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  1. DethWshBkr_

    Does "Daniel" know what blue groove is?

    He certainly doesn't describe it well!
  2. DethWshBkr_

    Anaheim 1 Shocker

    Biggest shocker? Shaheen said James Stewart had retired from competition!
  3. DethWshBkr_


    Hey, if you can back up the "fastest man on the planet" statement, why not? This is a legitimate dissemination of the phrase. I heard it stated once before for some odd reason....
  4. DethWshBkr_

    Tiger vs Dungey/RV/JS7

    Who would be the biggest draw for SX/MX? The Cheeseburglar, or Pastrami.
  5. DethWshBkr_

    Jason Anderson - 2018 AMA 450 SX champion

    Dungey would come back and still take the title.
  6. DethWshBkr_

    DIY Coolant heated handle bars

    I'd be concerned about patent infringement at this point, seeing it has been done, but very, very, very, very nice!! As a prototype setup, pheomenal! I would agree using a custom bark buster type setup that flows bar end to bar end would be a better design, but still, the only thing I'm jealous about is that I hadn't ever considered it!
  7. DethWshBkr_

    Did you hear what Cheeseburger said about Dungey?

    Carmichael has said in the past SO many times, that he knew Dungey would be a multi time champion. RC has never (to my knowledge) said anything other than very, very positive things to say about Dungey.
  8. DethWshBkr_

    Restrictor plate racing

    Tracks need options to promote racing and difference in lines. You hear "you gotta get the start". "This track was one lined" WHY???? Why is a track one lined, to where everyone pretty much does the exact same thing. You can only go so fast over massive jumps. Too fast, you overjump, which means it's a hospital trip from the next set of jumps. Too slow, you case it and it's a hospital trip as well. I do NOT understand why expert track builders cannot come up with a track that allows more line options (this does not mean a 2 different rhythm section timings and thats it). It's all do or die. One mistake from anyone, and the whole ball of wax comes undone, and thats the race.
  9. DethWshBkr_

    RedBalls KTM's premier rider

    He's subliminally showing how much p---- he got that week..... 3 "cats"
  10. DethWshBkr_

    Got Holeshot?

  11. DethWshBkr_

    Are we hearing a different Kenny?

    Last year, he came in FULL of confidence in himself, trying to mentally wreck the others. That is an important part of racing but he took it so far, that he HAD TO WIN EVERYTHING to cash them. He was served a big fat steaming slice of humble pie. I think that may have put the genuine knowledge of vulnerability in him, and he's not willing to be the cocky SOB anymore. Dungey AGAIN proved himself to be the king of "we'll see whos on top at the end, when it matters" Roczen is no fool. He's a world champion rider that blew it, and I think he's taking a page out of the Dungey book now.
  12. DethWshBkr_

    I wonder if Dungey is kicking him self lol.

    If he did run the rest of the season - he would HAVE to have an asterisk in it. *Started season 3 races late and still wins title
  13. DethWshBkr_

    I wonder if Dungey is kicking him self lol.

    Again though, look at injuries and overall consistency. ASTONISHING what Dungey was able to achieve. Fast, healthy, and ALWAYS there. That is truly more impressive than just "being fast".
  14. DethWshBkr_

    Injury updates

    Dungey should come out of retirement and still have the red plate by round 4.