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  1. RedRida110

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    I did. Especially the part where you were "observing" without any first hand experience. BTW dealer involvement can play a huge role in any warranty as well.
  2. RedRida110

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    Your result is not typical.
  3. RedRida110

    Major problems with 2016 KTM 350 xc-f

    If you are talking about a 450 and this is not a typo, you are the exception rather than the rule (same could be said for the 350). The 450 motors are generally bulletproof.
  4. RedRida110

    2017 sxf 350 reliability

    Seemed to be a relatively isolated issue. It was a hot topic for a week and then it disappeared for a while until just the other day. Probably was addressed on the factory on later release bikes.
  5. RedRida110

    Valve to replace oem ones?

    The OEM valves are made by Del West. Same people that make Pro Circuit's aftermarket valves that they sell for 300 bucks on their website.
  6. RedRida110

    ktm buring lots of oil

    Check the valve guides. Mine did the same thing a few seasons ago. Guides and seals were shot. Replaced the valves w/ stainless while I was in there, new guides, and new stem seals. Runs like a champ now.
  7. RedRida110

    etown suday.....

    Saturday. Suposed to be a little better weather-wise. Nice and cool.
  8. RedRida110

    Facts about NJ

    Also North Carolina, too. &%$#@!, do they stop and pick them up on their way up the coast or something or do they order them online for all 20 people living in a single bedroom house?
  9. RedRida110

    Facts about NJ

    Are you serious? Driven through Connecticut lately? Wow.
  10. RedRida110

    Lost Trials ATV Park...In PA

    ALL Vehicles must be insured. You must have proof of insurance with you All riders/passengers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the Liability Waiver. ATVs and off-highway motorcycles must have a properly functioning muffler (no racing mufflers) and USFS approved spark arrestor (90 decibel maximum).
  11. RedRida110

    Header Pipe is made of???

    Fill the pipe with water, plug both ends, put it in the freezer. As the water becomes ice it expands and pushes out the dents.
  12. RedRida110

    Stripped my Shock - Help!

    On the 07 450 and 505 SX-F, the shock body is machined from aluminum. The 07 250 SX-F's and two strokes are still steel.
  13. RedRida110

    etown today...

    Anyone going Sunday?
  14. RedRida110

    NJORVP Race

    It is narrow for a motocross track in some spots. The sand section in the back is as wide as a freeway, but some of the straights on the rest of the track are 2 or 3 bikes wide only. The track never really gets that crowded. The parking lot gets full on a Sunday, but there are never more then a handfull of people on the track at a time. I don't know where they all go.
  15. RedRida110

    NJORVP Race