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  1. mikedawg

    CRG levers or Pazzo levers

    get the zeta's... i love mine! langston racing or wheeling cycle supply will carry them. -Mike
  2. mikedawg

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Richie where did you get the number plate stickers on the side panels?? Looks nice
  3. mikedawg

    Buell headlights installed.

    looks killer!
  4. mikedawg

    39mm fcr carb.. good deal??

    So the carbs from 07 YFZ450's and WR450's should be steered away from then?
  5. mikedawg

    Quick question about Keihin FCR...

    PM sent Justin
  6. mikedawg

    Oil puddling up on rear shock

    I had some red oil stuff on the ground under my rear shock area and it ended up being the filter oil off my new K&N filter dripping out of the bottom of the airbox and onto the ground. lol
  7. mikedawg

    New Graphics !!

    ooohhhhh... Can't wait to peep the yellow!
  8. mikedawg

    Never give up looking.

    Nice and congrats! Hopefully someone gets busted.
  9. mikedawg

    Never give up looking.

    Yes I'd like to hear what you did/said to the guy
  10. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    whats up with that dyno Burned?
  11. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    Yeah im pretty sure your dyno graph is too high for some reason. If they told you the FCR was not worth it they probably do not know what they are doing...
  12. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    hey now that little baby mini horse on the Rob and Big show is pretty fast!
  13. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    ohh SWEET my bike must be up around 50 then with my full muzy/3x3/JD/K&N...
  14. OK we just put it back to stock with the stock 15 rubber dampened gear and with the correct chain adjustment the bike seemed fine! Wow I feel poretty dumb for stressing so hard when it was pretty much the chain being too loose. Thanks for all of your help with this issue I was having!