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  1. USED YZ426F

    1985 Maico M-Star 500cc

    What is it worth? To the average trail rider, not a whole lot. To the average dealer, probably even less. To a vintage MXer, it might be worth something. To a guy who always wanted one back in the day, it may be worth even more. BUT........While it is a fairly rare bike, it is not an overly desirable bike. Maico was one of the heavy hitters back in the day when European bikes were the class of motocross. But that time was back in the '60s-'70s. By the mid-70s, the European bikes were falling behind the Japanese makes when it came to performance and innovation. By the early '80s, the European bikes were mostly an after thought when it came to choosing a new MXer. Maico was one of the very last European makes that could compete with the Japanese bikes in the early '80s. By the time your bike was made, Maico was a complete afterthought and they had gone through an ugly bankruptcy and reorganization, which among other things necessitated the name change to M-Star. Maico had tons of problems back then, their design and build quality were below average - even for the time. There were tons of known design flaws that require reworking (notably some rear suspensions were assembled wrong from the factory) to get the bike to work as intended. OEM parts are non-existent for it these days, and about the only place you might find repair parts is eBay. With luck, you will find a Maico fanatic who just has to have it. That will be your best chance at getting more than a couple hundred from it as it sits. Just about anyone else buying it will max out at $400-500 bucks. A dealer would probably only offer you $100-200. You will find a lot more interest in the old BSA. There are entire clubs out there catering to old British bikes, and they are pretty easy to locate. Someone will definitely want to get the BSA into their garage. Maico
  2. USED YZ426F

    hydraulic clutch for a yamaha WR500/ YZ490

    You can also try removing the clutch cable and giving it a thorough cleaning and fresh lube. That has always been the first this I try when a clutch pull feels stiff.
  3. USED YZ426F

    Can't find seat phone for my IT

    If your seat cover is still usable, you can take the seat pan and cover to any auto/marine upholstery shop and they can create a new piece of foam. Price can vary widely, so definitely shop around.
  4. USED YZ426F

    I finally have something worth sharing.

    I had an '84 IT490L that I bought new off the showroom floor in 1986. Loved that bike. Wife made me sell it in 1996, and I regretted it before the new owner was out of sight. Spent nearly ten years off bikes and then got back into the sport. Wanted another IT490 and searched for a good prospect for 3-4 years before I found this one literally hanging in the rafters of a shop about a 7 hours drive from me. Seller assured me that it ran and was complete. He couldn't get it started when I showed up, and while complete it looked pretty whipped. Got it for $350, brought it home and the saga began. I could have had it up and running within a few days at most, but I wanted to take my time and make it look like it would have when it was new. I learned several new skills during this project like lacing wheels and cleaning and lubing control cables (the cables were originally all cruded up and nearly impossible to move) - yes the front brake and clutch cables are original to the bike, found a NOS throttle cable. It was a labor of love and if I didn't care so much about keeping it as original as possible, I could have done everything in a matter of a couple months. But finding NOS parts for any bike that is 30 years old will be a time consuming project no matter what.
  5. USED YZ426F

    My 1983 Yamaha IT490K

    I tore it all the way down and did a complete inspection of the top end, clutch, and all the bearings. Everything looked really, really good. The jug measured as 87.5mm (which would be first over-bore) and didn't show any wear at all. No glazing, no carbon, no scoring, and the cross hatching looked like it was done last week. It had a cast piston, that looked like a genuine Yamaha part, so I left well enough alone. Replaced all the seals, buttoned the whole engine back up and stuffed it back into the frame. When I do bore it and replace the piston sometime down the road, I will send the whole rotating assembly off to be reworked and balanced. I did that with my '89 YZ490 and the engine vibrations were night and day difference. But for now, I don't feel the need to create additional work and I can enjoy the bike as is for a few seasons.
  6. USED YZ426F

    My 1983 Yamaha IT490K

    For those who wanted to hear it run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mbYOq_4uac&feature=youtu.be
  7. USED YZ426F

    I finally have something worth sharing.

    Well, you wanted to hear it run. So hear it run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mbYOq_4uac&feature=youtu.be
  8. USED YZ426F

    I finally have something worth sharing.

    It does run. I will get a clip up soon of it warming up.
  9. USED YZ426F

    My 1983 Yamaha IT490K

    Finally got my 1983 Yamaha IT490K to the point in the restoration that I can roll it out into the sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKrwWydJBnM
  10. After more than four long years of blood, sweat, and searching eBay, Big Blue is finally ready to see the light of day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKrwWydJBnM
  11. USED YZ426F

    YZ450FX Valve Adjustment Interval and Technique

    Try asking over in the 4 stroke forum. This area is for 2 stroke discussions.
  12. USED YZ426F

    Anyone in Wa. Ever Title an Untitled Bike?

    I would call the DOL or a local licensing agent first. There are procedures for what you want to do, but I do not know all of them. Since it is an older ORV, you may be able to get by with a "Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest" form signed by the current owner. Not sure if you can use that form for an out of state vehicle, but the local DOL or licensing agent would be able to tell you for certain. Also, are you sure that the bike isn't stolen? I'm not going to imply anything, but folk selling bikes without a title or other ownership documents are always a red flag to me.
  13. USED YZ426F

    Cracked frame Wr250r. Now what?

    A good welder/machinist will be able to fix that for you, no problem. As others have mentioned, ask around your local fabrication shops and if they ask you to strip the frame down, do it. Aluminum is a rather porous metal, and don't be surprised if the repair requires them to grind out a pretty large area around the metal, and build it all back up with filler to complete the repair. If done correctly, it will be just as strong as the original frame.
  14. USED YZ426F

    2008 wr250r Radiator

    Have you checked around to see if there is a radiator repair shop in your area? We have one that we send out heavy equipment radiators to at work, and they will fix any metal radiator. Heavy equipment, car, truck, boat, motorcycle. You name it, if it is a metal radiator they will repair it.
  15. USED YZ426F

    2001 yamaha yz250wr 2 stroke

    Try over in the 2 stroke section. All of the WR250s in here are 4 stroke dual purpose bikes. Absolutely nothing in common with your bike.