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  1. Crosspower

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    The drz holds 2 qts I believe vs 1.4 in a 350 ktm. Thats a significant amount. Plus the drz carries the oil in the frame which would have to help cool it some. I ran my drz on 10/40 castrol syntec ( a car oil ) without any issues for 3 years before selling it.
  2. Crosspower

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    Spud I think the DRZ has a significant advantage over a ktm simply because it holds twice as much oil.
  3. Crosspower

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    Thanks James Marks. My son just got a 2015 FE350 so your comments are much appreciated.
  4. Crosspower

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    Thats not a myth about lower viscosity oil making more power. Fuel economy requirements have driven all the auto makers to use lighter oils. 0W20 is factory fill in some now. Less drag = more power and bettet economy
  5. Crosspower

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    That's some good reading James Marks. I have never seen a Rotella 15/40 syn. Did you mean 5/40?
  6. Crosspower

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    I hear some people using Rotella 15/40. Probly the best HD oil around. If a person ran this it could be changed after every ride at minimum cost. I would consider this for warmer temps. Only a little more expensive is full synthetic Rotella 5/40. For winter rides this oil would offer excellent start up lubrication and could be used in hotter temps as well. As previously mentioned, if your not sure follow the manual and use the viscosity and oil spec they have listed. When your talking about full syn 10/50 I doubt if one is much better than another. KTM say Moterex. Husqvarna says Bel-Ray. Exactly same engines. I bet they give KTM oil for listing them as the recommended lube. These bikes are 10k now so whatever you decide to use, keep it changed and clean
  7. Generally a bigger engine that turns less rpms will last longer.
  8. Crosspower

    350sxf specific engine oil?

    I would be think if your changing your oil after the 1st hour you really don't need to change the filters that soon. Opinions please.
  9. Crosspower

    Need advice. TC vs TXC vs TE

  10. Crosspower

    Wildwood Hill climb - Beta vs Husaberg

    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the video. From what I saw it was a 4 run contest and Jarvis posted the fastest time.
  11. Crosspower


    That's a good comment. I had a drz and once the airbox and exhaust were opened up a little with correct jetting it was a great engine. Smooth no surprises let plenty of power available.
  12. Crosspower

    Got to ride the Sherco 300 sef-r 300 se-r

    Thanks to all. Very informative thread.
  13. Crosspower

    Got to ride the Sherco 300 sef-r 300 se-r

    The Sherco comes with a adjustable throttle cam?
  14. Crosspower

    Kailub Russell racing the 150

    Most importantly to me is torque. That's what saves me if I get out of shape on a steep climb. My preference is the 250/300 2 stroke. I've demmo ridden the 150 xc and really enjoyed it. I wouldnt mind trying out the newer YZ250F.