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  1. Time Left: 29 days and 8 hours

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    Here's a brand new electric-start CRF450R motor as removed from a new 2018 CRF450R Honda mx bike. The complete engine, all wiring and fuel-injection sensors & wiring and even the battery are included!!! $4,999 USD plus shipping, PayPal payment, only, please. I will ship anywhere in the world. NO trades. misc.use8 atgeeemaildotcommm


  2. Eddie8v

    IMS Or Acerbis Oversize Tank for 2014 CRF250R?

    Have run several Acerbis, they are great! I have a transparent one for sale with VERY few hrs on it, actually.
  3. Time Left: 2 days and 1 hour

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    Photo is off the internet and not of my clutch. I will take a pic when I remove it. This clutch has less than 6hrs on it and has the heavier wedges for a lower-rpm and harder/faster lockup. RMS-7716 is the Rekluse part number, it's the full setup, cover and all. Only $399 USD plus shipping, PayPal payment, only, please. I will ship anywhere. misc.use8 atgeeemaildotcommm


  4. Eddie8v

    2015 CRF250R - Light Throttle

    You don't want to make the throttle tougher to turn, you really only need to remap the ECU by taking some spark advance timing out at the small TPS settings in the rpm ranges where he's having trouble. I assume it's just off closed throttle situations, the transitions to no power to adding power, very common issue with EFI bikes.
  5. Eddie8v

    2018 stock bar bend?

    I think they've been using Renthal 971 bend bars for about 10yrs?
  6. Eddie8v

    first time adjusting valves. Intake way too loose.

    Intakes are likely ok, exhaust a little loose.
  7. Eddie8v

    Notched clutch basket... Anything I can do?

    That's right, I have guys run the Rekluse Torq Drive manual clutches in the 250-295cc race motors as they make too much power for a stock clutch. The steel inserts seem to do the trick to protect the basket and the added plates can take the 46-51 horsepower.
  8. Many metals won't react to a magnet, specifically the aluminum widely used in these engines...
  9. Eddie8v

    Xring chain, RX

    Real simple: put it on the bike and see if its pins clear the cases by 1mm or so with the chain pushed to the right while on the front sprocket...
  10. Eddie8v

    Fork Swap

    The triple clamps with the "taller" bottom bearing should bolt right up. I likely have a used and/or new set if you need them.
  11. Eddie8v

    Battery Problems?

    check the voltage at the battery, it should be around 13V. Then, start the bike and make sure you have at least 14.5V going to it. It's not normal for the battery to drain when it's off as there's nothing hooked up that would drain the battery unless there's a malfunctioning relay. You could put an inline current meter on the battery and look for a non-binding current draw which might be draining your battery.
  12. Eddie8v

    Closest areas to ride near nyc?

    The Dam is a decent place to ride for sure.
  13. Eddie8v

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    Nice find. That's for the L, so the X with the 6-speed Trans should have that same wider frame, too. This means the Trans isn't a drop-in change to the R-RX bikes, though, and the motors aren't an easy direct swap. And the swingarm and rear wheels may differ.
  14. Eddie8v

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    Not if they're sharing the same frame, swingarm and rear wheel they won't have a wider left-side of the case...
  15. That's still a pretty mellow motor, you'll be fine with the stock injector and ECU.