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  1. does it make the same sound out of gear sitting still ? at idle ? only under load ? high rpm ? 2 stoke engine in general are fairly cheap to rebuild ,everything to do the bottom including a crank shaft should only cost about 300 .
  2. Why not just pull the flywheel off and grab the end of the crank to feel the main bearings ? before deciding to do a whole engine swap.
  3. I have 1990 ktm 500 mxc that is street legal .I would like to be able to charge the light battery straight from the stator thru a voltage regulator ,but I don't think the stock stator is up to the task.It really sucks putting the battery on the charger everytime you ride , and really sucks getting back after dark and running out of headlight . I know plenty of after market companies make nice high output stators for bikes like the 1991 300 exc . I would like to know if let's say a 300 exc stator will fit in a 1990 500 mxc ? and if it or some other year / model's stator will fit . Will I also need to change the ignition coil??
  4. It seems to be working fine now,
  5. I've run both setups on my 07 wr450 . for the money the sportsman setup is well worth it .Mainly it will help out your braking and the feel of an sm without spending 2 grand . if I were you id just do that until your sure thats worth your money then maybe just find a whole sm bike .there is a lot of them out there now a days . I've seen whole bikes starting at 2000 .
  6. I have no idea how you can get 17 lbs off of a 08 wr just by taking off the e-start . the starter itself weighs well under a pound . the battery might weigh . if you opened the case and pulled out all the extra gearing and the starter clutch . you might come up with 1.5 more . yank all the extra wiring and switches might be 1 more be i highly doubt it . thats 6.5 lbs maybe not 17 bottom line is your best weight loss is a pipe . after that start pulling lights . and such like but i highly doubt you'll lose 17 lbs of your bike without spending a heck of alot of cash on titanium or be out of gas and oil and water for that matter.if you really need to loose all that weight on a wr I recommand buying a yz and just putting in a wr gearbox . Then you will still have a wr "wide ratio" without all the extra crap .
  7. my starter got smoked on the overhaul . I got a new one because I was tired of waiting for my bike . Anyhow I since have pulled the old one apart . mine just needs a new set of brushes . I bet the same it wrong with yours . yamaha sell them for like 12 bucks get a set and try it.
  8. pm's replied to:thumbsup:
  9. you've most likely got a dirty pilot jet. clean your carb
  10. Yes thats the stock routing . isn't it stupid . I moved mine to the top port because I was blowing alot of oil out the vent at high rpm's . moving to the top port makes the oil run down the other tube back into the crankcase.
  11. my guess is your jetting is off . mine surges bad at mid thottle until I get the jetting right. try putting your needle down a clip , and see if it gets better or worst. it could also be dirt in your carb.
  12. thank you for posting it before I went on an insane rant on it myself .
  13. I Know my stock head pipe is on the shelf in my backroom if you still need one . I'll send it to you for 15 bucks . its a 0 mile pipe I pulled it before I ever rode the bike. but I only have the head pipe yet.
  14. the throttle stop screw is a very simple mod . you jusy pop it out then cut it down to 23 mm I think it was " do a search on the length to be sure ." then re install it . as far as the spring goes . Yes it can be installed without a spring compressor . just loosen the nut on the bottom till you can pull off the spring retainer . and yes you can run a # plate but the yz rear fender is very differant no place to mount your ignition box on it . it can be made to fit but why ?
  15. you do need to hold them out a little when installing the screws on the the yz ones . but they do fit much better . lite trim only ( maybe the white ones i have needed no trim the black ones needed a little off the in side) no heat gun required either way