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  1. The gas tank test worked, so I have ordered a fuel pump, thanks so much for the help on how to isolate the issue
  2. Beautiful, I have another KTM in my garage Will try this tonight.
  3. Thanks, is there a way to verify this without just throwing money at parts?
  4. I should add that I have the JD jetting power surge 6x tuner on there, it has been on the bike for probly 60 hours without issue.
  5. Hi all, I've had my 2015 350sxf for about 1.5 years. Put alot of hours on it. Yesterday I was riding on a track and it just starting cutting out on me, super scary as it did it on jump faces a few times. Seems to happen more at lower throttle setting when I'm about to get on the gas hard from not having the gas on at all. I have replaced the inline fuel filter and the fuel filter inside the gas tank. Everything else is mechanically sound. I need help troubleshooting which component to look at... Would it be TPS perhaps? It does seem to be throttle position dependent... Clogged injector? Bad fuel pump? Whats my best method for troubleshooting and eliminating possibilities? I'm a good wrench, but not experienced with electrical components so any advice is appreciated! Thank you!!!!!
  6. Put on the galfer steel braided line and new DP pads. Brakes are incredible now. Not sure which part contributed more to the significant improvement, but don't really care haha. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I will order some fresh pads and a steel braided line tomorrow. Definitely no air in the line, I reverse bled it. The brake lever has feel, it just doesn't stop the bike very well at all.
  8. Yea? Does your 230 front brakes work decent? I haven't tried pads yet, didn't want to keep buying parts if it was a loosing battle. I did try another set of used pads, I bought a whole spare caliper brake line and mastercylinder circuit and tried throwing that on to see if it made a difference, it did not. I can try deglazing the pads.. So do most peoples front brakes work well on this bike?
  9. Hi, my wife has a 04 Crf230f and the front brakes are horrible. Have tried reverse bleeding the lines, sanding the rotor, lubed the pins on the caliper, rebuilt the master cylinder. It still sucks. Anyone else? Could I just put a crf250 setup on here? Would jsut need a mounting bracket I assume? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  10. Update this is solved now I do have just as much play as I did with my Yamahas. I think the clutch was definitely worn so I replaced the plates which helped but I had to put the stock lever back on to get enough throw to get the play where I like it. The aftermarket lever didn't have enough adjustment to make the pull long enough
  11. Actually I may be wrong about that, is that spring inside of that gasket on the slave manifold? It's what pushed it back out right? That's in there then... Hmm.. Not sure what else to check
  12. I'm. I'm missing #86 on the bottom right. That goes in-between the slave and the case right? I don't have that spring
  13. I still don't feel convinced that this thing is fully disengaging. With the bike on and the lever pulled all the way to the grip it will stay put l, but I can tell that it wants to Lurch forward and as soon as it even comes a millimeter off the grip it starts going. I also put the bike on the stand and turned it on and put it in gear. With it on the stand running in gear and the clutch fully pulled in the wheel still spins almost at the same speed as when the clutch is let out. For comparison I did this with my girlfriends CRF230 and hers when I put it on the stand put it in gear and pull the clutch in the wheel comes to a dead stop and then it barely tries to creep forward. Where as mine with the clutch in is still spinning quite quickly. Anything else I can check to make sure this thing is fully disengaging?
  14. I wouldn't think one could overfill it, as the excess would just squish out as the cap goes on.
  15. Ok that sounds normal then?