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  1. Eddie8v

    Transmission mainshaft question, Shawn, Eddie?

    Had to have been there before, it couldn't just "show up" in that location with the pushrod there. What material is it? Looks like the burr is part of a perfect-fit ring for that bore in the pic that's got a crack in it.
  2. Eddie8v

    CRF450RX Pics?

    Those footpegs are a great idea. Does that trailing leg hang low enough to catch in deeper ruts or at high lean angles?
  3. Eddie8v

    19 CRF450R Questions..

    Common error to mix numbers and units. Happens all the time. Honda parts finder will state 4.8 and 5.0 and people see .48 and .50.
  4. Eddie8v

    19 CRF450R Questions..

    I know
  5. Eddie8v

    Octane for 13.5:1

    Pull the ECU and ship it to me. I can compare maps and discuss with you, then burn my own 2013 Hamp mapping in for you.
  6. Eddie8v

    19 CRF450R Questions..

    Springs changed from 0.49kg/mm to 0.51kg/mm
  7. Eddie8v

    Post pics of your CR's

    Sprucing this one up for Spring riding...
  8. Eddie8v

    Octane for 13.5:1

    I think he's running lean, not rich.
  9. Eddie8v

    Octane for 13.5:1

    Plug has been perfect for years, bike runs perfect for years. I know I tweaked the mapping Ron gave me and I think it was quite a bit richer in many spots. Been a while, I forget. All I know if when I go to a track where I can open that bike up on a straightaway, people come over and ask me "what's in that thing" because ain't nobody catching me and anyone in front is soon to be behind.
  10. Eddie8v

    Octane for 13.5:1

    Email me a copy of the mapping (screenshots are fine too) and I can bump it against the mapping in my 2013 with the same motor package. No way you could run auto fuel in the motor without issues. T4 is great in this motor. I think my mapping ended up quite a bit richer than Ron's but that was quite some time ago. Bike is faaaaast.
  11. I have a couple of new ones, message me your email address if you might want one.
  12. I heard that it'll fit right up, give me a holler if you'd like to try one.
  13. Eddie8v

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    1.5-2yrs ago maybe. Crf250r
  14. Eddie8v

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Mine has it... at least I think it does.