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  1. I wasn't aware of the 3/4 oz per hour figure. I do oil changes around 5 hours so that would be about 100ml or so. Which seems in line with my experience now. I've put 2.5 more hours on the bike since my last post. The blowby seems to be less each ride. I am still getting a very small amount of steam from the crankcase breather when the engine is warm. I have been letting the bike warm up without touching the throttle for about 2 mins, when doing this there is no smoke out the exhaust, when I finally do touch the throttle there is a small puff and the that's it for the day as far as smoke from the exhaust. I'm optimistic that the rings are just seating slowly. Seems to be improving enough that I dont feel the need to tear it down again yet. Yea I was surprised on he vague ring gap tolerances too from ktm and Vertex. On my 2 strokes it always had to be very exact. Thanks again for the input
  2. No the bike was not burning oil before. Blow by from the non seated rings seems the most plausible. But trying to eliminate everything else. I dont recall the exact ring end gap, I just made sure it was within the accepted tolerances.... Thanks for the help on this Update, out riding today, when I don't blip the throttle on warm up there is no smoke so that's good. After letting it warm up for 2-3 minutes I give it a little. Blip and there is a small puff of smoke on the first blip only. Steam/smoke from the breather tube seems to be reducing. I'm wondering what the symptoms are Of a bad valve seal? I'm curious as that's the only thing I didn't do myself and I hate relying on other folks. Is it possible that a little pool of oil is gathering past the valve seal and that's why I get a puff of smoke on my. First blip?
  3. No the bike was not burning oil before. Blow by from the non seated rings seems the most plausible. But trying to eliminate everything else. I dont recall the exact ring end gap, I just made sure it was within the accepted tolerances.... Thanks for the help on this
  4. Yes basically OEM, I did Vertex piston and rings, Athena gaskets and valve seals, dirt tricks cam chain tensioner and oem cam chain. Yea my thought atrhis point is to run it another 3-5 hours and see if the rings will seat. If not, then tear it down as you suggested and use break in oil, reclean the cylinder and all that obviously. If it does come to that would I need to buy new rings? Or just clean everything and try again with different oil? I want to eliminate the valve seals and oil expander ring as culprits, trying to get info on the symptoms of those parts failing so I can eliminate everything but the rings.
  5. Thanks, lots of good info! Still trying to diagnose my original issue though, if I have one..
  6. That's exactly what I did, no oil on the cylinder wall and first run after bike is totally warm is an engine breaking run. Worked great on my last bike.
  7. The dry method is to aid in seating the rings, which is still what I think my problem likely is. So I'm asking what do I do now? Just keeping running synthetic and wait another 5 hours or so to see if they seat? What are the symptoms of leaky valve seals and of an oil expander ring that slightly overlapping? I changed the oil at 5 hours and there wasn't anything shocking as far as metal shavings. I pulled the oil strainer under the coutnershaft sprocket as well. Nothing alarming anywhere.
  8. Thanks for the response. I meant the crankcase breather tube. I understand this is normal as the rings seat, but last time it went away after 2-3 hours. I'm at 5 hours now and a small amount of oil consumption so I'm a little concerned. Could it be rings not seating because of the 10w50 synthetic oil? If so how do I fix that? Just give it more time? And yes the puff of smoke is coming out the muffler if I give it up a good blip while warming up.
  9. Hi all, I recently rebuilt the top end on my 2017 350 sxf. Piston, rings, gaskets, timing chain, timing chain tensioner and valve seals. I did the dry assembly method, I have put 5 hours on the bike now. After about 4 hours I had to add I'd say 100-150ml of oil. On start up I get a little puff of smoke, which goes away as the bike gets warm. Also Once it's up to operating temp, I get a small amount of steam/smoke out of the breather tube. It is a very small but steady stream. This happened with my last 4 stroke top end too, but it went away after about 2-3 motor hours (that time I did use break in oil) I did not use break in oil regrettably, I ran the cross power 10w50 per normal. I'm a little concerned about the oil consumption and the breather tube steam/smoke. I figure it could be one of 3 things. 1. Rings aren't seated yet, lack of break in oil could cause this. 2. Leaky valve seals (this is the only part I had the shop do, I did the rest myself) 3. Oil expander ring got overlapped on installation? Any insight would be helpful, thanks!
  10. Hi all, I've had both an 06 YZ125 and a 2014 yz250f and both of them had the shift stopper issue which I replaced on both. I'm about to pick up a 2007 yz250f for my wife and I can't find anything through my search to see if that shift stopper part needs to be replaced as well. Thanks in advance!
  11. The gas tank test worked, so I have ordered a fuel pump, thanks so much for the help on how to isolate the issue
  12. Beautiful, I have another KTM in my garage Will try this tonight.
  13. Thanks, is there a way to verify this without just throwing money at parts?