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  1. Wow I havent posted here in forever. Here is some helmet cam action from our race yesterday in the mud and rain. It was pretty fun up until I lost my brakes. Watch in HD. Enjoy.
  2. 1st lap from this past weekends Mideast race. Vet A
  3. sniper1580

    Vet A Harris Bridge

    Thx guys. Its a 350 xcf George.
  4. sniper1580

    Vet A Harris Bridge

    Well I haven't posted a race video for so long in here so here is our last race at Harris Bridge in woodruff SC.
  5. Sundays race at CAW(Carolina adventure world) in Columbia SC. I missed the track on the 3rd lap and lost a minute or two and on the 5th lap my stinking steering stabilizer broke and fell off so I had to stop and find it and then finish the race with it in my pants lol.
  6. sniper1580

    2014 Dust Bowl!

    1st dust race of the year. Woods were great but the dusty fields and silt were treacherous! Thanks for watching!
  7. sniper1580

    Your crash videos

    Heres one on my short lived adventure on a KTM 300 2st
  8. Heres my 1st lap from Antioch Speedway. It rained the whole night and continued into the racce. So to say the least it wasn't ideal conditions for a race and I hate the track since we run close to 2 miles in the flat track. Hope you all enjoy more than I did lol. J/K the 1st lap was fun but after that not so much! Oh yea watch in HD
  9. sniper1580

    Rockhouse Vet A

    My 1st lap at Rockhouse. Make sure to watch in HD
  10. sniper1580

    Sand Whoops galore

    Thanks guys. I finished 2nd after leading a few laps when I hit that endurance wall lol. Im on a 350 again this year.
  11. sniper1580

    Sand Whoops galore

    This is the 1st race of the season and Im way out of shape. We don't run many sand tracks and with 320 bikes on this course it got pretty whooped out. Heres my 1st lap in Vet A at HRD Complex MEHSA. Thanks for watching. Watch in HD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGoiT5rfHvo https://vimeo.com/88354548
  12. sniper1580

    Rockhouse 2 Vet A (Rock off the shoulder)

    Thanks but I wasn't being an ahole to that guy. I was behind 4 guys trying to pass them myself and its the 1st lap so who knew if he was in my class or not. Its A class bro so why not actually earn the passes instead of screaming like a little girl on the 1st lap I could understand if it was later in the race and I was holding him up but that wasn't the case he was just a douche .
  13. sniper1580

    Rockhouse 2 Vet A (Rock off the shoulder)

    Thanks you guys. Yea Vet A is a tough class and always has some stout competition. George Im on a 350xcf and love it.. tjg53 I pulled off after 4 laps cause my shoulder was hurting from the 2nd lap rock that hit me so I didnt do so well since I didn't really finish the race.
  14. Vet A 1st lap. I took a big rock to the shoulder on the 2nd lap and pretty much just rode around for the next 2 and a half laps. It hurt like crazy so I just took it nice and slow and finally just pulled off the track. Thanks for watching my vids all year.
  15. sniper1580

    The best sand rider EVER....

    Thanks bud.. I guess you didn't read the post though cause it was a joke and I said "the best sand rider ever...will not be in this video lol. Heck I hate sand and suck at it haha