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  1. 406Racer

    GYTR Power Tuner

    Time Left: 16 days and 21 hours

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    Good condition. Works well. Sold the bike, don't need this anymore.


    , Montana

  2. 406Racer

    Show me your...BETA !

    Just picked up this beauty! Can't wait to try it out.
  3. 406Racer

    RacerX 2018 YZ250F Garage Build

    So do I it's great. Do you have any good ignition maps to share? I have one that I am fairly happy with but I'm always curious to see others.
  4. 406Racer

    Rekluse Review at 20 Hours

    I recently put a Rekluse Radius X model in my YZ270FX and I am quite impressed with it as well. It seems to grab much harder than the older models I've had in the past. Conquered some nasty obstacles in Moab last weekend with no issues.
  5. 406Racer

    Riding in Billings

    You should put in an application for the Billings Motorcycle Club, I'm a member and go riding out there all the time. There is always someone around to ride with, and plenty of good riding minutes from town.
  6. 406Racer

    just started to use P90x.. how is the recovery drink?

    I just started this program 3 days a go and I am sore as hell. I struggled through arms and shoulders today because they were still sore from chest and back. Hopefully it will get easier next week when I'm not so sore. Also, I tried the Ab RipperX today and couldn't hardly do any of the moves they were doing, I guess I'd better work on that some more.
  7. 406Racer

    Custom Rear Brake Fin

    Thanks, I would probably make you one for $50.
  8. 406Racer

    Custom Rear Brake Fin

    Hey guys, check out my rear brake fin I just designed and cut out in my "spare time" at work on our waterjet. I might be able to do some more with other numbers on them if anyone is interested PM me.
  9. 406Racer

    What Are Your Daily Drivers?

    It's great, I have owned a few chevy trucks now and this is definatelly the best one yet, super comfortable yet really fun to drive and looks good.
  10. 406Racer

    Cowley, Wyoming

    I have heard awsome things about that place as well, I just moved to Billings last year and need to get down there and check it out. PM me if anyone from Billings is going down there, or just riding around here I would be down.
  11. 406Racer

    What Are Your Daily Drivers?

    My daily driver and bike hauler is a 2005 Chevy Silverado SS, H.O. 6.0L with 4:10's and AWD.
  12. I really like www.silveradoss.com it has tons of information on maintenance, repair, and modifying any kind of silverado's not just SS's.
  13. Here's a few pics of my 2005 Chevy Silverado SS. It gets me to the track quickly. I'll try and remember to take some pics of the bike in the back next time I go.
  14. 406Racer

    04 crf450, where to start?

    Thanks for the input guys, I realize that there are a couple of different ways to go about this. But I went the easy route and just changed the oil and filled it to 370cc's I am going to the sand dunes this week which isn't the best way to test the suspension but I'm hoping it works better.
  15. I have a 2004 crf450r that I use for off road, dunes, and some moto. I am a 185lb intermediate level rider. The rear doesn't seam too bad, other than I probably need to change the oil on the shock. My front end however, just seems harsh. I am going to rebuild them because they do have alot of hours on them, but I want to know what all to get before I tear it apart. Or would you suggest having someone else revalve them? I am trying to do this as cheap as possible since I don't have alot of extra money for this. Could I get away with just putting a little softer spring in and lowering the oil level? Or should I tear into the shim stack? I have changed fork seals and oil myself but never the shims. Does anyone have a good spring/oil level setup for one of these bikes and someone of my size? I appreciate any input you may have.