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  1. dirtdudeaz9

    Clutch Wear Opinions

    I appreciate all the feedback. I wanted to followup and end the thread on my results. I went ahead with the spring routes. The plates were well within spec and looked great. I also need a new tire/cables, so I spent the money towards those. With my limited budget I couldn't do everything. I used the grease trick for the clutch cover oring and it worked! I rode the bike last night after I got it all buttoned up; 100% better. If I had some more money, or didn't need 10 other important things for the bike, I would have gone with the entire kit. Now I am waiting for golf season (summer) to end so I can get to riding season (everything but summer)!!!
  2. dirtdudeaz9

    Clutch Wear Opinions

    This is a good point. I will check this too.
  3. dirtdudeaz9

    Clutch Wear Opinions

    From my prior post...The springs were over the limit. The manual calls out for free length service limit of 1.72 inches, mine were about 1.69 or so. This might explain my clutch not feel like it is not engaging/disengaging completely, and some shifting issues.
  4. dirtdudeaz9

    Clutch Wear Opinions

    So I was looking at my clutch on my 2005 and inspecting per the manual. I noticed on some of the plates there is some swirling; they were within the wear limit though. The disks were about +2/3 thousandths above the wear limit. The basket fingers were good and sharp, and so were the plates/disks. My springs were about 15 thousandths under the limit. Clearly my springs need to be replaced, but I am not sure about the other parts. They seem to be ok, but I don't know as I have never done this. Should I go with a whole kit and be done with everything, or just try the springs for now? It'd definately be easier on the wallet at $3.25 a spring and $130 for the kit.
  5. dirtdudeaz9

    Gearing for the track

    Stock is 13/51. I agree though with Cubera, I like the stock gearing on the tracks out here. I use 2nd/3rd the most for the tracks out here in Az. Do you have the stock header on the bike? A powerbomb into that 4.1 compared to stock might also help with power curve.
  6. dirtdudeaz9

    Stock Spring stiffness / color shock absorber

    I have a race tech spring and it is blue. The rate is listed on it. Your friend has an aftermarket brand or maybe he painted the stock one?
  7. dirtdudeaz9

    Exhaust Recommendation

    I would go with the 4.1 Titanium. It'll be a good fit with the same brand, and you get really good power/sound. You can also by the spark arrestor for it which lowers the sound to pass tech. Anyone else have access to this cost deal? I am in the market right now to replace my 05 4.1 titanium....
  8. dirtdudeaz9

    WHAT THE HECK! same bike different feel

    I know the headers/full systems are different as far as adjusting powerbands. The FMF 4.1/powerbomb will give power all around, whereas some other pipes will have power later in the range. Also, btween a stock header and a more open header, there might be a small power gain that could be noticeable. If he has the bike open and breathing and the jetting is just right, it may feel like more power than a bike with a stoc header and jetted down because of it.
  9. dirtdudeaz9

    Dumb question maybe, but do I have 2 clutch levers?

    You can download the owners manual for free online. I agree with Krannie, you should read it Before you start
  10. dirtdudeaz9

    Who Are You?

    Name: Chas Cooke aka Chas BORN: Camp Pendleton, CA RAISED: Phoenix, AZ (4 years old til now) AGE: 25 STATUS: Married with a 3-month old beautiful girl College: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, BS Aerospace Engineering (Sigma Chi Fraternity) Occupation: Quality Engineer, Aerospace Interests: God, Dirtbikes, Offroad Racing Vehicles (One day I will own one!), 1st-person shooter video games (Xbox name is ride red05) Riding History: I was always fascinated with bikes and quads and my dad and his family had them when they were teens. I finally convinced my grandpa in 2000 to buy a quad (2000 Honda Rancher 350 4x4 ES ). He had some vacation land in CO. that we would ride the quad around on. In between vacations we would have the quad in phoenix and would go out to Carefree Highway and Lake Pleasant Parkway and ride out there. We would eat lunch at the Wildhorse bar/grill (best green chile cheeseburgers); now the 303 runs through the area. The quad was fun (just sold it), but it was too heavy and underpowered to really have fun out here in the desert. In 2003/2004, I saved up enough to by an 1996 XR250L (Dual Sport and the guy had it for street only). I decked that thing out and painted all the plastics and rode like hell. I am 6'3"/220 by the way, so the bike was definately getting rode hard. Then in 2005, when I got more comfortable on two wheels, I bought the CRF450X. I have had her since and have put a lot of sweat, time, and money and the bike is dialed for me right now. I love riding and wish I had the time/money/riding friends to go out more. I love coming to this website and reading what people have to say. This site has gotten me out of trouble, and I have hopefully helped others as well! It is very nice to read about everyone and if anyone in AZ wants to ride or just hang out, I like going to the tracks and doing desert stuff. Feel free to PM me. Misc: I am so excited to be a new dad and can't get over the feeling! I have been in this euphoric state, and get taken back every time I see my daughter. I am at a really fun point in my life and thank God everyday. I like to think I am pretty humble in general, but I have been so fortunate in the last couple years; graduated, married, got a job in my field, bought a house, and now have a child. Of course more money and stuff (offroad vehicle, more dirtbike things, etc...) would be cool, but I am so content and happy right now. I hope everyone had good holidays and have a great New Year. Keep the rubber side pointing down (unless you are whipping...then sideways I guess...)!
  11. dirtdudeaz9

    FMF exhaust

    <<<---------This guy cracked the brittle 100 part on my powerbomb. I was going up an incline in first barely going and dropped the bike over. Must have landed perfectly on the guard on hard ground and snapped it in two. It was the first time I took the bike out . The fmf 4.1 and powerbomb with the sparkarrestor has been a great combo for me. The arrestor quiets the sound a lot and makes it legal for az offroad use. I take it off at the track though and let it rip! I have dented up real bad and it still does ok. I am about due for another system shortly. Might stick with FMF or go MRD.
  12. dirtdudeaz9

    How to kick start 450x????

    You can get a feel for how firm you need to be by kickstarting with your hand. That shows you how much force you really need. Make sure the transmission is in neutral It doesn't hurt to pull the choke, if it's warm enough, one kick and it'll rumble a little bit, and then push the choke back in Find where the bike is at TDC and releases spark without kicking firmly, then come back to that point the next time with a good firm kick. Should start with 1-3 kick if your bike is set up right. (Mine is 1 kick)
  13. dirtdudeaz9

    difference between 450x and 450r

    Anything can be reliable as long as you take care of it maintenance wise and understand the little nuances of the bikes. That being said....the X's are for offroad and the R's are for MX. You can cross into both with either bike, but if you are talking about racing and being competetive, stick with what the bikes that are designed for.
  14. dirtdudeaz9

    stock suspension setup

    That's a good point, and I do agree that suspension is the best thing. I think the amount I can spend right now is all relative too. I am about to sell my truck and hope to get a good chunk of change for that. So maybe the extra 300 after I get the extra cash will be not as significant as it is to me now.... Those other things to replace are important too. My drive has never been changed, and the exhaust needs only one more fall or drop.
  15. dirtdudeaz9

    stock suspension setup

    Not to hijak completely....but I was in touch with a local suspension guy and was told around 200 with parts for a rebuild + 200 for new springs....and around 700 for a revalve/rebuild/new springs...does this sound right? Do I need a re-valve? I am not planning on doing any racing anymore and have been pretty happy with the stock (Nothing to compare it to). I think the stiffer springs will definately help a lot, but do I need more than that? I have some extra cash right now, but lso need to replace the drive (sprockets/chain/slidders/rollers), and possibly the dented up exhaust. Opinions?