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  1. get the zeta's... i love mine! langston racing or wheeling cycle supply will carry them. -Mike
  2. Richie where did you get the number plate stickers on the side panels?? Looks nice
  3. So the carbs from 07 YFZ450's and WR450's should be steered away from then?
  4. I had some red oil stuff on the ground under my rear shock area and it ended up being the filter oil off my new K&N filter dripping out of the bottom of the airbox and onto the ground. lol
  5. ooohhhhh... Can't wait to peep the yellow!
  6. Nice and congrats! Hopefully someone gets busted.
  7. Yes I'd like to hear what you did/said to the guy
  8. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    whats up with that dyno Burned?
  9. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    Yeah im pretty sure your dyno graph is too high for some reason. If they told you the FCR was not worth it they probably do not know what they are doing...
  10. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    hey now that little baby mini horse on the Rob and Big show is pretty fast!
  11. mikedawg

    My DRZ Mods

    ohh SWEET my bike must be up around 50 then with my full muzy/3x3/JD/K&N...
  12. OK we just put it back to stock with the stock 15 rubber dampened gear and with the correct chain adjustment the bike seemed fine! Wow I feel poretty dumb for stressing so hard when it was pretty much the chain being too loose. Thanks for all of your help with this issue I was having!
  13. Thats the plan right now... the bike is sitting with no sprocket on at the moment. Tomorrow I am going to put the stock sprocket back on and make sure the chain is adjusted correctly and see what happens.
  14. Thanks for all the help guys! We had the bike in nuetral and I was on the rear brake when my dad removed the nut with the (air) impact gun. I can see how too much chain slack combined with the non rubber dampened sprocket could seem very different than the stock setup and perhaps thats part of the issue. Is there such a thing as a 14t rubber dampened sprocket similar to the stock SM 15t? There is still the problem with it being hard to shift. I think a good analogy would be that its like having a car with an automatic transmission and you a revving it a little while in neutral and you pop it into Drive. You will get a clunk and the car will jerk a little. The bike Definetly DID NOT shift like this before. I rode it a total of about 30 feet before I knew there was an issue. Went down the block and turned around because I knew I had a problem.
  15. Noble, Thank you for the awesome response Well lets see... By clunk i mean a harsh sounding shift with a jerking action that tugs the chain a bit. A lot of effort is required to make the shifts and a few times going from N to 1st required me to press down on the shifter 5 or 6 times. A couple of times there was a grinding action almost like when you shift a manual car without enough clutch... When in neutral the rear tire spins ever so slightly and you can easily stop it with your hand. Pretty much the same in 1st gear with the clutch pulled in. The sprocket will turn freely with NO bind in neutral. The sprocket is on correctly with the raised side towards the engine (we checked that when we removed it to see what was wrong) You may be right on the chain slack. I had a feeling that it was too much and that is what it felt like when riding the bike. Like the chain was jerking me around a little. By loaded 1/2 way down you mean half the travel used up? I just went out into the garage to double check the play in the shift lever. You are correct it was about a 16th of an inch and the retaining clip was there. I guess thats ok then.
  16. So yesterday my dad and I installed a new pro taper 14t front sprocket on my 07 SM. The install went smoothly but we got done late so I did not get a chance to test ride it. Today after I get home I hop on, warm er up and roll out of the garage out onto the street. AS I first go from nuetral to first I notice that it clunks into gear a little harsh. Never really did that too much before but whatever... it happens. So I take off from 1st and as I shift to 2nd the same thing KLUNK. Also the bike feels like its almost surging and it is not smooth at all when getting on and off the gas slightly. Almost as if the chain was super loose but we put it to factory spec after changing the sprocket. So as it is if you have the bike sitting there in neutral and try to go into 1st gear you get the clunk. All the shifts are not smooth. We removed the pro taper sprocket and reinstalled it again and still the same issues. The sprocket shouldn't have anything to do with the shift from N to 1st at a stand still though. Some notes about the initial install... my dad removed the nut with an impact gun so maybe it was not very tight. Also we did torque it to the specified 80ft/lbs when installing the new gear. The bike has 450 miles on it and at this point I guess im going to have to tow it to the dealer. The oil was changed 100 miles ago. There didn't seem to be any issues before we changed the sprocket. Pro taper lists the sprocket as 00-06 Drz400... Oh Also I have the TT case guards and I noticed that my shift lever is scraping on the cover a little. You can move the entire lever in and out (from left to right if you are sitting on the bike) a little over 1/8 inch... is this a problem? Any Ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike
  17. mortifier does I believe and I live in Pinole about 20 min from S.F.
  18. same here I used 3 that I bought from Orchard supply and one that came with the exhaust system...
  19. Thats one of the reasons I got a yellow one. :/
  20. I think bought the bike in Marin which is not far from San Francicso.
  21. Get the edge 1, it DOES have led's for the plate
  22. I have a full muzzy and am very happy with it
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