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  1. The OD of the forks are still the same as the 2016 bike, I have used the 2017 forks on a bunch of younger 250 and 450 Hondas. I haven't measured the working distance of the triple clamp bearing races in the head and the seal land distances but they might fit up. Not sure about front plastic fitment either.
  2. Never ever ever let the bike run without being ridden for 10-15min, especially one with a new head gasket installed. Very few minutes, from a cold start, is about all these bikes can take without the forced-air cooling they need from riding speed. They overheat asap and can warp heads, dislodge head gaskets, taint cylinders and pistons. You are more than ready to ride the bike as hard as you want, but if you didn't ride the bike during the initial hour of operation you likely don't have a great ring seal, but no matter, just ride it.
  3. Lighter fuels will typically run leaner, not richer, than heavier fuels with no changes in the EFI mapping.
  4. I couldn't make it, yesterday. I thought they claimed it was a full MX track of ~2min lap times. Was it not???
  5. Be sure to put a new crankshaft with new bearings in!
  6. It sounds like they're the cause of all the issues. i.e. Nobody in their right mind would say what they said about the bolt not going anywhere because the valve cover was on. That would be the least of your problems. And a tensioner with no tension is broken. Wow. I bet during their efforts, they stripped the head threads and f'd up the tensioner.
  7. Try Mobil-1 0w-40 full-synthetic "European Car Formula", around $23 USD for 5qt at Wally World.
  8. Not sure if this is legit or fake, but a Google search found this: http://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/2015-2016-CRF450-Recall,1324213
  9. Never heard of it, but that sure is a pisser for Honda if, for each bike recalled, they have to eat removing the motor, splitting the cases, replacing the gear(s) and then re-assemble the motor, install it, etc.
  10. Everything is for sale!!! (-;
  11. You can buy the parts and install it: there's a plastic block-off plug in the kickstarter shaft hole that gets removed.
  12. Something like this?
  13. Sunday looks to be a legit mx open practice with 20min sessions per class split purely by age and not riding class. I think I will go. Anyone else??? They need to break it up by ability/class, not age, and it won't take them very long to figure that out... And I like 20min sessions but for the masses 12-15min will suffice.
  14. http://latestmxvideos.com/index.php/2017/08/10/honda-unveils-2018-cr550-record-breaking-specs/ It's a 550cc, now...
  15. Fake news...