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  1. XRMarc

    90's XR250L

    Only made from 91 to 96. Very hard to find. Took me 4 months and you gotta have the cash in your pocket.
  2. XRMarc

    xr 250 electric start?

    I'll buy one.
  3. XRMarc

    Can I use this oil?

    Canada's Motorcycle is great for BC dudes since you only pay 5% tax and free shipping. I bought a Kenda K270 there and boots, pants, etc... Canadian Tire 20w50 moto oil or Mobil 1 15w50 is good for a BC XR250L.
  4. XRMarc

    xr 250 electric start?

    After a drop (and trust me I am a pro at it lately), leave it down, turn the fuel off and let the carb drain. After it stops peeing, pick it up and it will start in 3 kicks. Then turn the fuel back on.
  5. XRMarc

    89 honda xr250r oil issues

    I put an ounce of Seafoam in my crankcase and I swear I am using less oil now. I must have had dirty lifters or something.
  6. XRMarc

    Rear Tire - XCMH vs Trakmaster II?

    Front: IRC TR8 Battle Rally. Great on highway and in sand. Gonna last forever. Rear: Kenda K270. Thinking Kenda K772 Parker DT next. I hear the Kenda K760 wears too fast.
  7. XRMarc

    Rear Tire - XCMH vs Trakmaster II?

    Do you have a rim lock on the rear?
  8. XRMarc

    Motorcycle Parts Sources

    For Canada, Canada's Motorcycle. Free shipping over $69 and only 5% tax if you live outside Quebec. Good tire prices.
  9. I just got a new fuel screw set and my bike is purring like a kitten. Before, the idle was erratic etc.
  10. XRMarc

    06 xr250L parts

    This thread might help. I road the e-start XR and Baja in Cambodia. The Asian ones: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1079675-xr250v/
  11. XRMarc


    They are made from old left over parts from the Honda factories. At least the ones in South East Asia are.
  12. XRMarc

    Very nice 250L

    worth every penny
  13. XRMarc

    86 xr250 spitts and stalls at low rpm's

    Part #7: http://www.excelhondamotoparts.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=2487656&category=Motorcycles&make=Honda&year=1986&fveh=131778
  14. XRMarc

    86 xr250 spitts and stalls at low rpm's

    Did you adjust the pilot screw?
  15. Anyone know how much oil is needed to go from the bottom to the top of the dipstick in a wet sump XR250L?