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  1. I have had the bike stripped right down and couldn't see any major problems, The bike had a new rad cap along with everything suggested here checked and all the usual stuff I would do after an event. Will have to ride the bike on some tough terrain and see what happens.
  2. Totally agree with what your saying, thing is it wasn't like I did work to the bike and once I had made a change the problem started so could say for example "I changed the rad hoses and now it over heats". The bike was ridden and was fine put away ridden again and a few hours into the next ride started to get hot and the problem has been there ever since. Something happened while the bike was being ridden, a "breakage". Bike will be inspected over the weekend and test ridden, unfortunately its too dark to test ride in the evenings here now anywhere apart from on the road which wont show the problem.
  3. 100% it is over heating
  4. Bike will get check over for all the suggestions above, the usual stuff I do and new cap then test ridden at the weekend.
  5. The bike is standard apart from bullet proof rad guards. The bike gets hot and pukes coolant from the over flow.
  6. Here in the UK low octane is 95 and high is 98. We don't have that problem luckily.
  7. Nothing changed on the bike before / after the issue. Bike get used the same all year, same terrain same rider same everything apart from the weather which is currently the coldest it gets here and now its started over heating. It does overheat it is not just the sound. I put KTM o rings in the head and it has not changed at all, still the exact same problem. I will strip the bike again this week check everything inc air leaks, new exhaust o rings, put new rad cap on, check water pump impeller, everything I can think of.
  8. The jetting has been adjusted for winter. There is three of us who ride together on 300rr's the other two bikes are fine mine isn't. There is defiantly a problem its not something simple like jetting.
  9. Hi all, I have a 2017 300rr factory, its got about 50 hours on it, it was fine for about 45 and then started to over heat in technical terrain, it is fine when your going fast. I assumed it was the head o rings as that is well documented so changed them but is has made no difference. The bike has no thermostat. The bike did not have any over heating I have owned it from new ridden it in red hot summer days no problem now its the winter freezing cold and the over heating has started so there is defiantly something "broken". Can anyone suggest any other issues that could cause this? Cheers.
  10. I used a set of Talon wheels that were originally from a 2009 KTM 300exc on my 2017 Beta. Swap the spacers from the beta wheel to the ktm wheel and it fits perfectly.
  11. At my enduro x track, hit the log jump a bit fast! Send it by My Ob, on Flickr Bath time by My Ob, on Flickr
  12. I am 180 + gear, I run a 5.4 on the rear and one 44 and one 42 in the front, This gets me perfect rear sag without the forks being too hard. Does anyone else run mis matched front springs?
  13. I have got a oset for my son, its brilliant because you can ride it anywhere because it makes no noise. If that is an issue then buy one but if its not then I would 100% go petrol.
  14. 9 ah battery, 750w motor. Same as a beta mini trial, ride it like a enduro bike and the battery will be flat on 45 minute's. Shame it hasn't got a decent battery.