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  1. Maddeh

    No wimps ?

    I had plans to take it in spring of 2015. I talked with some guys at BoLA that had tried to do it on adventure bikes that turned around. Then we talked with the folks at Francisquito who said it was impassable. Rather than risk it we took the '07 B1K route to San Ignacio (which was great btw). That's the last time I was there. Since then, I've asked other known Baja regulars online but it seems I'm not well known enough to warrant a reply.
  2. Maddeh

    2015 los Ancianos Tecate sprint enduro

    It was great! Killer trails and tests were just the right length, not too long not too short. I loved the larga y dura enduro last year as well, hope we still get one of those once in awhile.
  3. Maddeh

    Just another Ride 2016

    Sounds like a fun trip. Would be interested to hear an update on no wimps after you get through. San Fran told us in April that nobody was able to get through lately so we didn't risk it.
  4. Maddeh

    other places to stay near v.d.t.?

    https://www.facebook.com/hoteldelvalledelatrinidad/timeline I stayed here last trip, good place. Taco stand next door was great.
  5. Maddeh

    baja ride plan

    Some pics of Comondu for those who haven't been there.
  6. Maddeh

    Air on the trail

    I've done two 1200+ mile tip runs with bib mousse in both tires. Both times with 3 bikes, all running mousse. No issues front or rear. Never push it on the highway, 20 miles max to let them cool off or you run the risk of them melting (especially rear). Hard to get above 80 mph on the dirt for any extended period of time but that's not good for them either. I also do not run a rim lock on either wheel with a bib mousse, some people like them on the rear. They've always held up for the whole trip and then a few rides after as well. I run them all the time, at any races I do or recreational riding. Totally worth the expense in my opinion. Last time I ran tubes in Baja I had more flats than I care to count. I got a small piece of wood stuck in the tire that I couldn't find, and it just kept puncturing the tube over and over.
  7. Maddeh

    Air on the trail

    I switched to bib mousse front and rear a long time ago. If we ride slab we stop every 20 miles to let the tires / tubes cool. I've done multiple trips this way with no issues, of course a mousse can fail as well. Carry spare tubes and air in the chase vehicle (when we have one).
  8. Maddeh

    baja ride plan

    There is a section somewhere between Purisima / Comondu (or just after Comondu, can't remember) that was wiped out by a hurricane years ago. I rode it in 2011 and again this year, 2011 was worse but there are still two spots that are still destroyed. You can do it on a bike but it will be tough with heavy ones like the DR / KLR. Not recommended for novice riders. Other than that it is relatively easy going. Constitucion is nothing special but I stayed there this year and it wasn't bad.
  9. Maddeh

    What happened here?

    Haha that's my sister. She rode in the chase vehicle most of the time but rode with us on Day 3 and Day 7. She did great but the two days she did ride pushed her to her limits and we rode in the dark both times.
  10. Maddeh

    What happened here?

    Bike was pure stock, and to be honest I didn't even consider we'd have a problem with it. Premium Pemex in Baja is higher octane than what I can buy in Utah. This did happen after we had to buy Magna in Ignacio, so maybe that had something to do with it. No sock, no spare parts... once I figured out it was the injector we just started towing. We were in a really rocky wash, and every so often I would try to start it and it got closer and closer each time. Eventually it fired, ran like crap for a bit, then cleaned out and did fine the rest of the trip. I chalked it up to it just eventually pushing out whatever was clogging it.
  11. Maddeh

    What happened here?

    For your viewing pleasure, a short recap of my last ride (April 2015). Last time was 2011 so it had been 4 years, but it was just like any other time. No issues, friendly folks, not a bad day in sight... Starting near El Hongo Day 1 Day 2 on the Score course outside Valle Trinidad Trying to find gas in Puertocitos, paid $20 for 1 gallon Bitchin' Bitchin' part deux Towards the end of a long day 3 Day 4 sunrise San Fran Looking out over Scorpion Bay, Day 5 Somewhere near La Purisima / Comondu. This was a super long day due to a plugged injector problem on the new Husqvarna out of San Ignacia Loreto Day 6, San Javier On the way to Agua Verde Looking out over Agua Verde, on the way to Consitucion Day 7 lunch break, looking at Isla de San Jose End of the line, outside Todos Santos
  12. Maddeh

    Found tool pack

    Out on the flats south of San Ignacio on the way to San Juanico, I found a very heavy M/C tool pack. I carried it all the way to Loreto, I can't imagine hauling that thing on a multi-day ride. This was April 22nd. Thought it might be from the DA guys or just some other random group. Happy to mail it back to you if its yours.
  13. Maddeh

    no wimps trail , gone or good to go.....

    I was down there two weeks ago and had planned to try it, but we had some problems earlier in the day that put us into SF pretty late. San Fran said that nobody gets through, and everybody that tries turns around. Saw some guys on Adventure bikes in BoLA that had gone down a ways before turning around (before the bad stuff). Btw they have the best fish taco's at SF. We ended up taking what I believe was the '07 B1K route which was pretty cool actually.
  14. Maddeh

    trans HELP HELP

    Can you post a better pic of the shift star? Mine recently had a similar problem, and what happened was the alan bolt holding the shift star in came loose and allowed to spin off the shaft slightly. This mis-aligned it on the detent arm (the spring loaded wheel arm resting on the star), and it would never work right. I fixed it but re-setting the shift star / detent arm, loctite on the alan bolt. Its hard to tell from your pic but if you can get a clean one with the arm and star I could see if there was an issue. First thing is check if that alan bolt is loose, if it is I'd be almost positive that's your problem.
  15. Maddeh

    I had a fun thought

    I vote we get K-Roc to do it on a 300 SX.