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  1. I use a 2007 250F for H.S. here in Virginia and I find the bike more than capable. Depending in conditions, you may need to gear up and it lacks top speed compared to the WR. Open field sections you will get butt stomped by 450's. Our races are typically 40-50 miles long, 2-3 hours. I found the stock tank dicey in getting enough range when on the gas. I added a Clark tank but found it too big, I do use it for the all day type of riding. I added a WR tank for racing and this is the right size. I use a Rekluse so stalling typically is not a issue, you do need to watch at the start of the race for the first few miles while the bike heats up that you use the clutch in tight areas as it will cough and die. After it heats up I don't have a issue unless I am upside down against a tree. Don't have issues with it spewing either, even when hot and humid. Might want to consider radiator braces/shields as I have ripped a few ears off when the shroud grabs a tree. Although in 4 years of use I have yet to bust a radiator (Bent them yes) Change the oil after every race. I get the head checked once a year. The valves have needed very little adjusting. Revalve the suspension to suit your weight and style. The forks need rebuilding yearly to replace the fluid and bushing/seals (Depending on use and how many mud races you do).
  2. RangerCharlie

    Un-killable bikes!

    1969 Honda Z50. My dad got it for my brother who passed it down to my other brother and then to me. We rode the snot out of it for 16 years, only put gas/oil in it. The last time riding it the chain threw and busted the crank case. Still have the bike in a box. Otherwise I had a 1990 DR350 that I rode for 15 years with only tires, chain, and a clutch (Other than gas/oil). I miss that bike.
  3. RangerCharlie

    WR250F vs CRF250X

    I had a '05 WR that I put a lot of hours on, had the valves checked every 50 hours and they never needed much adjusting. Out of the box the CRF has the edge, do the free mods on the WR and you will be very happy. Same motor used across most years. Frame changed in '07, although some prefer the steel frame for feel.
  4. RangerCharlie

    2012 wr450

    What you think?
  5. RangerCharlie

    CaveMike want find best goggle for hot time

    Put a maxipad (Feminine pad) at the top of the goggle to catch sweat running down from your forehead. Here in Virginia we have very high humidity and I have found: Klim F4 works well If not dusty trim some foam from the sides of the goggles to get some air flow If not dusty use Safety Glasses
  6. RangerCharlie

    Any of you want to ride Tasker/Peters Mill morning 6/09/2011?

    if you go to the USDA website for George Washington and Jefferson National Forests you will see the 3 available riding areas listed South Pedlar ATV Trail System Rocky Run ATV/OHV Trail Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap OHV System http://www.fs.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsinternet/!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gDfxMDT8MwRydLA1cj72BTSw8jAwgAykeaxcN4jhYG_h4eYX5hPgYwefy6w0H24dcPNgEHcDTQ9_PIz03VL8iNMMgycVQEAIzTHkw!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfME80MEkxVkFCOTBFMktTNTlIMjAwMDAwMDA!/?recid=73539&actid=93&actid=null&navid=110350000000000&groupid=null&ss=110808&ttype=activity&pname=George+Washington+&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&recid=null&pnavid=110000000000000
  7. RangerCharlie

    2011 vchss

    Ken fix that kickstand! I had that happen when I ran a DR350, turned left and got chucked off the bike when it caught the ground
  8. RangerCharlie

    2011 vchss

    Ah yes, more of my slow motion riding skills from BR1
  9. RangerCharlie

    2011 vchss

    I'm probably skipping Bristol, 5 hours each way with 2 small kids is not fun. Plus with the rain they will be stuck in the truck at the race. Have fun, Reddy Hole anyone?
  10. RangerCharlie

    Looking for private MX or HS track to practice on

    Only 3 or so of the 15 VCHSS races have a MX track mixed in that I can think of.
  11. RangerCharlie

    Worst Bottle Neck Ever??

    Oh my
  12. RangerCharlie

    Go Pro Help!!

    what type of card is it? You need to use the Higher Class cards for any HD recording. If it is a playback issue, can your PC handle HD? Otherwise record in lower settings
  13. RangerCharlie

    Bad Thad Video

    From Bolling Films http://offroad-journal.com/?p=3898 great riding, not sure what is up with the faux BJ stuff though..
  14. Pretty cool video with some Head Cam shots from Jason Raines http://vimeo.com/23235886
  15. RangerCharlie

    VCHSS Blue Ridge

    C Class starts. Short starting area but the course was most excellent