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  1. Can somebody please tell me if the 04 cr 125 carb and 04 cr250 carbs are the same carb. I need to know this because i am buying an fmf jetting pack and they only sell it for the 250.
  2. lvdirtrider

    Stall then no start

    that sounds like a carb problem or something with your piston ring. but when my bike did that all it was was a clogged jet
  3. lvdirtrider

    how's my cornering form(with pics)

    good but in races theres pretty much no flat corners. u should practice at a track so you could learn how to lock the wheel in a rut. then you could pretty much drag your clutch in corners
  4. lvdirtrider

    Help! The rear end of my bike is kicking off jumps

    stay on the throttle
  5. when u go of high speed jumps the bike will tend to kick to one side first off because usually people leave the ramp at a little angle. Another thing is also the aerodynamics, if u lean to one side at all the air will help push it out even further. and lastly maybe that might be helpful if you race because if that happens you can easily turn it into a whip.
  6. lvdirtrider

    Best Mods (klx 125 "04")

    anyone know where to get the most power besides a bore kit. i was also wondering if it was possible to put a motocross suspension on it.
  7. lvdirtrider

    soup up or new bike

    wat r u talkin about wheelie man. cr 125s are 5400 msrp and i got mine for 5100 with tax and delivery charges. and the exhaust was 300 then there was a jetting kit from fmf and engine work.
  8. lvdirtrider

    soup up or new bike

    the klx was my starter bike and i decided it would still be fun to jump once in a while
  9. lvdirtrider

    soup up or new bike

    good idea woops dude:applause: if anybody has more ideas though i appreciate all of the so far
  10. lvdirtrider

    125 as a trail bike

    well i have a 125 2 stroke and i handle trails pretty fine. the only thing is on tight trails or trails with long straight aways you would always have to stay in the powerband and that requires a lot of clutch control. but if you feel confident to do it just go all for it.
  11. lvdirtrider

    soup up or new bike

    its a cr 125 and i weigh 190
  12. lvdirtrider

    soup up or new bike

    no i also have a 125 2 stroke that i would sell to make the money to supe up the smaller bike
  13. lvdirtrider

    soup up or new bike

    i was wondering if it would be a better idea to soup up my 125 4 stroke or to get a 450f. and does anybody know if it would be possible to get a higher and race suspension on a klx 125?
  14. lvdirtrider

    KLX 450r or KX 450f

    ya i rode a wr 250 aslo. they are pretty nice but rite now i have a cr 125 and the power was nice but it definetely is not reliable enough
  15. lvdirtrider

    KLX 450r or KX 450f

    no i have driven the kx but nobody i know has the klx how abot you which one do you like