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  1. Update this is solved now I do have just as much play as I did with my Yamahas. I think the clutch was definitely worn so I replaced the plates which helped but I had to put the stock lever back on to get enough throw to get the play where I like it. The aftermarket lever didn't have enough adjustment to make the pull long enough
  2. Actually I may be wrong about that, is that spring inside of that gasket on the slave manifold? It's what pushed it back out right? That's in there then... Hmm.. Not sure what else to check
  3. I'm. I'm missing #86 on the bottom right. That goes in-between the slave and the case right? I don't have that spring
  4. I still don't feel convinced that this thing is fully disengaging. With the bike on and the lever pulled all the way to the grip it will stay put l, but I can tell that it wants to Lurch forward and as soon as it even comes a millimeter off the grip it starts going. I also put the bike on the stand and turned it on and put it in gear. With it on the stand running in gear and the clutch fully pulled in the wheel still spins almost at the same speed as when the clutch is let out. For comparison I did this with my girlfriends CRF230 and hers when I put it on the stand put it in gear and pull the clutch in the wheel comes to a dead stop and then it barely tries to creep forward. Where as mine with the clutch in is still spinning quite quickly. Anything else I can check to make sure this thing is fully disengaging?
  5. I wouldn't think one could overfill it, as the excess would just squish out as the cap goes on.
  6. Hi TT, I recently picked up a a used '15 350sxf. Prior to use I've been on various yz250f' for years. So an issue I'm have is that the clutch grabs right off the bar, there is almost no "play" at the lever. I tried reverse bleeding the clutch and also unscrewed the master cylinder and pumped it by hand to get the air bubbles out. I also installed new friction and steel plates. The feel at the lever seems good, it has the ARC levers on it, so I tried making the lever a little longer/further away from the bar. That seem to help a little, but it seems crazy that I can't a similar amount of play as my Yamahas. Is that just how the hydraulic clutches are? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  7. Hey TT, So I'm trying to repack the stock muffler on my 14 yz250f (thankful that they finally went to Allen screws instead of rivets) but I'm having a hell of a time getting this pillow in because of the massive indent that's in the side of the stock muffler (for rear wheel clearance I'm assuming) Anyone have success with this? I feel like I'd have to remove half of the pillow packing to get this thing back in!
  8. yes its 98 ft lbs. or you can do 60 and have it come off lol
  9. I just ordered an 05 airboot from ebay, much cheaper then the aftermarket one, thanks for the advice!
  10. Yea I have the stocker on my 2010 now, so I could pull it and compare them, the shape looks very similar but it looks like maybe the midpipe is shorter on the fmf. This is just from looking at it without removing the stocker. I should remove it and inspect it closer
  11. best indicator of wear is the paint of the sides of both the clutch cover and stator cover on the opposite side. I always wiggle the wheels side to side to check bearings, look for chain/sprocket life, steering head should move freely, no leaking fork seals, and make him take the seat off to inspect the airbox. Thats a great year for these bikes and super reliable if well maintined.
  12. As the title says I'm getting very conflicting information depending on where I look. Trying to determine if a fmf megabomb header from a 2008 yz250f will fit on a 2010 yz250f? Part numbers are different and fmf says no, but they also told me my powercore 4 would fit and it fits perfectly, so I don't trust their input as they are trying to sell more product. As I look through megabomb headers for sale online some say fits 06-09 and others say fits 06-13 Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  13. That's great, are you talking about the header or the muffler? I already fitted the muffler no problem, didn't even try the header because the bend at the exhaust port of the motor looks quite different than the 08