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  1. Don't even get me goin bout Cali...... Our people are the problem here. I consider all land "wasteland until it has the footprint of my Bridgestone impaled upon its soil. Just my thing brah. Ride on........
  2. We ended up driving into Battle Mtn. for camp and rode out there. Lots of fun open wasteland. Then we drove to Wendover and rode up in the Hills above Bonneville. Gotta love Nevada. Oh, and the dirt was perfect, we hit a couple days of dry sunny weather. Thanks for the suggestions. Hit some more on the way back. My 450 wants more. Later
  3. Going to Utah from Cali. in a week and coming back. Looking for a few places to ride on the way back. Any of you Nevada guys have any suggestions(off I-80) where I may be able to make camp and ride. Not looking to drive to far off of the Highway, don't have alot of time. Just looking to hit a few spots on the way and maybe stay overnight. Thanks in advance. roost. Also, does anyone know if the Bonneville salt flats are ridable?
  4. Good story. That sound very familiar of what I am going through with my son. I also at times have been a little too critical. I finally realized that I am a hard core moto fanatic that has loved it since I could walk and talk. I came to the conclusion that I need to let him develop on his own and have fun. He needs more kids his age to ride with. The frustration comes from what my ability was when I was his age and as his father the expectations are high. I will let him have fun and maybe as someone suggested it will just "click' someday.
  5. My son used to be fairly agressive when he started racing at age 8, but has seems like he forgets how to ride every time he gets back on the bike. Does anybody use a certain technique to train their kids to be more agressive on the bike? It seems like something that just comes and goes. Do you just let your kid ride and not say much? I've seen both ends of it....A mini dad who yells his kid into submission getting him to go harder and a mini dad who lets their kid develop on his own. Does play riding with other kids help confindence ? My son is now 10. What do you guys do?
  6. Is the noise you are hearing a ticking, valve clatter type? I took off the flywheel cover and looked around for signs of metal, moved the flywheel back and forth and up and down and found no movement, but checking the timing chain it actually felt a little tight, snare drum tight... Should the chain have any slack at all?
  7. I bought a clean crf150 for cheap. The top end has a kind of howl or whine that I can feel vibration through the bars and I can hear it when I'm riding. I would say it is felt and heard, just above idle and I can hear it when I chop the throttle going into a corner and also when slowly rolling the throttle on at a stand still. It's not valve clatter and I hope it is just the sound typicall to these engines. I pray its not a main. I did the screwdriver test and it sounds like its definetely coming from the top end. Any thoughts? The bike runs great and carburates well, maybe a little lean and usually starts cold second kick.
  8. I've found a doctor that will do an opposite patella graft to repair my ACL! Wasn't easy but I'm finally gonna get it done. First I have to get the plate out that's running down my tibia(seven screw holes). Just a general question as to the down time and the bone healing time that goes along with a screw removal. Also, is it a good idea to do exercise during the healing? Dr. Mark? Anyone else thats had a plate removed at their tibial plateau I'd like to hear from you also. Thanks, J
  9. Yep, Here's the job he's been moonlighting between the moto's. www.hulu.com/watch/25486/one-day-at-a-time-julies-job Check out the temper tantrem at about 9:25 on the video...........Jlaw all the way......
  10. We call him Julie. He looks like an exact replica of Julie from the show "One Day at a Time"(if you're old you'll remember) She had the same f'd up smile and was the ugliest chick I'd ever seen. Wish I had a pic.
  11. I'd have to agree with the BD HID light(sol-tech). It's super durable and will hold up well to a hard get off and rock showers. It has a clear plastic cover over the light that is good and you can get a mesh cage that goes with it. We used it 2 years at the 24 hours of Glen Helen and went down a bunch of times at night and its still good.
  12. Hey Woods, I've been following this thread and see that your making a good recovery. I have the same problem with my pattella not moving fluidly through normal motion. Has yours improved any?
  13. Looking for a good knee specialist near N. California(Modesto). Dr. Mark is a little out of my range, but I'd like to find someone that thinks the same as him. Anyone had any good results?
  14. Dang!! I get yelled at when I park mine next to the tv.
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