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  1. AlexCrf250r

    08 sxf250 aftermarket kickstarter

    yes I was number 894
  2. AlexCrf250r

    08 sxf250 aftermarket kickstarter

    ha, I'm pretty sure I seen you on number 792 there before to. I was up there with him and he didn't have a kickstarter on whatsoever that's why we were bump starting it
  3. I have had incidents like this happen many times, you will need to bleed your brakes after this, but it works. Pull your master cylinder cover off and then pry the brake pads apart the piston will cause some fluid to poor out of the master cylinder but they will pry open a lot easier.
  4. I'm posting for a friend who needs a quick response, he's wondering if on the kickstart shaft is there supposed to be a seal on the outside? He said there is a ring on the case, but no seal he thinks it may have ripped out or off. Can someone please check if they have one on the outside.
  5. AlexCrf250r

    Sand riding

    I rode 2 days from 10 am to 8 pm in nothing but sand like a beach. it was soft and dry. Just wondering what to do after I wash it, what bearings to take apart, what special things to clean up. Any extra things to do after riding in the sand?
  6. AlexCrf250r

    AMA Racing question

    I race almost all of the races around the area, my parents will come to a race here and there but not everyone, I've never had a problem with getting the waivers signed and notarized and brought the the track but aztalan said you need a parent with or an annual release card through AMA, so if I get this all done the AMA Annual release card, will I always still need one of my parents with at the track?
  7. AlexCrf250r

    2004 crf250r won't start, Valves in spec, timing is dead on

    It ended up being a clogged pilot, and I can not stress enough keeping your carb clean, I pulled the carb off the bike and took it down to just the casing and cleanedd everything super good. It fires up first kick now.
  8. AlexCrf250r

    2004 crf250r won't start, Valves in spec, timing is dead on

    The valves were off, we just shimmed them into spec. It's getting fuel and spark and has great compression.
  9. We just shimmed the valves it's still around 40 degrees here, we shimmed the valves into spec and tried 3 different spots for timing, it still will not start. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. AlexCrf250r

    2004 Crf250r Valve Problems

    I have a 2004 crf250r with some bad valve problems I rode the bike for 10 hours after I got it and shimmed the valves, they went again so I put all new valves and springs in but never got the seats cut, I then had to him it 3 hours after that and now 5 hours later I am shimming them again. What can I do to fix this problem for damn near good? I searched and couldn't find much telling me exactly what bolt's on and what not.
  11. AlexCrf250r

    Top End Rebuild

    if you know what your doing, it's about an hour job. If not it could be 2 days.
  12. AlexCrf250r

    Starting Problems 2006 Honda CRF250R

    I have a funny feeling it's valves, check if the bike bump starts, if it starts right up bump starting it's almost guaranteed valves. I have also had a clogged pilot do the same, but you said the carb is clean so I'd check clearances and most likely you'll have to reshim for now. Get back to me what you find out
  13. AlexCrf250r

    Valves hitting top of piston

    Are you sure the valves are actually hitting the piston? Is there a noise when your riding? If you just pulled the head to check up on the stuff chances are there not hitting the piston, 4 stroke pistons aren't flat so you will see indents of where the valves will go.
  14. AlexCrf250r

    Dang, Need to ride Sunday, Pulling Hair out over this

    Thanks for the responses, yes the bike is in neutral, I had a mechanic clean the carb and do the valves. The timing I've tried 3 different teeth to be sure it wasn't off. I did a compression test and it only read 30 P.s.i. or so, I don't know if that's the problem or if that's because the auto decompression system.
  15. I have a 2004 Crf250r the valves just got done and are all within spec they got done 3 days ago and the carb got all cleaned and everything yesterday... the timing is correct and I still can't get the darned thing to kick start. I'm not sure if it will bumpstart As I haven't tryed yet. Any Ideas? I need help ASAP.