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  1. bajataxi

    Where did you ride?

    When is summer over? -it got kind of tropical today.
  2. bajataxi

    Riddler's 'just right' random ride thread of 2018

    Scb is mr black? Dont let him drown your bike
  3. bajataxi

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    Or something.... Riddler doesnt ride. Fun and flowery, classic stuff. Where's my invite and beer? I have enough nicknames.
  4. bajataxi

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    Less tiretracks on the puter is best, just saying.
  5. bajataxi

    The Return of The Spanksgiving

    Is this a noob friendly invite ride?
  6. bajataxi

    What's a schmo to do?

    Good for 10 more pages
  7. bajataxi

    Costa Rica

    Rainy season is enduro season down there, vamos!. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE--Vy20Jfw
  8. bajataxi

    Where did you ride?

    I ride here
  9. bajataxi

    Epic 2015 Ride

    Good job guys! I'm up here cutting away....
  10. bajataxi

    Boise riders!

  11. bajataxi

    Trail chainsaw opinions

    I remember when doggerdan used to ride.... I had some trouble getting Bill's rack to line up too .
  12. bajataxi

    Where did you ride?

    I rode here, and there...
  13. bajataxi

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Coming soon!
  14. bajataxi

    Random Riding Photos - CA