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  1. TheFranchise22

    Ssr 110 A-1 ??

    Yea I found the idle screw the night I asked the question and everything is good now. Thanks junkman for the numbers.
  2. TheFranchise22

    Ssr 110 A-1 ??

    I just got my bike a couple of days ago and am LOVING IT!!! But it doesnt seem to want to idle good and was wondering where the idle screw is on the carb. The manual is worthless like everyone says. Also what kind of spark plug is everyone using. NGK or Champion?? Thanks for any info.
  3. TheFranchise22

    NEW PARTS!!!! MY UPGRADES for my custom mini!!!! pics

    Is that an H-Bomb exhaust?? And if so could you tell me how she performs.
  4. TheFranchise22

    Outlaw's Shipping confirmation??

    I ordered my bike from them tuesday and it is now friday and I checked my order and still says pending. I read on the site that it usually takes 24-48 hours but it has been 72. I was just wondering if anyone else that ordered from them has had this issue. Thanks.
  5. TheFranchise22

    Kickstart Lever???

    I have heard that a kickstart lever from a cr 85 will work on a ssr 110 A-1 and was wondering will a 03 cr 85 lever work????
  6. TheFranchise22

    ssr 110 a-1 exhaust??

    What is a good all-around performer for an a-1. Thanks for any info.
  7. TheFranchise22

    c-4 top speed???

    Yea..im a quad guy so I know what gearing is...im just a noob to these pit bike things and just wanted to know how fast they go. Thanks for the info anyways.
  8. TheFranchise22

    c-4 top speed???

    Thanks ink and pitbikeguy...take it easy man I was jw...
  9. TheFranchise22

    c-4 top speed???

  10. TheFranchise22

    c-4 top speed???

    What is the top speed of a stock out-of-the-crate ssr 125 c-4 pit bike. Thanks for any info.