greater-width cover with its matching aftermarket greater-width clutch assembly is the intent.