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  1. JackAttack

    Need Big Tank 2006 CRF450X

    Message sent.
  2. JackAttack

    Need Big Tank 2006 CRF450X

    I need a 150 mile range tank for an upcoming Baja ride. My 3.2 IMS is not going to cut it. Anybody have one sitting around that they want to unload for a good price. Maybe rent it to me for a case of beer. I am currently in Tahoe/Reno area and need it first week in March. Thanks.
  3. JackAttack

    Honda HP Trans on motor side

    Thanks for the replies. I decided to drain it and replace with proper motor oil. I have been running Mobil Delvac in my bikes for a few years now. Honda HP trans is on sale for $7 a liter right now at Rocky Mountain, so it was not such a waste of $$$.
  4. JackAttack

    Honda HP Trans on motor side

    Not paying attention, I filled my motor side with HP Trans 80/85w oil. Should I drain it, or just run it till my next change? Seems like it should be fine just for play riding.
  5. JackAttack

    CFC Engine Armor

    Ordering my 4th clutch cover today! I made a pass at a bottleneck on loop 3 of the Tecate Enduro where I probably should not have. Snapped of my rear brake pedal head, blew off my CFC clutch cover protector and punched a hole in the clutch cover. I did not even know it happened until I tried the rear brake down the trail. Patched it with Qwick Steel trailside and finished after only 15 minutes of down time.
  6. JackAttack

    Swingarm play

    Top shock bolt bearing got loose on mine. I originally thought it was the swing arm. Take seat off and hold your fingers around the top shock mount to feel for slight play while moving swing up and down.
  7. JackAttack

    Update on new 2016 CRF450x

    That first sentence made me laugh. Which probably means that it was too harsh. Dude is excited about his new bike, give him a break.
  8. JackAttack

    Rode the 450X in my first Enduro yesterday

    If you had that much fun on your first race, it only gets better. Bikes don't win the C-class, riders do. Keep logging the miles and you will win the class no matter how much money or changes you throw at your bike. 450X does not need a stabilizer for tight enduros, don't waste your money. It is already a super stable bike at low speed. If you were racing high speed desert or were a 110 lb teenage girl I would say get one. It is not needed for this bike. Suspension mods are definitely an advantage in racing. However, you probably only need to set the sag with proper springs until you get better. By the time you enter the B class you will hopefully have the knowledge to give the proper feedback to a suspension tuner to get the bike to act the way that fits your style. Riding other guys bikes will also help along the way. Racing costs a lot more money than trail riding, so you need to save it where you can. You are going to need a different bike in the A class, so don't waste all your money on this bike. My 2 cents...spend it wisely.
  9. JackAttack

    ISDE Giacomo Redondi

    There is video out there of him holding that bike wide-open, and he is ripping! Reminded me of Caselli.
  10. JackAttack

    ISDE Giacomo Redondi

    This guy is killing it! Lists him as riding a CRF500? Any info on that bike? Red bike beating up on the Orange bikes in an enduro is exciting news!
  11. JackAttack

    Mikes peak hill climb

    Hate to think it, but some of the newer turbo UTV's with mods are all-wheel drive with 200 hp. Lightweight, with low center of gravity. Capable of 100mph+ speeds. They are like little rally cars. The road is not that rough and they may do well.
  12. JackAttack

    Oversize Front Brake Rotor

    I simply bled the brake lines on my bike and replaced the fluid and it made a huge difference. You should save your coins and start with that. I tried the Tusk oversize kit. It was only $100, so I thought it may be worth a try. I did not notice much of a difference. However, I ride mostly slower technical stuff, maybe the higher speed riding would have shown more of a difference.
  13. JackAttack

    3DEC2016 Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro.

    PM sent!
  14. JackAttack

    CFC Engine Armor

    Took a HUGE brake pedal shot off a rock last weekend and my new CFC Clutch protector saved me from buying a 4th clutch cover. If you play in the tight rocky trails it is well worth it. Good product, easy install, fair price.
  15. JackAttack

    Honda back in the game?

    They will be back in the game when this rolls out: :-)