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    ice tire studs

    Just get about 500 gold ice screws from royal distribution, they will beat any screws sheet metal screw that you try. in the ice screws have about 5-6 contact points so each one is really like 5 regular nails. not to mention ice screws are really durable. get yourself a 0.5 inch rubber lining for your rear tire and buy the 1 inch screws and they will never come out. for the front 0.5 inch is enough since no power is being applied http://www.royaldistributing.com/main/ http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=941969&highlight=winter
  3. unclewho

    MAN DOWN - Crash - Go Pro

    sucks how delicate we really are
  4. unclewho

    need some advice on what ktm to buy

    I got my 2004 exc 250 for a bill less than that price and i love it, blast to ride. but i heard that the 200s are better bikes for trail riding check it out and ask how many hours it has
  5. unclewho

    Close calls!

    almost bought a cr250 to use as a trail bike, found the 250exc soon after. That was a close call
  6. unclewho

    Bike destroyed at Lorettas!

    for a while it was a woopasaki ya i know bad joke
  7. best explanation hands down:banana: i recently got my first 2 stroke (03KTM250exc) and its way more fun than riding a 4 stroke. Im out on the trails to have fun, not to find an easy way to ride them.
  8. unclewho

    what ratio do you run on your bike?

    I run 100:1 in my 250 exc, Helmut Classen aka KTM doctor swears by it so ill believe him
  9. unclewho


    Just bought a 03 KTM 250exc this week and it came with the revloc with the single disk in the middle of stock basket and the adjuster on the clutch. The thing was really annoyning never let me use the clutch and was engaged slightly during idle. So i put back in the stock clutch till i figure out how to properly adjust the revloc. still have to get used to the explosive power:lol:
  10. unclewho

    Need input on 99 RM250

    I suppose so, above the VIN# had a 1999 date engraved
  11. unclewho

    Need input on 99 RM250

    i mentioned that it has 97 forks on it
  12. unclewho

    Need input on 99 RM250

    Where would you get parts? used from ppl like ebay or brand new?
  13. unclewho

    Need input on 99 RM250

    No idea why, but alot of Canadians will go to the states and buy bikes and resale them here for more money
  14. unclewho

    Need input on 99 RM250

    Bike near me is for sale its a 99 RM250 The Bad The bike needs TLC, with the 97 forks on it, carb needs to be installed the Stator and electricals need to be installed, pipe loose needs springs and bracket screws, the rear brake has no oil, needs new seat, needs new tires (cracks in old ones), needs clutch lever. The Good comes with spare transmission gears, spare carb, spare chain, new piston installed already, All the parts needed for the stator come with it, the bike is clean very little rust on the frame, stock and fmf slip-on, pro circuit pipe, comes with new plastics. Comes with shop manual. The bike used to be assembled and running 2 years ago however it has been used as a parts bike since, hence the missing parts. The guy is asking $900 for the bike and all the parts. Is this at all a good deal? remember that in canada bikes go for about 40% more money. Whats your opinion?