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  1. If my 07 450 is back firing do I close or open the fuel screw?? I started playing with it and forgot how many times I turned it, Thanks
  2. Ok question is.... I have an 07 yzf450, with an FMF 4.1 on it now. It has the power bomb on it, can I put on a slip on from say Yoshimura? Or do I need to get a new exhaust. If so which Yoshi should I get. I only ride tracks. Thanks
  3. Great vid. I'm 44 and thinkin about trying my first race.....
  4. Hey Thanks alot for the link, it was evrything I needed. Appreciate it.....See ya there...
  5. Anybody know what time the races start? Qualifying,heats etc.......?????
  6. Thinking about going back to SVMX. Has anyone been there recently.Has the track changed much from last year? How is the crowd? Is it packed i.e. 100 plus riders? Curious
  7. I started when I was 39. Like most of the other members I did a little riding with borrowed bikes. If you "break it you buy it" type of situation. Never had my own bike until I turned 39. Rode a yz250 for about three months then moved up to a yzf450. I love this bike had the suspension tuned for my weight 235. Ride mostly mx tracks now and my only regret is that I started so late, non the less I started. As far as doing doubles or tripples... definately go at your own pace. I can hit a 100 footer and one local track cleanly, and the rush is undescriable. Got alittle nuts about a week ago and over jumped a table top and broke my left wrist. Now I'm out for aleast six to seven weeks. I'm going absoulutly crazy, my riding buddies are going riding and all I can do is sit home and wish I could speed up the clock. I have the bug real bad. First broken bone of my life. I guess if you pick a sport like this there's a chance that something like this is bound to happen. I wish the local tracks here in Vegas and Sandy Valley would put a 40+ race schedual together, I think I would do pretty well. Any way not to sound like a broken record but it really is never to late to start. Two wheels forever.
  8. Broke my left wrist at the local track acouple days ago. I over jumped a table top and landed nose first:eek: . Saw an add for some wrist braces by Citi. I guess the design is to limit your wrist movement. Anybody have any feed back on these? Does any one know someone who has them or has used them? I hope someone can help, it took me forever to write this thread with one hand.
  9. Hey thanks alot for the info. I can rest easy now.
  10. Have an 07 450f. This past weekend at the track I noticed oil dripping out of an overflow hose coming from the top of the valve cover. It only noticed it when I stopped to take a break. It would only drip for about 15-20 seconds then it would stop.I don't see any oil spray on the bike, so I don't think it's coming out while I'm ridding, could be wrong.I checked the oil level and it was fine. Is this something that is normal, is ths over spray, should I be concerned? I never noticed it before this past weekend. Need a little help.
  11. How are you holding up. What happended. Are you going to make the next track day (sometime in Dec.)
  12. Had a fantastic time as usual. Was finally able to achieve some goals that I had set for myself:banana: . I have one jump that I have not made yet. It's the table top just before the last jump (it was the on that wet all night long).Any suggestions? I was one of the riders that had a nice wipe out with 10 min left on the rental. Twisted the throttle alittle to much on the table top coming out of the gravity cavity. Sprained hand, bruised nose and forehead, shoulder is alittle sore:cripple: ....OK it hurts like but if I could ride today i would be out there. Looking forward to doing it again thanks 67baja you rock:applause:
  13. yeh this weekend will be interesting. Since were doing it every month we can thin out the crowd if we have to for the next month. But if we can get enough commited riders to do every other weekend that would be perfect. It may be fine this weekend and all this talk could be a waste of time I don't know. We'll see. "Shake and Bake"
  14. I'm not worried for me, I can hold my own. I'm just concerned for the slower less experienced ones. See ya out there.
  15. 40 !!!! your killing me. The whole idea was to have a (realitively?) open track. I know Brian said that the track would hold fifty with no problems. But I think we are slowly getting to that place were its going to be alittle difficult for the inexperieced slower riders to really enjoy themselves. I could be wrong, I hope so. I guess only time will tell how the extra riders on the track will affect the overall outcome of the day. I said it last time,we want everyone to go home in the same vehicle they came in and not in the back of the medic ambulance.
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