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  1. Lennie

    Beta needs a 12.5 in and a 16 inch mini

    Beta sell 16" and 20" electric trials bikes in Europe, very similar to oset and about the same price. they also sell a 20xl now which looks awesome, better than an oset. http://www.betamotor.com/en/trial/bikes/minitrial-electric-20-xl-2017
  2. Lennie

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    Depends on what your riding. Standard enduro going no big deal to kick but if your doing extreme then you want a decent starter. I've done romanaics and am riding erzberg this year no way I'm buying a bike with an unreliable starter for events like that. I like gas gas I had a ec before my beta but things have moved on and unreliable side mount starters have no place on bikes now.
  3. Lennie

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    My mates got a new gas gas his ridden it 4 times and the starter motor is already broken, bike great apart from that but no way I would buy a bike with a shit starter.
  4. Lennie

    Beta cross reference?

    Were doing erzberg this year, between myself and my mates we have all sorts of spares between us from our current and previous bikes, was just wondering if there was a cross over lever someone might already have. Spending enough money already! Cheers.
  5. Lennie

    Beta cross reference?

    Does anyone know if there is a rear brake lever / pedal cross over please?
  6. Lennie

    New Beta Alp announced

    They sell them in the UK I have seen them for sale but have never seen one on the trails, if your after that style of bike here the popular models are gas gas pampera or x trainer depending on budget.
  7. I am 175 + gear and get the correct sag numbers with a 5.4 spring. I have a 44 and a 42 in the race cc forks.
  8. Lennie

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    The first film you posted shows Steve Plain talking about the bike, he did my suspension and its great. the bikes like a magic carpet compared to stock, no big changes just set up by someone who knows whats what.
  9. Lennie

    Where are the 125 RR 2 strokes?

    They are here in England, I have seen people racing them, looks really good.
  10. Lennie

    Beta 300rr over heating

    Sounds like your bike has the same problem as mine, fine for 45 hours then started over heating for no reason. I am not sure if I really got to the bottom of the issue with my bike, I think but am not sure. Until the bike gets used in a really tough technical race it will be impossible to tell, I have done some practicing with no more over heating but nothing tests the bike like an actual race. Anyway, the spring in the rad cap was a little loose, you could move it vertically. You can feel when fitting it to the bike it didn't take as much resistance to push it down into the rad as the replacement. If you had nothing to compare it to you would never have noticed but I had a known good cap from another bike and I could tell the difference.
  11. Lennie

    Beta 300rr over heating

    I have had the bike stripped right down and couldn't see any major problems, The bike had a new rad cap along with everything suggested here checked and all the usual stuff I would do after an event. Will have to ride the bike on some tough terrain and see what happens.
  12. Lennie

    Beta 300rr over heating

    Totally agree with what your saying, thing is it wasn't like I did work to the bike and once I had made a change the problem started so could say for example "I changed the rad hoses and now it over heats". The bike was ridden and was fine put away ridden again and a few hours into the next ride started to get hot and the problem has been there ever since. Something happened while the bike was being ridden, a "breakage". Bike will be inspected over the weekend and test ridden, unfortunately its too dark to test ride in the evenings here now anywhere apart from on the road which wont show the problem.
  13. Lennie

    Beta 300rr over heating

    100% it is over heating
  14. Lennie

    Beta 300rr over heating

    Bike will get check over for all the suggestions above, the usual stuff I do and new cap then test ridden at the weekend.
  15. Lennie

    Beta 300rr over heating

    The bike is standard apart from bullet proof rad guards. The bike gets hot and pukes coolant from the over flow.