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    being the best husband/father and grandpop i can be..dirtbikes, bodybuilding, guitar playing keeping fit,kayaking and pushbiking/walking

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  1. rob the snail

    Vintage Suzuki 76 rm 250 idle speed

    I put new mikuni on my 76rm250, motor fully rebuilt top and bottom end, rod etc, still doesn't really pull 5 th gear, drops off the pipe a bit from 3rd to 4th but does pick up but 5th gear not so
  2. rob the snail

    Can a tm250 piston work in a rm250?

    yep tm or ts piston fits, needs a little machining I run one in my 76rm250..i think it is 3rd oversize or 1 mm, I cant remember but the piston skirt was machined off a little bit
  3. rob the snail

    1986 CR125

    mmm I would start at the cable, cheaper option but could be basket or plates
  4. rob the snail

    1986 YZ125 - bringing her back

    it goes great actually, is my favourite bike to ride in vinduros as well as classicmx... my buddy and I won a 4 hour pony express, me on the yz and him on a 86 cr125 and we were the only 125s, plenty of open class bikes and 250s the bike was a pain in the ass when I go it...I replaced just about everything, all the elecrics, carb, new pipe, rebored and rebuilt powervalve ...it was still slow....then I discovered the cdi was from a yz490..now it really pulls, is a great bike. is my fave
  5. rob the snail

    1986 YZ125 - bringing her back

    great little period racer. mine has been rebuilt, parts were no problem
  6. rob the snail

    Motocross and age

    59 here, still bush ride my 450 race classicmx and also vintage endure...keeps my race competitiveness happy and enjoy the 450 in the trails I also race the 450 in vets in classic, good fun..traks are easier for us old blokes
  7. I ride an 86yz125 in vinduros in oz and it is superb... I also ride a 76rm250 some times but that is a lot more of a worry, hard to ride in the tight stuff if u maintain the ols bikes they go very well
  8. rob the snail

    Bubbas Alive!

    to those that hang off every word he says....enjoy.. I personally am over him
  9. rob the snail

    Tomac to MXGP?

    there is little money in mxgp..no prizemoney and he would be taking a paycut to ride in mxgp….he will never go
  10. rob the snail

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    weigand has one on mxa website...plessinger was open, Barcia a bit and tomac didn't really say much
  11. rob the snail

    Fastest man on the planet was not Herlings

    herlings rode for the team
  12. rob the snail

    Never ending top end rebuild

    yep, wrong one for sure
  13. rob the snail

    drum brakes

    hey guys, being a regular racer of both modern and classic bikes I am bewildered by lack of braking on the older bikes even with new shoes the old rm I race seems to have just a general lack of stopping power, especially on the front, always spongy feeling... now I know it was a long time ago but surely when I was racing back then the brakes were better or are we now just spoilt with modern brakes?
  14. rob the snail

    yamaha yz125wr engine swap

    how did this go?
  15. rob the snail

    Lets see your vintage ride

    awesome sofiedog, very nice