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  1. koningwim

    Crf450 '19 launch control VS clutch

    Ok, thanks. That's exactly what I was planning to do. The magura will arrive any day now.
  2. Hi, I want to upgrade mij clutch perch and was wondering if the launch control needs the clutch switch in the lever. The one that prohibit you from starting without pulling the clutch. Don't mind loosing this safety feature, but like to keep launch control. Wt
  3. I noticed the partnumber of the 17/18 assembly is different from the 19. Did they solve the issue, or is the number change due to the chassis changes? 52426-MKE-A71 2019 52426-MKE-A01 2018, 2017
  4. koningwim

    2017 crf450 top end questions

    Did anyone if you experience flaked cylinder walls on low hour crf's? Saw a posts on vital, wondering if its a bad badge or something I can expect no matter what. https://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Tech-Help-Race-Shop,42/2017-CRF450-motor,1330436
  5. koningwim

    Cr250 rear wheel problems

    Hi, Got a strange issue with my rear bearings. The distance collar is all the way up and into the spacer. On one side it's frozen to each the spacer, no movement at all. Seems strange, the new bearings i have are the size as the axle. Is this a proven method to swap different year hubs, or company related?
  6. Hi, I have a 1996 cr250 which I use as a woods bike. It has a 18inch rear wheel. I also race mx on a CRF and would like to transfer my used 19ich tires to the cr. After Honda changed the offset of the rear wheel i have a spare '08-'12 wheel laying arround i dont use. Is there a way to make it fit? Bought some' 96 bearings as someone on another forum said it would work, but it doesn't. Bearings on the sprocket side are to wide.
  7. koningwim

    18 crf 450 front brake to grabby

    Maybe the brake pad heatshield is removed, that gives a more direct feel.
  8. koningwim

    CR250 throttle runaway

    Ok, thanks. Leakdown test seems a good idea. I will start with that.
  9. koningwim

    CR250 throttle runaway

    Hi, having some trouble with my 1996 cr250. Purchased the bike and at the time it wouldn't idle, hard to start and the bike felt rich wide open. Worst part is the throttle stuck a few times. Figured it was the worn parts in the carb. Replaced al parts, throttle cable, fresh piston. Fiddled with the jets and bowl hight, still didn't run right. Bought a used air striker, best mod ever. Now it runs phenomenal, idles and starts 1 kick. All my problems disappeared.... I thought. The throttle still runs away, the strange thing is. Only every 5th ride. It's not wide open, and the build-up is slow till half throttle. Changed the reeds, checked the routing of the cable, new exhaust packing, even put sealer on air booth part to the cilinder and seams of the bottom half of cases. Sprayed brake cleaner behind the stator, bike did nothing strange. I'm lost. Could it be caused by a rich or lean setting and slow trails, which overflows the bottom-end and ignites?
  10. You can try info@sigmans.nl It's a Yamaha dealership in the same village and sponsor of the race team. They will (most likely) respond and help you in the right direction, if possible. I will try to speak to one of the members at our local track tonight. Yesterday, the Dutch soccer team played the semi-finale (big deal here). Which includes a lot of beer and long sleeps. Response will be slow
  11. try this: http://www.vdlaarracing.com/contact.html It's a Dutch company (race team). Al the team riders are riding with the conversion and from what i know you can order a complete kit.