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  1. WR_Dave

    running without the headlight

    How many years does it take to cause an issue since mine has been off with the switch for about 5 years and 8,000 kms of riding! Not sure when the problem is going to show up !!!! Good Luck with your new light. WR Dave
  2. If you overfill the overflow bottle, it will just spew out what isn't needed anyway. My old 426 had a much bigger catch can so it always had some in it, with the '07 it bothered me at first when the coolant was way down in the bottle, but now I don't even think about it. As long as there is about 1/2" of coolant in the bottle it's good to go. WR Dave
  3. WR_Dave

    running without the headlight

    The stator is a demend device and if there is no demand for power, it simply doesn't produce any because the regulator would turn the circuit off until the power demand went up like if a light was turned on. Kinda like your house, if you don't turn on a light switch, you don't us any electricity and no harm is done anywhere down the line. -- WR Dave
  4. WR_Dave

    running without the headlight

    Why wouldn't the battery just be charged up to the regulators cut off voltage and once it's there the charging amperage would be quite small, wouldn't it ?? -- WR Dave
  5. WR_Dave

    2011 cec opener in Sun Peaks

    There is usually a good bunch of guys and girls that will be going from Southern Alberta. http://forums.rmdra.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7413 WR Dave
  6. WR_Dave

    2007 & newer Skid Plate question

    Which ever way you go, if you ride a lot of rocks like the jagged ones we have here, check out this old thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=475387 about a Utah Sport/Ricochet skid plate, I modded mine a bit and it has held up to some pretty harsh rides. Just my .02 WR Dave
  7. WR_Dave

    2002 WR426 New Guy Buyers Remorse?

    Wash your bike using some Mop and Glow in the water and it will have a nice shine on it. WR Dave
  8. WR_Dave

    Cycra handguards

    I really like these for mounting the inboard end of my Cycras http://www.bikebonz.com/images/sitebdy/purbdy/hon_hgm/of_hon.htm WR Dave
  9. WR_Dave

    Engine Cover Case Replacement - *** Did I Do?!?

    It's the silver center housing of the starter. If that got put on backwards then the starter spins freely in the overrunning clutch. You didn't say if you had the starter apart, but if you did that is a good possibility. Good Luck.
  10. WR_Dave

    Engine Cover Case Replacement - *** Did I Do?!?

    If you had the starter apart, you probably put the field winding housing back on backwards and now the starter is spinning the wrong way. Reverse the center housing of the starter and you may be back in business. WR Dave
  11. WR_Dave

    always seem to miss second gear!

    The neutral position you speak of is there, but you said it was a 1st to 2nd shift so that shouldn't be an issue as you would have to let go of the shifter to move from the top of it to the bottom of it. If you have size 12's, you may want to look at the Hammerhead designs shifter tip extensions and levers. Good Luck -- WR Dave
  12. WR_Dave

    always seem to miss second gear!

    Shift lever set too high ?!?!
  13. WR_Dave

    No spark on 426

    Check this short thread, I had the same problem and it did turn out to be the CDI. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=294021&highlight= Good Luck -- WR Dave
  14. You need to give a little more info, but on a guess I would say that either the float is allowing too much fuel to enter the bowl as in a stuck float. Or if the bike is a bit older the O-ring around the float needle seat has disintegrated to the point where fuel can flow past the outside of the float needle seat. Both situations will cause flooding and fuel flow out the overflow tubes. Starter squeaks can be due to overheating the starter and wearing out the plastic bushings. These bikes should only be cold started using the kicker, which spins the engine over faster than the e-starter. Once the engine is warm the e-start works fine. WR Dave
  15. WR_Dave

    cracking throttle valve plate!

    Seriously...!!!! you dig up a 10 year old thread to complain about WR's on the WR forum..... You are correct, try another color, none of them have any problems, might I suggest a nice valve dropping 2003 Honda CRF 450.