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  1. rodgini

    Cr500AF Build

    I coupled an oversized rotor with a brembo master cylinder off a ktm to stop my 500. serious stopping power
  2. rodgini

    L1 Industries Honda?

  3. rodgini

    Cr500af vs yz325

    I ride my cr500af everywhere. I built it for that purpose. I ride everything from mx to mountain single track. I'm just as fast on it as i was on my yz250 with a 300 kit on it. This required alot of setup and changing my riding style quite bit. Ie ride it like a 4-stroke.The only thing i miss is the yz suspension....that stuff was sweet. I'm also 6'3" 200 lbs which helps when handling the cr500. The must do mods to make it a do it all bike IMO- Flexx bars, suspension re-valve, magura clutch, cr250 ignition system, proper carb setup. with all that being said...this thread is silly. Yes a cr500 will win in a pee-pee measuring contest (see drag race). For most people a big-bore yz250 would be a better do it all bike though.
  4. rodgini

    Smart Carb on my CR500

    oh and i made an fmf q stealth for it as well. no setting changes required with the change in silencers. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1086963-making-an-fmf-q-stealth-for-my-cr500/
  5. rodgini

    Smart Carb on my CR500

    I somewhat recently added a complete ignition system off a 1999 cr250. flywheel, stator, cdi etc. The bike runs even better than ever. Cold starting is no longer a problem. I had it out in below freezing temps last week and it ran great. i just clicked it a few clicks richer. So i've had it from 90+ to below freezing without making any major changes. A total of 6 clicks lean to rich from winter to summer. No real altitude test but went from 0-3500 ft without making any changes. I also changed premix from Klotz to Torco GP-7 with no changes required. Plug still looks perfect. 85 hours and counting on the SC. can you guys argue about 4-strokes elsewhere that was not the point of this thread.
  6. rodgini

    Cr500af vs yz325

    i think you know the answer to your question. I'm no drag racer but i'll pass my buddies who are WFO on 250's ( one eg yz300) like they are standing still. No contest in a straight line. if i can get traction i'll pull hole shots on 250/450's all day. getting on a 250 big bore or not after riding my 500 makes them feel anemic like a 125.
  7. rodgini

    Cr500af vs yz325

    i have had both. what sort of racing?
  8. rodgini

    Blown up CRF450, conversion ideas anyone?

    i did. A properly done cr500af is worth some coin. it's good to know if you do opt to sell your labor of love you'll get top dollar for it.
  9. rodgini

    Blown up CRF450, conversion ideas anyone?

    IMO for the sake of resale whether you go 250 or 500 i'd stay Honda. It will be worth more. you start mixing brands and you'll invest the same money with a lower resale value. Also why take a really great platform like the aluminum framed yz and stuff it in that frame? the idea of doing these conversions is to take a great motor and put it in a modern chassis.
  10. rodgini

    CR500 AF gen3 build!

    save your money on the sh ignition unless you plan to run lights. Bolt on a complete cr250 ignition system and be done. Use the cdi, flywheel, stator, the works. Best mod I have done to my 500. Starts easier and runs so much better.
  11. rodgini

    got a blue bike..

    prepare yourself for some awesome stock suspension. i rode an 08 for years. stuff is great right out of the box.
  12. rodgini

    CR500af build

    how on earth does this dude still sell bikes? if i got a reply like that i'd be in the truck and headed to Ohio to get my money back. If he talked that tough in person i'd fold his ass up like a lawn chair. I had a 5 minute conversation with george prior to doing my build.....that was enough for me. It's not like he's even offering cheap work! He charges top dollar for that crap.
  13. i have a stator plate with a roached stator off an 01. do you still need it?
  14. rodgini

    CR 500 clutch pull

    No sweat man. You can run any brembo master cylinder really. The newer ones don't seem to get spongy like the older ones though. You have too use the brembo banjo bolt as it has a different threads. You can use your Honda brake line though.