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  1. wood_man

    dr650 @ 120mph

    Must be the turbo charged SE. very rare
  2. wood_man

    Sidecar on a DR?

    Just buy a Ural. You get the side car and 2 wheel drive.
  3. wood_man

    wind shield and seat cover(pics)

    No, he never did. He doesn't use the computer much so I will post what he said. What he didn't like was the way the windshield redirected the air. The windshield caused the air to come up from below the windshield, so there was a strong blast of air that wanted to lift his jacket, go inside his helmet and generally be annoying. He even made some sheetmetal wings that attahed to the fork legs like the cruisers use but they didn't help. He said what helped the most was when he mounted his Wolfman tankbag.
  4. wood_man

    Gone to a new home

    Spur of the moment decision.
  5. wood_man

    Gone to a new home

    I still have my Aprilia Futura.
  6. wood_man

    new 2008 zook Dr650Se reviews

    Check the classifieds, I have one for sale.
  7. wood_man

    Gone to a new home

    Yes I sold the DR650. It was a fun bike but I decided to thin out the toys a little. Thanks to everyone for all the info I gleaned from this forum, one of the friendliest I have been a member of. Check the classifieds, I have my low front fender and customized seat listed there. Later..
  8. wood_man

    DR650 chain guard mounts?

    Mine is broken also. Epoxyed it twice and broke both times. Drilled and pop riveted it and it still broke. So now I just leave the guard off.
  9. wood_man

    The old toothbrush

    Good idea. Now make something to clean that rim.
  10. wood_man

    Got any pics of a Two Brothers M7 on a DR650?

    I hope you like loud pipes!!!
  11. wood_man

    What is the best GPS for a bike?

    Yes, that would be a good choice.
  12. wood_man

    What kinda bike is that?

    The rims and speedo corrector are here. http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/dr650.htm
  13. wood_man


    Have you checked EBC. I have used their HH pads in several bikes and been happy with the performance.
  14. wood_man

    Problem with the DR650 at high speeds

    I did'nt know the DR was capable of high speed.
  15. wood_man

    Tubeless Tire Question, DR650

    I have heard that the beads on a tube tire annd a tubless are different and therefore the rims are different and can't be interchanged, is this true? I will be switching to a street tire soon and am considering the Dunlop 404 since it is a tube street tire.