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  1. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    bob, the needle alone makes a noticeable difference.. do a search for the thread and you will find more than enough to help you out. james
  2. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    Gotta, LOL!!! if i didn't just start a new job after looking for 8 months, i'd be there! oh, and CONGRATS on the new one coming!!!!!! the epoxy should work fine, as long as it is fuel resistant. keep us informed on what happens! james
  3. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    desto, if you and i are speaking about the same thing as far as where the air is coming from... ... if air is leaking in by the carb body and bell that would not be a good thing(like having a hole in your soda straw, you could get the soda, but would have to suck a lot harder ) in front of it from around the boot would probably not be as bad but still undesirable. i would have to see/hear/ride the bike myself to really make a diagnosis, so this is all guessing on my part. what i do know for sure is that the notches to hold the plate in place should be on the air filter side, with the rubber boot going around them.
  4. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    Big Desto.. the air lead would make the carb bell less effecient since it will try to suck air from the leak and not through the bell.. as far as fuel touching the seal, you are right, shouldn't happen, but you never know...
  5. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    i have a bought and paid for power now as well.. and yes, the little oval hole at the bottom of the bell is closed off on the bell he makes, but that should not make a difference.. i think that, since you have the plate in the wrong way, that it is not sealing tight against the carb and that is creating your problem. i hope you get it figured out..
  6. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    i just re read what you wrote.... the notches that hold the plate in place should NOT be on the o ring side.. they are on the side that the rubber boot from the air box clamps around.. if you cut the o ring side i can see why you might have some trouble regardless if you touched the o ring or not..... the plate should be T shaped.. the top of the T should be on the side closest to the AIR FILTER not the slide.... i would remove the plate you have, make a new one with the notch on the air filter side and use some high temp silicone to fix the notches you made on the o ring side.... good luck with it... james
  7. jmiakaike

    Doesn't work!!!

    David, and don't forget to tell them that blue beast (steve) has done all the mods he mentioned,... lol still chuckling about this post....
  8. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    Gottaroost, i would really suggest the BK/GB mod... it isn't necessarily for stalling, it will limit the duration the pump 'squirts' fuel into the engine. i would pull the plate, do the GB mod, then see what happens, then put the plate back in and you should be pleasantly surprised. James David. quite welcome, thanks for the work on the .pdf file.
  9. jmiakaike

    Asterisk Knee Protection -- $500 total

    well, forget the other stories.. i want the $380 story.. how did you work that? used? sponsored? ya gotta tell us...please!
  10. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    Maniac Right on! good job on the races too!
  11. the head on my bike... and after this pipe thing, my head on the wall as well.. or maybe a hammer ....
  12. Chase... thanks..i think..lol my next step is withcraft... not going to worry about it for now.. i have to send my head in anyway... maybe i'll get motivated later this week...
  13. jmiakaike


    well.. i did have one , but the government took it... something about national defense, how if it got into the wrong hands, and the people aren't ready for it... i can't remember how or even where to start, they did something to my mind cuz now i like rosie o'donnell too!
  14. jmiakaike

    Free POWER NOW???

    man.. i feel like the father of new baby... lmao! seriously, glad you got to do it and feel the difference... another convert! wooo hoooo... and again, MANY THANKS TO YAMAHA.DUDE for all the work in creating the pdf file.
  15. jmiakaike

    Why would anybody do this?

    Dave, good job, nice pics! and i still like your garage! i am curious, did you buy all the 450 parts from the same guy? did you think about fitting the 426 engine into the 450 frame? just curious... if there was something that would not allow that and that is why you chose this method.. thanks!