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  1. Rut Row

    DC Plastic Tall Seat

    how comfortable is that? Love the height
  2. Rut Row

    2018 X-Trainer?

    saw a rumor that the 250 XT would be offered in the US in '18
  3. Rut Row

    2T Fuel Injection 2019?

    hows you how up to date I am.
  4. Rut Row

    2T Fuel Injection 2019?

    I'm planning on buying a Beta XT late 2018. If they did go to EFI, I'd wait to get one. If KTM adds oil injection, I could go either way.
  5. Rut Row

    X-Trainer Fuel Mileage

    I'm in the market for next year and it would be a 390 or smaller
  6. Rut Row

    X-Trainer Fuel Mileage

    that or a Beta 250RR. Also like the Beta 390.
  7. Rut Row

    X-Trainer Fuel Mileage

    hello DAMN Rider - you know me as Rut Row
  8. Rut Row

    X-Trainer Fuel Mileage

    what have you done to your Xtrainer to get ready for this trip? I'm looking hard at one myself.
  9. closest I can come right now. Hope to be buying another dirt bike next year.
  10. The new St John's Rock ORV trails are open. See http://dnr.maryland.gov/forests/Pages/orv/home.aspx Cost is $9. Not real tight but not for beginners either. Pretty rocky but flows nicely. All trails at 2-way.
  11. but there are advantages--I'm 6'5". My custom Renazco seat makes the overall seat height 39" and very, very few people ask to borrow it! No boneheads wrecking my bike
  12. Rut Row

    Maryland and your Right to Ride

    Wind O'Neil of the MX Council is doing a fabulous job on the DNR stakeholders group representing the MX riders. As the WATR and DAMN Riders representative, I (along with Mike Twigg of Twigg Cycles and Randy Beeman of Western MD Trail Riders) are pushing for much larger riding areas--the Hatfield/McCoy type of areas. Although we are all pushing for more riding, we are not all focused on the same type of riding as a goal. I like and support Wind but I encourage you to join a club or association affiliated with your type of riding. Your (and our) voice is much stronger that way.
  13. Rut Row

    What footpegs?

    pivot pegz - love 'em!
  14. that's good enough for me! I'll put on on this winter.
  15. Aqualine Safari Fuel Tank for KTM EXC 15L/3.9Gal --who has one? I'm about to ditch my Baja Designs side panel tank and get a 13L tank for my '07 EXC. My Baja tank rubs the tire on full compression and is wearing through - and yes, I've tried to adjust it out to avoid that. Is all the gas available or does any pool in a low point on the right side?